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    Hello, I am SkyRider3217. I have been a dragcave for quite a few months now and getting the hang of doing this. :P

    I love Dragons that look dark especially the most recent release, Falconiform Wyverns and will be hoarding them at the time :).

    I am a 2013 Snow Wars winner of my beloved Argentum Menelinium (just call her silvr :P)... even if I was just playin' the game for the fun of it instead of winning a dragon xD
    but I have her anyways :3
    I am breeding my Silver Tinsel (silvr) for other people to have her 2nd gen. It has been so long since I last been on DragCave, so just keep an eye on (silvr) if she lays an egg every week.

    Currently have one egg from (silvr) and currently looking for offers