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  1. Yay, another release! I hope getting all the variants won't be too hard
  2. These dragons remind me of the Night's Watch from GoT haha
  3. I reached 6G on my silver Tinsel deadline! http://dragcave.net/lineage/sn4T4 I created the whole lower half of the lineage and it's totally free of inbreeding!
  4. I'm glad these guys aren't as hard to catch as I thought yay
  5. That episode was so worth the wait. :') I really loved the scene where the real Stanford was making the journals. I swear I'm as obssesed as Dipper with the journals and his reaction was perfect! haha
  6. I got my Thuwed and I'm especially happy since it's a Soulpeace!
  7. I reached 5th gen on my silver Tinsel deadline and it's 100% free of inbreeding so far! http://dragcave.net/lineage/jdDEp edit: Thanks, The Flash!
  8. I've watched the first two episodes some time ago and I love it! I'll continue watching it when I have the time to. It's cute, funny and very unique. :3
  9. Reached 5G with my PB Soulpeace http://dragcave.net/lineage/04PPL
  10. There's been a thunderstorm all day so classes were suspended again. :')
  11. I haven't been able to catch a Pyro. It's the last one I need so I'll have two sets of Xenowyrms. Apart from that, I missed a gold, a silver and a copper while hunting. :c Oh well.
  12. I'm happy. School was suspended due to the rain so we were dismissed early. I'm also glad it's cold because my cats are all fluffy now.
  13. I'm so gonna hoard these guys. Xenowyrms are one of the prettiest breeds in my opinion. <3 Thanks to those who made the release possible!
  14. A Game of Thrones (It's amazing.)
  15. Wow, they're so pretty and colorful!
  16. Happy StevenBomb week!!! :'D The theme song is awesome and that episode made me cry. I love this show <3
  17. I'm anxious and have been for a few days. The first day of the school year starts on Monday. I moved to this school two years ago and I still haven't really made any friends who I can hang out with and stuff. :/ Social anxiety sucks.
  18. I like cats and have two myself but I've always loved dogs just a little bit more. It's a shame that my mom won't let me have one anymore since we now live in a small condo. :c Sugar gliders are pretty cool too. I hope to have my own someday and luckily it's easy to find a good place that sells them here.
  19. Congrats everyone! I just bred this and it's 100% free of inbreeding!
  20. I'm also working on breeding deadlines so I can build up a mate for the 5G Tinsel I got from this thread. So far I have a pair of 3Gs and I'm currently building a mate for him so I'll have two pairs (they're all completely unrelated, including those from the dead ones' lineage). Goodluck everyone.
  21. http://dragcave.net/lineage/jWfP4 Yay! It's completely unrelated to my other 6G PB Royal Blue. Thank you herk!