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  1. Anak.... they talked about fires not earth quakes...

    But you see, fire and earth are the same thing. sisters.

    Aren't all disasters the same thing?

    Earth is but a small speck in the Universe and we are insignifcant to the demands of the stars

    It is the fire in my heart that shakes the Earth

    I edited the post thanks for telling me

  2. There was no hesitation. Usually with nerves, you freak out, you freeze, you don't respond. Gemma, however, still had it in their mind that insubordinance meant death. She knew it wasn't true. It was irrational, and as unlikely as that they were going to save the world. But, all Gemma could think was, Just follow orders. She carefully placed her box in her locker, closed the door, and headed up the stairs, behind Kevin and Kara. (Kevin and Kara? They've got to be related. Twins, even?)


    Her hand, however, was frozen. Gemma clasped the red tuning fork like it was her life. She should have been doing the same thing to that box, but if they were going to be in action, maybe the lockers were the best place to leave them... Talk about fires worried her. And how come no one knew the way down there? Don't they have to just keep descending the stairs? Is there some magical charm that makes the stairs down invisible or something?

    Anxiety, suprisingly, doesn't help with just follow orders.


    The solid sound of helicopter blades spinning gradually grew louder as they ascended the stairs. Then, the decibels exploded and peaked when the girl at the front threw open the door. Shouldn't people be noticing this on the streets? Gemma herself had never seen a helicopter land on top of a building before, and definitely hadn't heard of it in this city.

    Gemma struggled to walk against the sheer force of the helicopter blades shoving her away. Kevin put his hand on the back of her shoulders to help her out, and handed her a headset so she could hear everyone over the loudness of the blades.

    "Buckle up!" Gemma barely heard him shout, his voice quickly blown away. She clambered on board and into the closest available seat, and adjusted the headset onto her head.

    "Oh, are we doing intros?" She said after Bailey named himself. The headset made him, and her, loud and clear. "I'm Gemma." She still had to raise her voice to be heard, though.

  3. Wish I could LARP but there's no one to do it with.

    I've been RPing since like I was ever on the internet. 2005, 2006? Man that takes me back lmao

    Loads of recurring characters, one on ones, over the years. With recent school and exams I haven't been doing much bc everything's happening at once (and still is) but I'm trying to get back into it

  4. I've cut off all contacts with my friends, they didn't really care.

    And broke up with the bf.


    Fortunately, I'm moving away and leaving everyone behind.

    That's exactly what I've been wanting to do for ages (minus the bf part)

  5. This box is my life? Gemma pondered. Um, ok. She decided, in that case, that she should probably keep it. They'd probably kill her for 'knowing too much' anyways, if she left. She didn't dare say it though, or they might've just done it there and then.

    Plus, there was an itching in her body to know what that tuning fork did, and what technology meant to her at all. She'd much rather find out before training began.


    "I highly suggest that you learn how to work well with everyone around you; your life may depend on it," that Kara woman explained to everyone. Oh. Working with people. Not by myself. Gemma was hoping it would've have been a singular experience. How would she get to know all of these people? She looked around, properly taking them in this time. Everything was rather... mismatched. How at all anyone would function in a partnership here was a wonder to her.


    And, wait a second, enemies? Traitors? This was sounding less and less appealing, but, well, she was already too far in.

    "If they're traitors, you know who they are, right?" Gemma finally spoke out, and felt a little embarrassed as everyone looked at her to go on. Speaking 'out of turn' wasn't too good either, but no one seemed to mind. This was a pretty ragtag group anyways, so there was going to be probably a lot of things done out of turn.

    "I mean, you've gotta have some info on them?" Then again, those traitors will have just as much info too.

  6. Someone's got to be messing with me today, I'm thinking. A weird key and a map leading to a downtown graphic design company building. How am I supposed to find some sort of adventure or lawlessness here? Either this is some really offbeat advertisement campaign, or some kids are sending fake packages to my door. Whichever it is, it makes no sense. Actually, it's completely stupid. I have work to do. I'm wasting my time here. I didn't wake up early today to stand around meaninglessly, shuddering every time a pedestrian brushes against my body. There's no reason for me to continue being here, so I turn to walk towards where I work. Instead, I am pushed away as I walk into the wall of some man's chest.


    "Where do you think you're going?" He demands. I look up at him. He's significantly taller than me, has deeply red hair, green eyes, and a thinnish beard. I wasn't exactly expecting to find a man on the street today, but whatever, I'll take it.

    "T-To work," I stutter out. Ok, not a good first impression, but I can work on that.

    "No you're not," he denies me quickly, and spirals me back to face SR Graphics, gripping my shoulders. "You're going in that building, down the stairs, and to the basement, like the map says."

    "Um, am I?" He doesn't reply to that one. I look back to him, scrunching my face up in annoyance. He stares into my eyes, as if words have no purpose. I look back to the building.

    "Alright," I sigh. He releases me, still silent. Ugh, I really shouldn't be doing this. He could have at least let me call in sick for work first. I might as well tell my boss that I'm getting murdered today, instead of selling overpriced jackets to needy customers. Oh well, can't be too bad.


