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  1. A flying nervous system enters the arena, without a ticket! Neurotransmitters act like rockets. It is literally shooting thoughts at you!


    That sweater is ugly.

    Pokémon must really mean Call of Duty.

    i hav more followers than u lmao

  2. I was some girl called Ilya, and I was 16, so I had to choose the name of a God to be added on to mine. I had to write it down and mail it to a government building. With all my heart, I knew the name I had to choose. It was very dangerous and controversial, but I wrote down Þór (Thor). Luckily, I had to be alone when I wrote it. I mailed it to the building, and when my family asked me what name I chose, I lied through my teeth. I can't even remember the name I told them I had chosen.

    There was lore going around that anyone who chose that name wouldn't live very long. The names that people choose say who they are, and what journery they will go on. If you chose Þór, well, no one has lived long enough to tell the journey they went on.