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  1. I think in both words and pictures. What I like most about thinking in words is when I listen to music and I read a book. Sometimes I get a mental image about that as well. Thinking visually seems to be very fluid for me though. If I try to concentrate on making one image, it seems to go off and do whatever it wants, rather than what I want.

    I put other on the poll, though, because sometimes I find myself perfectly recreating a song in my own head, or making my own. Not sure if that counts for other.

  2. I really love Icelandic music. People like Sigur Rós and Björk, although she sings in English most of the time.


    Sigur Rós's

    Sigur Rós's E-Bow

    Sigur Rós's

    Sigur Rós's


    Austin Wintory's I Was Born For This

    And probably Thylacine's Intuitive and Waan's Birth I honestly can't tell what language the lyrics are in, is it English is it French????????????/ Who knows.


    (I can't sing these songs at all how do lyrics I only know I Was Born For This)