    I take my first steps into the building. The rampant hustle and bustle of job and business means that no one notices me, as per usual. I make my way past the elevators and to the stairwell that will surely lead me to my doom, and climb down to the basement. Less and less people accompany me as I go lower and lower, until soon enough, it's dark, musty, and devoid of any lifeforms but myself. Today isn't really going as I hoped it would, but it's a change from the normal routine of life, so I'll welcome it.

    At the lowest floor, the basement, is just a single door. My destination, assumably. As I open it, I find to my surprise a bunch of people already inside. A mixed group, not one I would generally see outside, and they're all staring at me. They seem to grow bored of analysing as I don't move for a minute or two, and turn away, back to... whatever they're doing. They're all holding something, and they all share the same face. Dazed and confused. Looks like none of us have any idea of what's going on. How long have they been here? Were they sent here with a map and a key as well? Such a mysterious day it is today.


    On the other side of the room is a wall of lockers, most of which (on the left side) are already open. I go for the next unopened locker, finding that it's not even locked. It creaks open, and all that sits inside is a small, oak box. There's no dust anywhere on it, so it must be newly placed. Odd, who put it here? This must be where that weird key comes in. I take it out of my jeans pocket, get it in the lock, twist, and open.

    "Jesus!" I shout, shielding my eyes as a ridiculously bright ray of light nails me right in the face. I didn't blow off low pay to be blinded today. When the light dies down, I peek open my eyes. And, what's in the box is...


    A tuning fork? It's flat, long, and smooth, and it's a calm shade of red, with silver at the sides. Yeah, someone is definitely messing with me today.

    "You have invoked the power of technology," a soft voice behind me speaks out. I turn around, seeing a tall woman looking at me. Is she... smiling?

    "Huh?" Is all I can get out.

    "I will reveal more when everyone is present."



  7. On second thought, it is technomancy. I would have said to control electricity suppleid to computers and travelling through wires and etc. etc. but that seems to intricate/complicated so I'll just get rid of it altogether. It can be compensated for anyways.

  8. Hope I'm not too late!


    Username: Anak

    Name: Gemma Adu

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Gemma's skin is a rich, sandy beige (and satisfyingly smooth). Her eyes are deeply and darkly brown, shining like a choclately gemstone, and are framed in her soft and rectangular-ish face. Her brown hair is naturally curled into wild ringlets, and stays above her shoulders. She usually wears comfortable clothing, like a sweater and baggy sweatpeants, and will probably just wear a pair of Converse's if she's going out.

    Personality: Gemma gives off a welcoming and warm air, like some good sips of hot chocolate. She relishes peace and quiet, and feels her best in a comfy, calm environment. Oddly enough, though, Gemma is both introverted and extroverted. Under all of the nice and friendly attitude, Gemma is upbeat and angry. She'll often let off the pressure by ripping apart a dollar store plush toy or throwing cheap porcelain plates at the wall. She loves the silence, and then she loves to break it.

    Whilst living alone, Gemma craves friendship and physical contact, and constantly worries that she isn't getting enough (part of the reason why she's throwing those plates). She longs to feel the warmth of another human being, and to fill the empty spaces beside her. Making plans out with her friends makes her feel loved beyond limit, yet she can never shake the feeling that she's being a nuisance to whoever she's inviting.

    Gemma has a beautiful singing voice that she is reluctant to share (part of the reason why she's living alone). She is self-taught at singing and reading musical notation, and will often compose songs just for herself, songs that no one else will hear.

    History: Gemma learned very quickly that she would never get what she wanted with other people. Many responses to her wishes, from her parents mainly, were a resounding "no". As she grew up, her parents grew more lenient with her, and allowed her to do more things, but there was always an atmosphere that they didn't like what she was doing. She was always monitored, as if they thought she was doing something shifty (she wasn't).

    School didn't prove to be much of an issue to Gemma. She excelled at the main subjects, was passionate at her vocational ones, had a lot of friends... If you looked more closely, however, you would see bouts of low grades, loneliness/arguments with friends. It was quite clear that Gemma was unhappy with where she was, but since the end result turned out to be great grades, her negativity went unnoticed.

    As soon as she could, Gemma moved house. She grabbed a nice apartment that she made cosy, and lived alone, away from family, from old friends, from people who would deny her of what she needed. She got herself a low-effort job in a clothing store in town, and just... relaxed. She left behind the stress and expectations of other people, and sought out to just be herself for once.

    Unlocked Power: Gemma can manipulate technology, meaning she can control computers and such without even being near them. From electrical technolgoy, she is able to give small, low-energy electrical shocks. As a subset of controlling technology, Gemma can also browse the interent and go about a desktop in her head as if she were a computer. Although, there is only so much memory this can take up.

    Unlocked Trinket: A flat, long, red tuning fork, which is silver at the sides.


    • She can be very sneaky, small, and quiet when she wants to be.
    • Quick to process things.
    • Great at lying.
    • It can be very difficult for Gemma to find motivation to do things a lot of the time.
    • Can be very shy at times.
    • Has pretty much no concept of height, weight, money, etc.

    Ok, I hope that's better now

  9. 1: What are trinkets like exactly? Are they small magical objects/do they serve a purpose or are they just ornamental? Or do I decide on that?


    2: How does the power of accessing everything (or a lot I guess) on the internet sound?


    3: There's no limit on characters, is there?


    This RP looks veeery interesting. Not enough time to type out a sheet right now so I'll be doing it soon/keeping tabs this.