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  1. Yay for team cure! The buttons looks amazing...will add to my signature in a bit. Picked the side of cure because hey, nobody wants to be sick, right? (not even digital dragons) ...but also because the "cure" badge looks great
  2. Consider yourself lucky! It's a bonus from last week's special Catch of the Day! Waiter, there are dentures in my soup...
  3. Unreasonable demand: an egg limit free day where users all cram their scrolls with as many eggs as possible
  4. Ch13 Electrolysis (Thunder) E132 Smudge (blue Dino: e132 is a type of food colouring code ) Sulphur Dinoxide (yellow Dino) Lord Cardiac (pink) (kudos to his lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/Kfd07)
  5. I got these! Megata no Kyojin Cho'ogata no Kyojin Yoroi no Kyojin Kemono no Kyojin All of them are the original Japanese names for Titan shifters in Attack on Titan. (E.g Female Titan, Colossus Titan etc) Surprised nobody had them, well, now they're reserved for my Plated Colossus dragons wakakaka. *evil laugh*
  6. Fur/lint/dust...anything remotely hairy. It's weird and annoying, and thus my plushie collection is minimal
  7. The Easter ones? Every 5-10 minutes, for me. They kinda pop up wherever you are and then trail you around
  8. Wow I actually caught em all! Didn't "eggspect" that *dodges rotten tomato * My favourite is the Wreck-it-Ralph one. For some reason I can't stop watching the animation ahahaha
  9. Found two today! Thanks Tj and all the spriters...the eggs are so pretty
  10. Ahh the gemshards are gorgeous But the colossus dragon wins the prize for best description haha. Awesome personality! And the Colussus part made me think of that anime Shingeki no Kyojin (attack on Titan?)
  11. Hey all, I got redirected here from friendly people over in the Tiny Little Questions thread In general, how much are prize fails worth (if any?) E.g http://dragcave.net/lineage/CRtxk ? I don't have much experience in prizefail trading so... *sheepish grin* Thanks in advance!
  12. http://dragcave.net/lineage/FleWS The chicken....flew?
  13. It's fascinating. I see blue and black no matter at which angle or screen brightness...I wonder if there are any confusing photos which people perceive two different colours before? (But honestly though I understand the theory of cones and rods, I find it hard to imagine this thing as white and gold) ...on the other hand, if there really are colours/shades that different people see as totally different, wouldn't this render online shopping and stock photos pretty useless
  14. *tentatively enters the battleground and splashes Path Light with ketchup*
  15. OOH LAVA I caught my first ember dragon that way too
  16. I want to donate! Randiriel - PM Will Breed: Magi, Pink, Red, Green, Trio Notes: none for now
  17. Wow Ruby Eyes your neb line is fantastic :3 Bred this red x GW a little while back Trying to build a stair step rainbow with black females as the base...The first pairing is black x black tea, I keep getting black tea eggs instead of blacks though > *grumbles and goes back to breeding*
  18. I actually poked this white accidentally...turns out it was a dusk thuwed dorkface 0_o All those lineages are gonna be hard to cram into its name http://dragcave.net/lineage/2aAwK Awesome one you've got there by the way @Dark_Angel12345 <3
  19. How long: ermm one year? Just got it two weeks ago lel How many seen: just the one How many tries: one. Got it first try. Almost fainted