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  1. I'm stuck at the cliff, guys D:
  2. And now I have no idea about this game.
  3. I actually got to breed my first two Celestials with each other and got twins as a result, though I had to keep one of them. Well, next time I'll probably pair them up with different dragons. http://dragcave.net/progeny/dXjPg
  4. I got my two CB's as well! And they're twins!
  5. Here's two my dragons: https://dragcave.net/view/dFpDW https://dragcave.net/view/pbEdS I don't know which one is more amusing, my Shadow Walker or Falconiform Wyvern. EDIT: Now my main Mint is changed and this is what she looks like now: https://dragcave.net/view/ZQFtw
  6. ((@zakku_uchiha Ah, okay. Did Camilla ever get to the Dome?))
  7. ((What is the Dome going to be like?))
  8. Camilla listened to the Dolls' words with consideration, but then realized that she had to think quick unless they were like the fallen body. On one hand, she could go to this Dome location and have the chance to run for the first time in 5 years. On the other hand, she could go to a bunker and have a chance to be reunited with her family. Then again, she didn't mind the small banter between Ignis and Aqua since it reminded her much of how she and her older brother acted back then. Brother... she thought to herself with a hint of melancholy when she remembered him. "Take me to the Dome, please." She answered to the Dolls with a nod, just wanting to get this done and over with now.
  9. Just as she took notice of an unknown figure going past her and collapsing to the ground, Camilla felt as if time had slowed down when she was approached by a male Doll with fiery hair and eyes and then held in his arms. She looked up to see the Doll as she released her remaining suitcase from her grasp before hearing another Doll, this one being female. The only thing she could do was just listen to them speak, her heart racing quickly from the chaos that surrounded them. Then she remembered about how the first models were announced way back when before this happened and had only heard about them yet never met one, let alone two, before. Camilla then gave the two Dolls a shaky nod of her head and responded to them now that she was starting to feel safe around them, "Thank you. I'm Camilla Nervi."
  10. Taurus (May 1st) and proud!
  11. "Take whatever you will need," Camilla's father urged to the family in their native Italian as they gathered up any food they can bring with them, "Do not stop!" Despite protests as to what her little brother wanted to bring along as well, Camilla kept to herself ever since her parents refused her to take the injection when she told them about it. They feared that she would miss out on her studies even when she tried to tell them otherwise. Now they had to abandon their home and relocate to another area. Camilla helped her little brother carry their suitcases despite her limp as the family headed out and to find someone to help lead them to a safer location. Her mind was growing overwhelmed by the amount of screaming and gunfire that plagued the area and the fact that her parents were possibly in the right for declining her to take the injection. Yet she hated having the limp, even now. Just as the family picked up speed, Camilla struggled to keep up no matter how painful each time she tried to catch up. "Mama! Papa! Donny!" She cried out to them in desperation to no avail. Then she groaned and took off, dropping one suitcase to lighten the load until pain hit her ankle again, causing her to stop and breathe so she wouldn't make a fuss. "Please don't leave me..." she whispered with her ankle shaking a bit.
  12. ((Trying to figure out how to bring Camilla back in while this is going on because I don't know whether or not she actually received the injection in between the last time she appeared and the time the infection starts.))
  13. The attack affecting everyone else is fine by me; it brings internal conflict to a character if they are close to their home village or something like that.
  14. @SUP3RSPAWN3R That actually sounds like a good idea.
  15. I'm ready to post when Potatoes posts and where we'll be starting at.
  16. May 1st already passed, but it's my birthday! This year (at the time I am writing this), I have turned 21 years old and enjoying every last moment of it.
  17. Camilla carefully listened to what Audrey had told her once she took out a notebook and jotted down what she needed to know, from parental consent to the locations of the Monitors and planning out a schedule for when she would need to take the shot, before giving Audrey a nod of her head. Once the other woman left, the 15-year-old took her time in looking around before overhearing the intercom speaking that the facility is closed due to maintenance. This made her think about the injection more as she followed people out of the building and carefully went down the stairs due to her limp. Just before she got to the bottom step, however, Camilla felt her ankle grow weak momentarily, causing her to fall a bit. She caught herself on the railing, but she had to bring herself to hold onto it so she would be careful. After a while, she limped to the bus stop to catch the next bus and sat down, gently rubbing her ankle once she settled in her seat. Then she sat back up and waited for the bus to come, thinking about how to tell her family about her decision.
  18. I Think He Has Your Ear It just seems funny to me.