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  1. I really love Icelandic music. People like Sigur Rós and Björk, although she sings in English most of the time.


    Sigur Rós's

    Sigur Rós's E-Bow

    Sigur Rós's

    Sigur Rós's


    Austin Wintory's I Was Born For This

    And probably Thylacine's Intuitive and Waan's Birth I honestly can't tell what language the lyrics are in, is it English is it French????????????/ Who knows.


    (I can't sing these songs at all how do lyrics I only know I Was Born For This)

  2. ACTUALLY, Medieval Mystic brings up a good question here.


    Supposing , as Medival Mystic says, you meet a person, perhaps a customer at your workplace, whom you have never met before. If you aren't certain how someone identifies, what is the correct way to address them? To tell the truth, I always USED to assume that you just went by what they appeared to be, BUT if that isn't the case then what should a person do to avoid giving offense to someone? Just use neutral terms unless they tell you different? I am sure it would probably be rude to ask a complete stranger about their gender identity...

    I, and I think most people, would just say what gender I think they are. If they say they're a different gender, then I'd refer to them by the gender they've told me they are.

  3. Hm, fellow writers - can anybody think of a good way to describe that face people make when they're amused at something but trying to hide that amusement? I know there's a word for it, just can't think of it to save myself.


    I came up with deadpan and straight-faced but I know neither of those are correct. =U

    Do you mean smirking?


    As for NaNoWriMo, I completely forgot about it! I must enter this year. I have some plans but I need to actually do this properly. I've never completed it before. I've never even gotten through a quarter of my novel.

  4. I used to think I was gay, but after a while I've decided that I'm actually polysexual. That label still doesn't feel right to me, but I think it's the closest that I can get. I know I'm definitely not sexually attracted to girls, and I know I definitely am to boys. Everything else seems more fluid, or cloudy. One thing I've definitely decided is that I'm panromantic.

  5. I know 100% that I am a boy, and I'm cisgendered and I define as a boy, but yesterday I felt like a girl for the whole day. Just thought I'd drop in (in the middle of a discussion it seems) and share this because it was a sort of weird experience for me that I wouldn't have ever expected. I'm totally open to the thought that maybe in the future I will realise I'm not a boy, or whatever, but right now nothing feels wrong with how I define myself. I don't even know how that works, to have a sort of one-off day like that.

    It seems interesting to me, how fluid gender identity is, and maybe one day mine might actually 'liquidise', so to speak.