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  1. A paper dragon who seems to be acting as the sentry? I'm not very sociable though!! (@.=.@)'
  2. I play Skyrim aaaaaaaaall the time on PC and PS4. Recently, things got a little crazy during a fight with a Frost Dragon. I used the Unrelenting Force shout, and accidentally engaged a bunch of bandits in combat. Then, while running away from 5 bandits and an angry dragon, I ran straight into three Ice Wolves and a Snow Sabre Cat. The uh, Dragonborn didn't survive... Also, I lost my horse. -.-
  3. I'm glad someone brought up Dragonadopters. That site was one of my daily stops for a few years. I feel like I was really out of the know when they shut down, it happened out of no where. I'll also toss in a vote for zOMG. I stayed on the servers until the last minute when everyone got booted off. Gaia used to be so much more than it is now. What with the mischief makers, the plotted out story lines that went along with every seasonal event. There was so much heart behind it all...
  4. I feel like I've been scolded T.T "Don't pass these tests on to people...." Heh...*cough* Scuse' me while I slink away into the depths of Youtube for a few days. *dash*
  5. Recently, I came across this fun little test created to find out what your personality type is. You might have even heard of it before, The Jung Typography Test. As always with things like this, it's hard to decide whether you should take it seriously or not. In my opinion, it's all up to you. Regardless of what the test says, you are who you want to be. On that note, it was still an interesting experience. I think you'd be better off just trying it yourself! It's actually really interesting, and I found that I learned a lot about myself. Not in the sense that I discovered anything NEW a
  6. I got a silver Trophy today! I just noticed that the trophy on my scroll is silver! Now I can have more eggies at one time, yay!
  7. "You restore my faith in humanity." I'm still not sure what brought about that comment, it really took me by surprise! I don't consider myself the... most mature person in the world. But it was nice to hear.
  8. Finally got another Hellhorse egg! I'm itching to know what it'll be! If it's a female, I can finally expand my lineage! It's been aaaages!
  9. SUUUPER EXITED!! x3 I'm going for Sapphire this time around, so I can still make use of the legendary and keep the fire starter! Plus, I played Ruby already, I wanna sees the other side! D:
  10. Working on a Spyro costume...totally know where to post it first!
  11. I can definitely see a lot of humanity leaning towards the "lack of support = hate" side of things. mostly because there are so many ways to take it. If people feel their beliefs are being questioned, they get touchy. An innocent bystander with no opinion on the matter is easily attacked by them for not backing them up. They are accused of hatred because they don't show support. But then there's also the people who don't support something because they hate it. Not saying it's always a bad thing, but at least most of them are honest about it. For a good in between example, I coul
  12. Ladies and gentlemen, Popcorn + melted butter + kraft dinner cheesy powder =
  13. Just nomed on the best home-made apple pie ever! 8D''' Made with apples right from our trees! Well, preserved ones anyway, this years are still well on their way. Cherry pie is good too! Cherry chip cake with home-made butter cream icing! And pop-tarts!
  14. Yes! Where would the world be without leftover pizza at 3am? I just had some garlic and blue cheese stuffed olives! n.n Sooo good!
  15. I need to start writing some of these down! I forgot to add a few of my own too... Rice pudding with thawed strawberries on top! Frozen strawberries always make the best juice once thawed! But any fruit would be good with it. Super kid ice cream! I have no idea if this exists elsewhere, but the ice cream company, Laura Secord, created this wonderful mix of, banana, strawberry, and blueberry (I think, the colours are red, yellow and blue, so it's only a guess.) that they call Super kid. If my childhood had to be represented in an ice cream, that would be it. Home made apple pie,
  16. Grown-ups can play games too! I'm 22 but only in years, never in heart! I'll be 90 and I'll still collect plushies and Pokemon!
  17. My room... well, it's an organized mess. But a lot of it's cleanliness depends on whether or not I'm in the middle of some kind of project. At the moment, I've got bits of black fabric and orange wool all over the place. I'm working on knitting a flag for a friend at my work, but I also want to get a start on my Halloween costume. Well, part of the costume. I made a tail, wings and horns last year (I was Spyro :3), and I wanted to make a sweater for this year to go with them. Aside from those random objects, I've amassed a collection of dragon figures, plushies and posters. Two shel
  18. Don't know if you could really call it strange, but I have a habit of staring at my scroll. Regardless if I know that they wont be hatching any time soon, I still have to at least have a tab open. Even if I'm not in the forums!
  19. Yus! Very nom inducing! I'll admit, part of me made this thread so I could get some good ideas! And you have many! Specially the mini-pizza! I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes olives on pizza.
  20. What are your favourite/best snack ideas? Mine have to be... *Candied bacon- Bacon cooked in the microwave with a generous coating of brown sugar. The crispy-er the better! *A good ol' bag of ketchup chips *droooool* 8D and some kind of pop. *The classic, plate of assorted yummies!- Mostly some cut up meat, cheese, pickles, olives etc. *Leftover desserts! *Fruit with Nutella dip! *Tomato soup (with added hot sauce for some extra nip!) and a grilled cheese samach! *Popcorn dipped in Nutella (I should just add Nutella to this list as it's own snack. Stuff
  21. I think it was Kirby's Dream land for the original gameboy. Gotta love that bad grammar right in the title! I think I still have it somewhere.... To this day, I can't beat the extra hard mode...
  22. You know you've played too much Minecraft when you open your door and expect sound effects. You know you've played too much Portal 2 when you finish test 8/22 before GLaDOS finishes talking. Or any room for that matter, I made it my one goal for an entire play-through...
  23. I used to. I have a Kougra on there that I've kept a hold of for...I think it's about eight years now. I transferred him from one account to another as I kept wanting to change my user name. His name in Shandin687641. I've always been able to remember it for some reason. I keep going back and forth with that site. It gets boring after a while and I just need to take a break every now and then. My user name is Indrijid if anyone wants to check it out. My pets are probably all dying though ^.^' I think that this account will be my last, as in I wont be transferring any of my pets again. I s
  24. I feel like I need to go with Sapphire this time around. Not only am I more attracted to the colour blue than I used to be (no kidding...) but I made the mistake of picking a fire starter then not being able to make good use of the Legendary last time. I hope they bring back the secret bases too! Was one of my favourite parts of that generation.