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  1. Yeah! The first book is The 100 which is quite short, then the next is Day 21, and then Homecoming. They were written by Kass morgan. I've only read the first one, but it was great.

  2. I think I managed to get through the first series but then I kinda stopped watching (like everything else) and only caught glimpses so I really need to catch up.

    I read the first book as well which was really good.

  3. What is a good writing platform to write on (that was more less complex in my head)

    I use yWriter, you cna separate your book into chapters, and different scenes, specifying different viewpoints. You can also make different items for characters, settings, and objects. It's pretty cool and a great way to structure things.


    I myself have loads of ideas floating around in my brain (in the vault, so they're pretty secure)

    I've done NaNo a bunch of times but have never won or I think even passed the 10k mark because I'm awful and prone to procrastination and being busy everywhere else.

  4. Link:

    Link: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2015/nov/...hlands-petition


    In just over a week the UK will begin outsourcing to Iceland, by building 50 dams and power plants all over its natural environment, which is an environment that has remained untouched for years and years and years. This is all to build a high-voltage powerline running around the country, which will provide the UK with "long-term, renewable energy"


    Björk has released a video on Youtube detailing this and also some of what can be done, like building a national park. This has also gained attention with some news articles like from the Guardian.


    There is a petition you can sign here to help save the Icelandic environment, else one of the largest untouched environments in the world will be ruined!


    The Tories have already been ruining things here in the UK with fracking and butchering our healthcare and educational systems. We can't have them moving over to one of the most outstanding areas of untouched natural beaut in the world and ruining it! This will have even worse implications on our planet.


    Please share around with your friends and get them to sign the petition too. Every signature helps.