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  1. The tree doesn't work for me. I click on an ornament but it doesn't let me drag it or do anything with it
  2. Reposting my fort here since the news post was locked. Ah if only I could have rotated the statues and the base
  3. So I just avoid my fort until the event ends? Man I like looking at it so that's going to be hard lol
  4. I don't like how the tiles look though
  5. Is there a way to turn off resources? I like how my fort looks but would hate to have them cluttering it up when the event ends (like if I can't get on to clear them in time)
  6. For those who are worried about not having the resources to build what they want before the event ends, I'd highly suggest making loads of snow cannons. They're cheap, and if used to target weaker objects (like other snow cannons) can allow you to rack up exp for the bonus resources quickly. Especially if you dismantle them and make newly refreshed ones to go fighting again. Also, feel free to target me if you need exp as I've got a LOT of resources and am pre much done building.
  7. Ahh it's almost perfect! Only three things that could make it better for me is 1) Rotatable base 2) Rotatable dragon statues and 3) Rotatable flags. This event has been really fun for me so far. I especially appreciate the addition of gaining more resources per "level up" after level 50 as it allowed me to finish my base in time (and early apparently!). Also, it made fighting more meaningful as several wars irl have been fought over resources.
  8. "Emboldened by your new sword, you hold the CRYSTAL up" Oh my goodness this is so from the Lord of the Rings
  9. Does anyone have a list of the quests that are open so far?
  10. I hope that these guys are real/permanent additions!
  11. Haha not sure if someone else has said this already, but "Don't put all of your eggs into one basket"
  12. Love this year's eggs! My favorite is Odeen's evolution-themed egg~
  13. You are a very lovely person ya know that? I wouldn't have been able to figure this out myself.
  14. No, I'm not. I'm just walking on the normal ground, i.e. snow & cobblestone.
  15. I think the game is bugging. Every other time I go to move, it continuously moves me in that direction until an obstacle stops me :I I know that it's not my keyboard, because I tested both the WASD and the arrow keys.
  16. You may get one in a rather alternate fashion that may be done in place of breeding: grabbing regular hatchies and dipping them in tar for about 10 minutes. Where do I get new eggs?
  17. ...I ate an oreo, I'd be rich. Why does soda..
  18. Haha egg hunts on DC be like "Gotta catch 'em all!"