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  1. I only managed to grab 1 egg only this halloween what a disapointment! Been all day trying for just 1 egg instead of nothing! Lost so much time😏
  2. Why there are'nt any eggs showing in the biomes? Or are they limited? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the help but now the game won't load for me :s
  4. I tried 8 ingredients and still no postion for me
  5. Is the relase for everyone? Because i didn't see none of the new eggs
  6. Got them all finally And theyre really pretty! Can i ask a question? How can i make an egg like these please?
  7. Have: CB Thunder Want: Purple Dino Teleport Link Here: CB Thunder
  8. Have: Chicken < z Coded! Want: Yellow,Purple,Blue Or: Green Dino. Other offers??
  9. Have: CB Thunder Want: Yellow,Purple Or Blue. Or maybe.. Chicken?
  10. Im still trying to get one.. Edit: Got them after an hour and a half of trying! Can't wait to see whats the meaning of 8 eggs Theys so nice, i liked them all! credits for the spriters and thanks TJ.
  11. Whats worth for a cb blusang? and if x2 cb blusang? thank you
  12. I'm curious to see what's new Welldone TJ
  13. feeling so sad all this time up for nothing i dont even have bred for GoN its early in the morning stayed up all night and feeling sick for what? i tought it have been a dragon egg present like the may relase....but! Anyways beautiful looking eggs and happy birthday.
  14. I have to wait then :/ but i asked new player's and they told me that they are seeing where their CB Eggs came from. Thanks
  15. First thing thanks TJ But why im not seeing anything ? i loged out and in again to see but nothing changed o.O and another question: Is it fair to steal the names of others? i don't want example who steal mine and even if they dont log in why you steal? be original invent some names and leave them the way they was named so if they have some bad times and things like that ? thats not abandon but hard time. Maybe their names means special for the user.