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  1. So I took some pictures! (Some are more photographic than informative, lmao)

    user posted image

    user posted image

    You can check out more photos here.


    The 3 notebooks I'm using right now are the grey one, the nu: craze one, and the paperclips one. In the grey notebook I write song lyrics I'd like to remember, and other sorts of little projects. The nu: craze notebook was given to me by my English teacher last year, for Creative Writing Club. As such, I write down stories and stuff in there, but as of late I've been writing mostly song lyrics of my own. In the paperclips notebook I just write down little notes like translations and definitions and stuff. I've had these for about 1 or 2 years.

    The blue/pink/white notebook is and older one that I wrote lyrics in. I've had it for maybe 5 or more years.

    The funky green notebook, DJ notebook, and Thailand notebook are all blank. The Thailand one was given to me by my sister when she got back from there. These were all from around 2014 Christmas time.

  2. Electronic music. Music has always been a passion of mine.

    I'm also into the other arts too, like graphic design, digital art, writing, poetry...

    Some day I would like to combine all the three. I have plans. smile.gif


    Otherwise I would be a translator/something to do with languages, or a proofreader.

  3. To be honest, I'd look at the end of humanity. Not the world, just us. I read a book (Time Riders) where the world is in a cycle, and ever so often a master race comes about, leaves its legacy on Earth, and then pretty much all of them die. In that book, almost all humans were killed by a virus, and the Earth was quiet and taken over by nature once again. I know it's just a book, but I'd like to see if that's true.

  4. (I'm so sorry)


    Lawrence looked up to the manor. He remembered it fondly, but little of it. He wasn't allowed to explore much of it. The excuse of the restraint was usually something like, "It's a very epensive building. We can't have you breaking things." As if he couldn't be trusted with walking down a corridor.

    He soon became awarre of the commotion behind him, and watched as the boat he had only just got off of left the island. A storm? Hopefully it wouldn't affect them, especially when the maid had left with the only boat.

    "Yes, that sounds good," Lawrence replied to his father.