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  1. Ooh, the ironic thing about this is I colored the Frostbite and had no idea it was going to be the adult/release. Fun stuff! The other dragons are beautiful - love neon blue.
  2. There's a new rumor going around that Sylveon's type is 'Fairy' and will possibly be a new type introduced, thus changing Cleffa/Clafairy/Cleffable, etc. That could be interesting... but... Fairy type? I lol'ed. Take with a grain of salt.
  3. Really neat design, but the execution leaves something to be desired. Regardless, really awesome event, everybody involved! Can't imagine all the work that went in to it and all the individual arts. Cooking was especially my fave.
  4. Hatchlings are gorgeous. I can't wait to see what the adults turn into. <3 Thanks, DC!
  5. I completely agree, browsing sucks in the GTS - however, I had a really easy time getting the starters by just offering up a bred starter (e.g. I bred my Serperior and made lots of Snivy babies) and just asked for any level/gender Tepig or Oshawott and they were fulfilled nearly immediately. I also was able to get White exclusives with Snivy. Good luck!
  6. The combination of high-leveled Audinos and the Lucky Egg is amazingly helpful. Got a Haxorus to level 50 so quick.
  7. I hate to be negative, but the lag the last few releases has been noticeably bad. I'll try it again tomorrow, which will hopefully be a bit better if excitement dies down. I'm sure 238428342 refreshes a second doesn't help. Oh well - interested to see these creatures at any rate.
  8. Glass_Walker

    10 on 10-10-10

    M'm, nice release. I had my eye on the Ember/Coals for a LONG time.
  9. Oh snap, this is what I get for being busy. Managed two 'Glorys (pretty eggsss) and a Lush Green. No luck on breeding.
  10. ... I specifically came into the VG threads to see if this was here. Oh, sweet harmony. There is nothing else like it.
  11. Apparently, I'm an Albino. FFFYEAH! http://dragcave.net/view/n/Glasswalker
  12. Twilight dragon icon. C/C is definitely welcome.