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  1. The only concert I've been to was for Bonobo, on the last concert of his The North Borders Tour. Supporting were Darkstar (who I missed) and Gold Panda (who was, like, ethereal) and onstage Bonobo had Andreya Triana, and Cornelia, and Grey Reverend, and it was amazing biggrin.gif

    And you can watch it all here!


    Kendrick Lamar,

    When was this? I've only listened to To Pimp A Butterfly so I'd love to know more

  2. There is a Michael Arias movie called Tekkon Kinkreet which has an amazing soundtrack, and is about some orphan kids dealing with yakuza taking over their town. I've never watched it, but I'm sure it's great.

  3. So far, this is defidently me. I often say (or want to say) that I don't want to fall in love. I never even had cute little relationships in preschool (aka holding hands and smiling) and I never have those middle school crushes. Yet people expect me to eventually "change my mind". My sister is probably going to be the one to fall in love, get married, ect. Not me.


    This was one conversation I had back in sixth grade. One that I didn't start, as usual.


    Kid: " Hey, will you marry a guy?"

    Me: "Um, no" That's where I put on my "wtf" look.

    Kid: "So you will marry a girl?" This is where my "wtf" look intensifies.

    Me: "No!"

    Kid: "So who will you marry?"

    Me: "Nobody"

    Kid: "What?" This is where the kid gives me a look like I have a nasty pimple, and the conversation ends.


    See? Even my peers expect me to fall in love. It's aggravating.

    I'm not aromantic but I don't actually want to get married either, and that conversation always goes awfully with everyone like. Society expects you to fall in love and date and get married, and if you don't want to do that then you're all strange and stuff.

  4. (How do I keep missing replies?? smh)


    Gemma remained quiet for the rest of journey, and throughout the tour too. The whole place had been marketed to them as some sort of training ground, but to her it looked more like a university campus, or a hotel. They travelled in a helicopter, to a place where they would get free food, nice shelter, a recreation hall even. Had there not been a dangerous 'saving the world' element to all of it, Gemma might have looked forward to the prospect of staying there.


    She followed one girl (Tony, was it?) to the dorms. Not knowing which room would be her's, Gemma assumed that the door would have her name on it, or something like that. With luck, one door did have her on a nametag. In one swift motion, she swung the door open, turned around before she could see anything in her room, and slammed the door shut. Gemma rested her head on the wood of the door, closing her eyes, and breathed slowly. She felt herself clinging onto her past life, even though it was nothing special. Everything's going to be here, Gemma thought to herself. It's like nothing's changed.


    She turned around, and saw her past life staring back at her.

  5. So because I believe everyone matters I'm allowed to be mocked? Thats really nice.

    That's not the point. What you've been saying is that we should focus on all lives rather than black lives. Obviously all lives matter, no one's saying that all lives don't matter. Like, if I say "I like this shirt" I'm not saying "I hate all other shirts"

  6. All lives do matter

    I just gotta say that this all lives matter ideal battling black lives matter is a problem. Maybe that was a poor choice of words, but it's not like by saying black lives matter that no one else's does. It's just that there's an importance of black lives bc well look at all that's happening.


    That said, I think I heard somewhere that the protestors crashing in on Sander weren't actually officially affiliated with Black Lives Matter. I agree with SockPuppet Strangler though. If they want their voices heard they can't just be nice, because unfortunately that doesn't get you very far anymore...

  7. (Whoops I never even saw these posts until 2 weeks later)


    "We're not going home?!" Gemma said with the others. She didn't exactly have any important family, and her friends probably wouldn't care that she was gone, but... What about the life she had left behind? Her apartment? There weren't important things back there in the eyes of others, but the sentimentality was too much for her to leave them behind. Books, music, her laptop, little old ornaments... Unless the twins had somehow retrieved all of those things, how would she ever get them back?

    "What about all my stuff at home?" Was the best she could ask.


    Gemma turned her gaze to the outside, watching her previous life drift away. If she knew this was the path that was going to be taken, she would have prepared. She would have done something. I wasn't even going to do this, Gemma thought to herself. I was just gonna ignore it and go to work. Now look where I am. She sighed, her eyes softening with with longing. No going back now, not unless she jumped out of the helicopter, yet that would bring a rather undesired end to it all.

    I can stick it out.