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  1. Blossom Angels Coral Duality Dwarf Bok Choy Mithril Phantasm Dragon Skymaster Ampipthere Tanglewyrm
  2. Carrots Glacier Dragon Goldwing Harptail Jade Lepidoptera Dragons Mercury Pygmy Mithril Opal Phantasm Dragon
  3. I really like this idea! There are some eggs that I would want to freeze (undines, pyralspites) . I just have a question, though: would people just be able to pick up unlimited frozen eggs, or would there be some kind of cooldown? If you need to have an egg slot to collect them, but they don't actually take up a slot, there's no limit to how many you could take.
  4. This egg squeaks occasionally Animal: Hamster
  5. I feel so lucky, I got mine on only the second try! (I used a female Ice dragon) Good luck everybody else!
  6. "This pearly egg shimmers in the light" And because I wasn't sure, I checked, and pearls are classified as minerals. So, my mineral is pearl (also for some reason my computer is mean and messes up the file when I add a transparent background, so I didn't do that)
  7. Inside of The Bean in Chicago
  8. One does not simply bring a marching band into Mordor
  9. Yum, but only if it includes cauliflower Calamari with lemon juice drizzled over it?