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  1. I can't help but think that I came in at the right time
  2. @Terrafreaky Thanks for the pretty Dark Myst/Pumpkin lineage I just picked up, I'll definitely be continuing this come Halloween!
  3. Whether the checkers have broken or not the inbred checker on Allure of Neglected Dragons at least is working fine, it told me there were six dragons who showed up more than once and there are! XAjSE, FgdV1, S43S9 & W8Zr7in Gen 1 and ojUqJ & QTtOv in Gen 2 all show up at least twice. (I checked via simple Ctrl+F so the inbred checkers work fine)
  4. Thanks breeder for the super inbred Lunar Brine Checker !
  5. I named my lLeetle tree 'Dragon Fruit Tree' and I'm still surprised nobody thought of it before.
  6. My current bad luck is as follows: I found a Thuwed egg in the AP, my first Thuwed ever and I was super excited until all internet connection went down in my area. I came back on to see i had missed the egg by an hour or so and it was dead. A wonderful, wonderful user saw this and sent me a transfer link for another Thuwed egg to replace the one that died, and this one got firebombed out of existence along with the whole rest of my clutch within a few hours. I came home from work today to see that it had died of sickness, I thought it would be safe since it was at a little over 4 days but ap
  7. I want the chance to be able to revive eggs, I've lost two thuweds to view bombing so far and it is killing me to see their dead eggs on my scroll knowing nothing can be done. I don't want anyone else to be able to do it though, it that so unreasonable?
  8. The net went down in my area for a few days, and I rushed back on to see it was dead. I've been crying for the last day cause I've wanted a Thuwed for so long
  9. https://dragcave.net/lineage/UQcgV It's an 8th Gen Thuwed, but it's got so many base Thuweds...
  10. https://dragcave.net/lineage/UQcgV So many base Thuweds'...
  11. Thank you to Ramani for this lovely Radiant Angel Dragon X Orange Pyralspite checker! https://dragcave.net/lineage/tXdYN
  12. Thanks to <unknown> for this lovely purebred Xenowyrm
  13. I have had this 6th gen Dorkface since 2014 and I never even knew until I decided to clean up my scroll a bit today. https://dragcave.net/lineage/rUBoU It had a nice lineage, but then it got taken over by Red's
  14. I've been watching a lot of TheSyndicateProject (mainly Hunting OpTic, Lonely Island and The Land of Mianite) lately, he's always good for a good lot of Minecraft fun. ashens, and extraashens, are probably my favorite channels for reviews simply for the sense of humor he uses in his reviews. And the blowtorch. SeaNanners and Markiplier are great for laughs, and YOGSCAST Simon and Lewis are, by far, my favorite of the YOGSCAST pack I love watching TheRPGMinx, EatMyDiction1, Necroscope86, Andythebalrog, EntoanThePack, and dlive22891 playing games like Prop Hunt, Trouble in Terrori
  15. -> Saw a gold in the AP and clicked on it fiercely. -> Got the message that the egg couldn't be found. -> Spent about 5 minutes cursing my bad luck. -> found another egg I wanted. -> Found out I was egg locked. .. I got the gold egg anyway..
  16. Well, I rp as Daemon Spade from Katekyo Hitman Reborn and he got turned into a cat/neko version of himself as someone else's revenge for a prank I had done on them. After that everyone started calling me Neko, or Neko Dae, but when I went to make it my name on DA it was taken. Since he was only part cat for a short while, I checked the name LittleBittaNeko and it was free, and it's stuck since
  17. Personally, I love watching good lets plays on YouTube s much as actually playing Minecraft. Does anyone watch any of Syndicate's Minecraft videos? (Hunting opTic, Lone Survivors, Lonely Island, Minecraft Project ect.)
  18. I got a 20, with glasses and sore eyes and crap light, yadda yadda yadda
  19. Ethnically dutch, but born and raised in Nelson, New Zealand.
  20. Shamallamadingdong (Gold) EhFit (Sunstone named after it's code)
  21. WTNV is the most weird, wonderful, probably limitless thing I've seen and it is so amazing. And yet, somehow, it's so horribly difficult to explain to normal people in a way that makes it sound appealing.
  22. I have Dirge of Cerberus, 10, 10-2, 12, 13, and 13-2. Personally, I loved Dirge of Cerberus, 10-2, 12 and 13, but havn't been able to finish 10 because of the battle at the top of the mountain, and I just can't get into 13-2 at all anymore.
  23. APUcM was the first ever egg I picked up, and after I got it I found out it was a rare
  24. -egg spam removed, please use lineage links- view/APUcM[/url] being my first ever egg I picked up. I thought it looked pretty, then I found out it was rare..