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  1. (Hikaru mono subete ga kinde wa was my translation for "all that glitters is not gold" in JP.) ((also thank you for not picking Eggunoggu.)) Tigger Was Unavailable
  2. Volcanic break-dancing grounded ghosts yearn holy yellow retro fingers. (i don't know about that one.) fdsknfwbndadb
  3. (eggunoggu/エッグノッグ = eggnog) i haz cheezburgers on the house
  4. English mixed with Japanese 英語、日本語と混合 Eigo, nihongo to kongō
  5. Incomes list parties and flinging kind educations raise near omnipotent patterns. cnudkjsfnmw
  6. Ruth Goldenmane (by the way, you killed an egg in a verified thuwed lineage. WHY DID YOU.)
  7. Buraunrijjiuingu is literally 'Brown Ridge Wing' in Japanese Gold Spice (hOLY 21 PAGES OF DRAGONS)
  8. Buruuruupu is Japanese for 'Blue Loops' Cake and Grief Counseling i'm laughing too hard
  9. 'Howaito' is Japanese for 'White' -- I Am Part of Cheezburger
  10. eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious (actually a word, it means 'good')
  11. Whalescales (for all your replying as my funniest one as Eggunoggu, the word "Eggunoggu" means "Eggnog" in japanese. the reason I named it that is because of the code, which is nOgSY)
  12. Another Failtastic Dragon (yThuwed Black Capper 8E has one of the best lineages lol)
  13. (nehehehe ty) (did you take a look at yThuwed Black Capper 8E's lineage?) Missingnyan *dies* (EDIT: Young PDF F9 was based off of it's code, which is pdfMH)
  14. Everyone at my school making fun of Japanese [since i'm learning it at the moment]. they say ni-hao kai-lan is Japanese and I just want to punch their ing faces off at that.
  15. Cold Blooded Dictator (on my scroll if you want to i have a hilarious lineage to one of my dragons, look at the lineage of yThuwed Black Capper 8E)
  16. yum...ish. Hot dogs [preferably cooked over a camp-fire]?
  17. chromatoptometer (if you're wondering, it's an instrument that measures eyes' sensitivity to colour)
  18. No one can match my smallness (by the way, how the heck do yOU HAVE A CHEEZ DRAGON.)
  19. i'm too minimalistic for all of you