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  1. I demand eight each of all the prizes so I can breed EG PB 4G's of each of them without tombstoning and none of them are allowed to refuse their mate. That is all.
  2. I have the same names in both places so I'm not really affected by this personally but I know other players get harrassed so I'm voting a big fat no. We don't need to make harrassnent issues any worse than they already are.
  3. I'm also having sort issues with all three methods. Thought it was just me. Hopefully it all works for all of us now. If not I'll be back. Edit: Seems to be resolved. Thanks TJ.
  4. Loving the new hatchies. I'll grab my Halloween eggs as soon as I'm no longer egg locked. (Why am I always egg locked during events?) In other news after multiple dodges and four permanent kills (Nooooooooo! Why didn't you zombify?! My poor babies! 😭) I got a really cool zombie. Next year I'm going to breed loads of Blunas right before Halloween. Bluna zombies for the win. I now have to name four new dragons in memory of those who didn't make it to zombiehood. RIP.
  5. I support this at 2,500. I'm just over 2000, went away for quite a while and came back to find a shiny new platinum trophy and an extra egg slot and hatchie slots (YES!!!) Setting it at 2,500 would give me something to shoot for. I think it should use metals (nicked and modified your thing, thanks Olympe,) and go like this: Bronze: 50+ => 5/15 Silver: 200+ => 6/18 Gold: 500+ => 7/21 Platinum: 1000+ => 8/24 Ruthenium: 2500+ => 9/27 Rhodium: 5000+ => 10/30 Paladium: 7,500+ => 11/33 Osmium: 10,000+ maybe 25,000 => 12/36 Iridium: 12,500+ => 13/39 Titanium: 15,000+ => 14/42 Unobtanium: 17,500+ => 15/45 Mithril: 20,000+ => 16/48.
  6. ^^^ This!!! So much. I'd love this. PB Avatar projects. We need this.
  7. @Harebelle Thanks and you're welcome. I say books, they were Nanowrimo length so not so much novels as novellas but still, rewrite, add in the detail I shed when racing to get the plot down ( I am awful for doing this), edit, and maybe I'll have a novel rather than a novella at the end.
  8. Ah. Yes, I've been away for a while and I forgot about pesky ratios. Darn it.
  9. This would be great. I'd love it if this was implemented. However I think that having to refresh the page to get an updated countdown to availability would be better than a live countdown; it would make the page much easier to load. I'd also love it if this was available for breeding too.
  10. I would love a 4th GON. My GON boy could have a brother and stop feeling outnumbered and outmanoeuvred. (Well maybe not outmanoeuvred but still, heh. XD) I'd also love to be able to be able to breed my GONs with each other and get a random avatar from the breeding.
  11. I would breed my trios loads and bombard newbies with them so they could build huge trio armies to summon. If we all did that... Problem solved.
  12. I am a Wrimo too! Good to see so many hanging out here. I've written two complete books. One was crap. No amount of rewriting would save it so I deleted it. Good riddance!!! But it was my first Nano project and it taught me how to write a book. So I'm glad I did it even if it was unreadable, cringeworthy garbage. I'm currently re-writing NaNo 2014 so I can edit it and hopefully publish it. I have 8,000 words of the re-write done and need to get off my arse and get back to it. For those who want to edit and get feedback Scribophile is a great crtitque site. I really need to get back on there too. I'm far too good at procrastinating.
  13. How about posting your original work on Wattpad? It might give you the motivation to keep going.
  14. Sunday Roast Dinner and Chicken Risotto for two of my Chickens.
  15. I demand that everyone be given a male female pair of each CB Prize with no mate refusals so we can pure breed even gen lineages. I would kill for a 5G PB Even Gen Silver Tinsel. ❤️
  16. Give Blacks, Dark Greens or Undines a BSA that causes eggs affected by the BSA to alt. Or give me all the Blacks, Greens and Undines until I have an Alt army.
  17. I'm not saying the Raffle should go away but that they should be available in the market too. The raffle is entirely random, most people will never get a prize through it however often they enter. Plus raising three dragons isn't exactly taxing. People can log on once a month to do that and get a Raffle Ticket. That isn't exactly fair to active players. This way people have to be active and it's possible to get a Prize in your lifetime. Plus getting a Prize through active play seems a lot fairer to me than randomly through the Raffle. But if both things are a possibility then it's fair to all.
  18. I think everyone should have a chance to get a CB Prize Dragon. This is a collectables site, the goal being to collect them all so having Dragons that people can't get is not fair. If Prizes were put in the market it would give people the chance to earn them through being active. I'm not sure what prices they should be exactly but I was thinking maybe 5,200 shards for Bronze, 5,500 for Silver and 5,800 for Gold.
  19. Can we attack the arguments and not the people please. UKIP may be what you said but calling a lot, if not half, of all eligible British voters that is a bit harsh.
  20. I'm in the leave camp. I don't need my life micromanaged by unelected Brusselcrats (EU Parliament members). They want to control everything from what sort of lightbulbs we can use to the wattage of our kettles. It's ridiculous. Britain is strong. We can stand on our own and we can use the money we pump into the EU for our own national interests. We can negotiate our own trade agreements. With the amount of money we give to the EU back in our pockets we wouldn't have to worry about University funding and we could make the NHS great again. I think it's going to be close and I have no idea which way it'll go.
  21. I just thought it would be fun to speculate on what might happen as today's the day. I have no idea.
  22. Granted but you have no money and you have to get a nine to five, six day a week, summer job. I wish I had a kitten.
  23. I'm most excited about the Frills and Old Pinks. I never thought I'd get my hands on them because I thought they were never coming back. I'm going to catch enough of them to breed two EG PB 4Gs of each and then I'm going to breed two EG PB 4G Old Pink and Frill checkers. Male Frills x Female Pinks for the first one and then Male Pinks x Female Frills for the second. Then I'm going to freeze a load of baby frills and old pinks.
  24. I'm loving the new art work. The biomes look wonderful. I also really like the new lineage layouts although change is always odd and will take a while to get used to I already love it.