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  1. Thanks tjenni I'll give it a good home!
  2. I got it, Of course I'll name it and care for it like all my others~! Thanks!
  3. I ended up taking the beautiful Guardian dragon c: I have a thing for those and I've been trying to find a keeper haha. Thanks for offering it up purplehaze
  4. Request Species : Dragon(OC) Gender : Female Other : Its a sort of a mix of certain dragons, it has golden eyes, golden tops of its wings like the soulpeace, golden horns but like the horns of those on a female golden wyvern, a golden scaled fanned tail piece , and golden claws. Its body is slender and a dark grey color, it has a couple swirls on it like Amaterasu's in the game Okami, they are a neon green/cyan color. She has the same colored scales on the back of her wings and on her feet/ankles. This dragon is also a wyvern, so no front legs. I don't care the pose ;3 your art is so lovely i had to at least try to get you to do my newly fashioned Oc , sorry if its a bit edgy.
  5. I will feed the Hoards http://dragcave.net/user/Sphyion - http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=211421 I also hoard: Blacks, trying to get some non messy Nocturnes, and im also trying to get a bunch of caveborn anything! Allow users to PM directly: Go ahead, I'm usually on checking my messages I want to breed on a specific day: not really, Pm me and if I'm not scroll locked you're good to go Breeding Limits: Well, MOST of my dragons have specific mates, but if they haven't mated yet, and you want them to, feel free to request a selection, my vampires are almost always successful on biting, I'm hardly ever successful on neglecteds, i collect CB's so usually its not a messy lineage. (But i have some Inbreds and such on my scroll as well if you're into collecting those)I don't have many metal dragons yet, but when i do feel free to ask for an egg! On my scroll, Nix= Caveborn, Nyx= Purebred, INBRA= Inbred, ALT= alternative, Thuwed= well, Thuwed. I do require my dragons spawns to have the last name 'Nyx' if its a purebred, as it is my trademark thing. Otherwise name it anything you like. Also, Please message me and be patient for an egg since i don't just check the thread 24/7 (The code in the beginning confused me a lot since I'm on an ipod right now i absentmindedly deleted it, and if i leave this page my message refreshes sorry)
  6. Avatar Request! Animal: Dragon(wyvern no front legs) Pelt Markings: Scales Pelt Color: i would enjoy a base of black but neon blue and green swirls like Amaterasu's crimson ones in the game Okami Eye-Color: Golden/ orange Head or Whole Body?: whole body Gender: female Computer (Suggested)or Hand-Drawn: computer c: Chibi or Realistic?: more realistic then chibi Any Text?: nope Text Location?: N/A Extras? (Such as scars, so on): golden scales on the tops of the wings like the soulpeace, horns golden, horns on face like the female gold wyvern, a fanned golden scaled tail piece, and patches of neon blue and green scales on top of the feet Pose: Flying, looking behind her Picture Reference? (Like you drew it before, or it's your OC): well i used examples like, soulpeace wing tops, golden wyvern head horns, etc. you may have to look up Amaterasu from Okami though
  7. I would like to request a drawing. Description of drawing: A cute baby whiptail dragon racing rainbow dash in the air (flying) Species of dragon or other involved:whiptail dragon and rainbow dash Link to scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/Sphyion
  8. I, Sphyion, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.