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  1. It usually takes a while for me to actually get to sleep. If I'm at home, I'll lay my stomach/side and roll around or something like that. I'm surprised I don't fall off of the bed most times to be honest.

    If I'm anywhere else, I'll probably try to be as still as I can and not touch anything that isn't bed.

    I usually tuck the covers under my feet but only at home.


    I don't sleepwalk thankfully. I don't know what I would do anyways. I'm not sure I can get on the internet subconsciously


    My dreams are always in colour, but they're confusing. Sometimes there's a specific thing happening and other times they make no sense at all. I usually don't know who I am so I just assume I'm myself, although sometimes I get a third person view and sometimes I haven't seen myself there.

    I've never really woken up gasping for air or anything, but usually when a dream ends I can still feel the pain from it. Like if I'm stabbed in the stomach or something I'll still feel it.

    Most of my dreams are completely different, but some I've returned to. Sometimes they're exactly the same, other times there are things added on.

    Wow I wish one of my dreams would make sense.