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  1. Forum name: CuteDragons PM link: click here! List of Valentines I Can Breed: (all checkerboard) Heartseeker - 4G CK Golden Wyvern (like this) - others have no mates Arsani - 3G CK Arsani x Black Tea (like this) - others have no mates Rosebud - 3G CK Rosebud x White (like this) - 4G CK Rosebud x White (like this) - 4G CK Rosebud x Daydream (like this) - others have no mates Radiant Angel - CB x2 - 3G CK RA x White (like this) Heartstealing - CB x2 List of Valentine Mates I need: Heartseeker - 2G Silver (will give cb
  2. This sounds so interesting! I didn't join DC until 2013, but it would be really fun to look back into the old days.
  3. Can anyone help me to breed a 3rd gen Green Nebula x Rosy Wing Solstice please? As a mate for I would love to breed something for others too. Let me know if you need any of the followings! 3rd gen Blusang/Ice/Winter/Daydream/Pink x Rosy Wing Solstice 3rd gen Green Nebula x Blue Wing Solstice Thank you in advance!
  4. CuteDragon's Lineage Projects *Scroll link/forum name: My Scroll ~ PM me Note: all my metal lineage projects (checker/pureblood gold/silver/copper) are not listed below. LINEAGE #1 x *Lineage name: Blue Horizon *Breeds of dragons involved: Male Blusang, Female Tan Ridgewing *Type of lineage project: Checkerboard *What are your goals for this project?: Stage 1: 5th gen Notes about your projects: 2G M Blusang lineage#1 lineage#2 lineage#3 lineage#4 lineage#5 2G F Tan lineage#1 lineage#2 lineage #3 lineage#4 lineage#5 3G M Blusang lineage#1 lineage #2 3G F Ta
  5. I especially like the pairings with silver lunar herald, moonstone, and mistletoe. Thanks to the 4th gen previews made by 11th!
  6. Thank you so much! I will then dream to catch one myself What do you think about 4th gen holly? Do I have any chance to trade for one with CB green copper(s)?
  7. Really? I once traded my CB Green copper for a CB Xeno... And I would definitely accept offer of 2nd gen gold + 3rd gen tinsel if I like the pairing. Question: What do I need to offer to get a 3rd gen Holly? All the ones I caught in AP are either messy or long gen. Skimming through the trading thread, I notice that most 3rd gen holly egg owners want holly-swap? I can grab CB Green copper, but what would be the ratio? Thank you!
  8. Is the Day 2 storyline available now?
  9. WOW 3 pages in 6 minutes! ----- I will use this post to record the game progress Day 1: First the girl wakes you up, then she asks your favorite color and takes you to the store to get an axe. You can also get Chicken Nuggets, Ham, Cone of Meat, and Mushroom Poppers. Then she leads you the tree field and there are two little trees behind her. Check these trees out and then let her choose first. After chopping down the tree, she says she will meet you back at your house. So you go back and she's there. Water your tree.
  10. Three. I always use Valley Sherwood so I can get a simple, direct view. And I use the Allure of Neglected Dragon when I have low time eggs/hatchlinges. If I need some more UV/OV, I use EATW.
  11. Thank you for your answer. I am telling myself "a fall in pit, a gain in wit"
  12. Please correct me if I am wrong. It feels like CB Green Copper > CB Xeno = CB Red Copper > CB Brown Copper I don't know how does it measure against 2G Gold, but I feel like they are equivalent.
  13. Hi, I have question about an IOU trade and I need help A month ago I accepted someone's IOU offer and sent her my two CB silvers. She said she will talk to me later, but I never hear back from her since then. I knew the IOU item might take time, so I didn't poke her again until three days ago I noticed that I'm not on her IOU list. She didn't reply my PM for three days, and I just know that she sent PM to my friend today to ask to offer IOU. What should I do? Thank you!
  14. I don't think people are disrespectful to the artist(s) of the new silvers. I've seen how people are trying their best to avoid hurting the spriter's feelings, but we also want to express our feelings. What's wrong with some suggestions? Some people like myself are truly nostalgic and love the old silvers. Maybe one day we will get used to the new silvers, but even a version for us to have a moment of the past would help to soothe the sudden change. I respect and appreciate all of your hard working as artists, but as a player I also spend vast amount of time, and I love the old silvers.
  15. Agree. I didn't even know about the update, and from the link above the majority didn't want a huge change.
  16. I like this idea. The dead eggs are so unfortunate.
  17. Agree totally. I appreciate the work of the spriters, but the new, shiny silver doesn't match the general sprites. They look odd in most of my lineages (by which I mean checkers). I really wish they were new dragon species instead of updates of the old silvers... I wonder what will the future revamps be like...
  18. TUT TUT I actually prefer the old sprites of Silver... I will definitely miss them. Some of my metal checkers now look kinda odd. Anyway, I have to & will get used to the new sprites. I just wish that I knew it earlier so I could take some screenshots of my checkers and other lineage. Update. The new sprites indeed have better shading and anatomy. Thanks spriters!
  19. Thanks for the help with XENO! Now I have 2 CB silvers, and I was hoping to trade for 2G prize, but I don't get any offers so should I add something else? I got one offer of ND for both silvers, and another offer of 3G prize for 1 silver, both IOU. If I don't get any 2G offer, which seems better? Thanks! PS Do I have any hope to get 2G prize?? I've never had any and I really really want one.
  20. I went AFK for 6 months, so I have no idea what's the value for lunar herald and xeno (they both seem very pretty to me). Now I learn that lunar heralds are rather common, what about xeno? I caught 3 xeno from different caves, what value of metal/prize can I trade for? Thanks!!
  21. My favorite is ember too!!!! I froze a lot of them to decorate my scroll
  22. I got my first gold during 2014 Valentine, my third gold during 2014 halloween. Silvers are less hard to get, but I see more during holidays too. I use chrome. And I use command+R to refresh the page. I also have the timer shows on the top right corner of my screen, so I can start refreshing at approximately xx:xx:58. However, every hour at xx:00:10~xx:00:30, the website is extremely slow, and it becomes so difficult to catch the rares...
  23. Your list helps a lot! I am always confused about the ranking between CB Gold/Silver and low gen prizes. According to this list, is it fair/overpriced to trade CB silver for 3rd gen prize? And how many CB silvers I need to offer if I want to trade for a 2nd gen prize?