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  1. Reposting my egg from the old thread since I fell asleep before I could check the new thread out. Leaving a 2G Sunsong x Blusang This one is kinda accidental, I forgot that my Blusang has a lineage. The colour contrast looks pretty good tho if you ask me But anyways, two-way, leave a dummy and an egg for the thread aaand no harming.
  2. Offered! I like my vampires Leaving a CB Blue-Banded with Z code One-way, leave an egg and no harm comes to this one. Someone took the egg without leaving anything :L
  3. Offered! Leaving 2G Sunsong x Blusang Two-way, leave a dummy and no harming to the little guy. Note on the lineage, I thought I had a CB Blusang. So in the heat of the moment, I bred it to my Sunsong and voila. I think the colour contrast looks good tho. Just for your information
  4. Offered on the 4G Tinselkin! Leaving 2G PB Red Gone to AidenSchatten! Leave a dummy and don't harm it whatsoever.
  5. Took this! Leaving 2G PB Tsunami Gone to darkflowernightshade! Leave a dummy and please don't harm it whatsoever.
  6. Hello! I'd really apprecaite it if you could make me one too? cx Forum Name— Tani Links I Need to Put In— scroll, wishlist, daily dragon fix (or DDF for short), and for my dA What Colors?— Light blue-ish Any Specific Fonts?— something neat but still looks pretty? that didn't help much Size of Signature?— Um, something like the size of yours? Text Color?— White please! Decoration Needs?— I'd like an arrow below my name if possible? and some random scribbly flowers around. If you can't add the flowers, I don't mind! Thank you for taking the time to make one for me. I'll PM you a payment link soon. The Red Dorsal I have still needs some more time to hatch edit: will soon be an adult since atala haven't replied in some days ^^; will be looking or breed another dragon once she replies/comes back
  7. And by that, you mean when you registered, you accidentally typed your scroll name incorrectly? sorry i'm slow
  8. I'm alive! And will soon breed a Hope when I'm not egg-locked Nice code btw -thumbs up
  9. Thank you again for the eggs! So cutee *^*
  10. Omg. I'm literally squealing at the egg! So cuteeeeee~ But, sure, you can mess around with colours a bit more c: I'll change my sig later on to fit in that cutie <3
  11. Hello! Your pixel mania are so cute! <3 Requesting Time! Deadline: Just take your time! What do you want?: A cute egg if that's okay? I'm going to put it in my signature. :3 Colors: Preferably aqua/blue and kinda purplish if that makes any sense, lol. Font Style: Just add some neat letters. Whichever works, to be honest. Words: Tani Pixel Mania or Normal?: Pixel Mania Other: none. Background: Transparent please!
  12. Tani

    tukky's Art

    -notices the waiting list is open- <_< >_> Can I request a red Nebula dragon? You can put it in any pose you want, just make it sparkly! (* v*)/ I'mma put it in my sig if that's okay? I'll find a spot to put her in.. And btw, the lady in your examples looks.. weird. o_o I mean, her boobs and head are like, in the front perspective but the waist and legs are placed kinda weirdly.. Idk. I think her butt should be placed a bit lower. If that makes sense, lol.
  13. Tani

    Z Project

    Hello, I would love to join this awesome lineage group. Zvzeo: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Zvzeo NAME: Z'Rhakajx Mokuc GENDER: N/A ORIGIN: AP LINEAGE: Dam: Weatherwise x Sire: Light Music - (Bronze Shimmerscale x Winter Magi)
  14. Tani

    Silvermoon Grays

    Hey! I got interested at the wolf title, lol. I wanna join in too! But I'll might have to start after when my eggs slots are finally free.. Been in an egg frenzy for a couple of days. Since the rules are pretty much the same as the Breast Cancer Awareness Lineage, I think it'll be easy for me to fall into this.
  15. Hello! Sorry, have been busy with school lately. Just wanted to tell that I breeded my Hope couple (the second egg!! the first egg was auto-abandoned because I forgot my egg slots were full, but the owner was kind enough to name it Hoping For Love Rajaram ) and I now have a lovely female named Ellette Aura Hope. Her mate is on his (or its) way on being an adult! And if its okay, do you mind putting me in the Breeder's List? Having a lot of Hope eggs and not sharing them isn't fun
  16. Hello there! Sorry, I have been really busy this past few days but I'm here to tell that my Hope egg that I received from JerimiahDevitt hatched a few days ago and it's now a hatchling! http://dragcave.net/view/uI25E
  17. Yo. I have 9 adult dragons now and would like my name to be on the Waiting List before I PM JerimiahDevitt for an egg?
  18. Tani

    Pet Peeves

    -People who keep fudging make annoying noise like, "ngeeeeeek" for long periods of time for absolutely no fudging reason at all -People who just blabbers or brags about everything they do -Fudging people who treat me like their maid. (Like, dude. I don't live to be your little part-time servant -.-) -People who just publically humiliate me for fun. For "/fun/". Honestly I have a lot but I'll just keep it down to 4 for now.
  19. I live in Malaysia and its currently nighttime here. The temperature is 32° Celcius and its pretty much normal atm.
  20. It means someone took your egg and turned it into an omelette and I'm pretty sure the mother will come and hunt you down for that. Why can't I kill my Leetle tree?
  21. Oh. Sorry, I totally forgot about rule no. 5. .-. I can assure you I didn't hide any adult dragons, if I have any that is. ^^; Sorry yet again. But yeah, I'm interested in this lineage. Tbh, the Breast Cancer support thing is what took my attention. I do have plans to breed a CB Pink and the Hope Pink that I'm hoping to get soon and maybe even contribute to this thread in return. (After my Magi becomes an adult) But aye, I have big plans. My 9 (or at least 7) hatchlings will be grown up in 3 days max if I'm correct so I'll just have to contain my excitement over this.
  22. Do you mind setting me in the Waiting List? Thank you. edit: Sorry, Zerhai told me about letting purplehaze look at my scroll before approving it. Click here. Thanks for the notice!