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    Granted, but you are both suffocated by the sheer force of affection. I wish not to have all of these exAMS
  2. She's up ll night to the Sun. She's up all night to get some. Shet's up all night for good fun, I'm up all night to get lucky. Gah, so close. Next: I became a runner, like the dream that pulled you under just before the day.
  3. I slit the sheet, the sheet I slit, and on the slitted sheet I sirt. r key wat do u think ur doIN Next: The Name Of This Song Is Really Long What's Happening What???? by Panic At the Disco!
  4. why am i getinng all the cs coRNUCOPIA
  5. Answer to the ultimate quesrtin of life, the universe, and everything! Well Next: alL OF THAT MOMENTUM SENT HIM TO THE SHADOW REALM
  6. Ethnically I'm Irish, but I've lived in the UK for my whole life. I'll say either really.