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DO NOT PM ME ASKING FOR TRADES OR BEGGING FOR 2ND GENS.I own the Bronze Shimmer, Sansa the Queen of Westeros.


I reserve the right to breed her Shimmering offspring for myself, trade them or drop them on unsuspecting player's heads. When I have any up for trade they'll be in the Trading forum. Further information is in my profile. Anyone who PMs me begging for 2nd Gens or asking for trades will be reported for harassment and then blocked.Wishlist is my profile. I am happy to breed Fiendfyres for people who PM me. :)

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    I own Sansa the Queen of Westeros. Second Generation Shimmers are gifted or traded as bred. I don't keep a list because prizes are notoriously hard to breed and keeping people waiting for months is not fair.

    Do Not PM me asking for Second Generation Shimmers. When I have one to trade it will be posted in the Trade Forums. I don't use or accept IOU's. I reserve the right to breed them for myself or for my friends when I want to.

    I keep, trade, AP or gift Shimmerkins as I choose and I don't keep a list for them either so don't PM me asking to be put on one.
    I have many interests. I <3 Red Dragons. They're just so cute.

    Currently breeding/acquiring a Red Army (82 out of 105 so far) for Incubate BSA.
    Summoned all three GoNs. :) It took me one year, two months, two weeks and two days. So if you're struggling to summon don't give up. You'll get them eventually. :)
    My Fiendfyre Project is active. CB Reds very much appreciated. :)

    Fiendfyre Project: To breed a pureblood Even Gen 10th Gen Red. :D This will give me 1,023 Reds in addition to my Red Army. :DD

    The clan is called Fiendfyre and they'll all have that in their names. If you want me to breed you a Fiendfyre just tell me which Gen you want and which pair and I'll put you on the list.

    Fiendfyre pairs who owe people eggs:

    First Gen:


    Second Gen:


    Third Gen:


    Fourth Gen:


    Fifth Gen:


    CB Golds
    CB Silvers
    CB Coppers
    CB Trios

    Reds CB and any generation so long as they are Even Gen.
    CB and Even Gen Golden Wyverns.
    CB and Even Gen Seasonals.