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Favorite Dragon: Blusang & s1 Ember & XenoMy Current Lineage Projects: check them out!Feel free to PM me about bloodswap or breeding!UTC-06, will respond PM when I see itMy Wishlist 欢迎中文PM~ (*´∇`*)


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    Hi *^_^*
    My forum ID is CuteDragons, and in short, you can call me CD.
    I started playing DC since Nov, 2013, then AFK around May, 2015, and came back in Oct, 2015. (I won't AFK again!)
    I love DC, and it is an important part of my daily life.

    My favorite dragon is Blusang (including male, female, and hatchlings of every stage) - I drew my avatar with mouse XD
    My second favorite is the new released dragon during my AFK period - the XENOs. I am now working on the pureblood project of each breed xeno.

    I have been working on several pureblood projects since 2014, and they include the followings:
    (1) PB blusang, 8th gen.
    (2) PB tan, 5th gen.
    (3) PB red dorsal, 6th gen.

    If you want bloodswap or I can breed you something you need, please don't hesitate to contact me :D

    My personal lineage project:

    I will continue editing my profile.