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  1. I had a really nice pair of boots, which kept hiding themselves from me. I'd usually find them a few weeks later in my bed room, which to be honest, wasn't the tidiest room in the house. On this occasion, I'd found them, but noticed that there was a funny smell coming from inside the right one. So, I tipped it upside down, and something fell out. Thinking it was a old tissue, I reached out to pick it up, and to my horror, touched something furry. At the time, I was cleaning my room, and had my contact lenses in. However, the dust had irritated my eyes, so I decided to take my lenses out, and put my glasses on. Having done so, I looked at the thing that had fallen out of my boot. It was a dead mouse. At the time, we'd been having trouble with rats, and had put poison down. However, the mouse had obviously eaten the poison as well. Why it should've chosen to die in my boot, I don't know.
  2. Ghost Cat

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Got one of each! Now I'm happily locked, since I have a bred Red egg that I refuse to abandon.
  3. Why do you read? Enjoyment, escape, ideas, improving something in yourself, nothing better to do? Mostly enjoyment and escape. Do the non-content things matter to you? Cover, title, blurbs, summary, outside information, formatting, author's outside affiliations/statements? It depends. Usually, I don't really care. I'll sometimes read the blurb, and, if it catches my attention, then I'll read the book. If the cover has some heavily made up girl/young woman flashing her navel on it, then chances are I won't read it. I don't particularly care about the author's affiliations. Do you judge books as a whole, or can one very great aspect (ex, characterization, style, plot, ending, idea) outweigh s[...] in all the other areas? I try to judge books as a whole. Weak charaterisation/plot can, in my view, ruin an otherwise good book. Do you like/hate certain kinds of characters, personalities, plots, adventures, writing styles, or settings? (Elaborate, please? @_@) Characters who have flat, under-developed personalities annoy me. I wouldn't say that I hate them, but if they don't improve during the course of the book, then I end up getting a little disgusted. I'm not one for stories that are purely romance/drama either. I don't mind a little, but if the characters get together within the first few pages, it gets boring. In terms of writing styles, if it reads like the author has abused a Thesaurus, I walk away. Purple prose is something I can't stomach. While I don't mind too much if the story gets a little bogged down in description every now and then, reading three or more pages describing how the sun shone off random objects is not my idea of a good time. How quickly within a book do you make a decision? Can you dislike a novel that you have never read, but have seen synopses/reviews of? If I can't get into a book within three or four pages, then I'm not going to read it. Is there anything in a review/synopsis that automatically makes you want to try/never want to try a novel? I'm not too keen on reading about sex or anything similar. If I know that a book has something of that nature in it, then I'll find something else. Do you have a favorite fiction genre? If so, why is it your favorite? Do you read widely outside it? I used to read nothing but sci-fi and fantasy, mainly because I just wanted to escape from the world. While I still like them, I read more widely now. Mystery, adventure and some non-fiction scattered here and there. Do you recommend any book you love to anyone, or do you try to recommend books you think the other person is more suited to? No. And I probably won't.
  4. I have a few more Captcha's to introduce! Captcha Affectionately Shirt Captcha The Informer Captcha Marquis Serpent Captcha Sign Secs Captcha Le Leftovers Captcha Grander Method Captcha The Silvery Captcha Whistle Opera Captcha The Orient Captcha Flukiest Investigation Captcha Juliette Divorced Captcha Genuflected Chortled
  5. Short. I find long nails rather creepy. Plus, my nails break easily, so they wouldn't be long even if I wanted them to be.
  6. I've got one Sea and two of the Bright markings.
  7. I've done it twice, as far as I'm aware. Shadow of Mercury Vesuvius' Canvas
  8. Dear diary: One of the new eggs has hatched. It hasn't even gendered yet, and it has a name. The Divine Comedy. I've no idea who chose the name, or even what it means, but still...I have to admit that it does seem to suit the hatchling. I must remember to have a word with Ridiculous Mort Dorkface. He is not a Purple. Yet he insists on trying to take care of the hatchlings. Surprisingly, most of the clan aren't that bothered about the fact that a Vampire keeps stealing their eggs and hatchlings. Apparently, he started doing it long before I joined.
  9. Dear diary: The weather has been beautifully warm lately, but I've a feeling that it won't last. Sooner or later, it'll start raining again. There are four new eggs in the cave. It seems that they're new breeds. I've also heard a whisper of a hybrid that occurs when a Magi and Water breed. Huh. That explains why they were trying to pair up this morning. No luck, however.
  10. Yay! Managed to get two of the green ones and one of the dawn/dusk ones.
  11. I've got yet more Captcha dragons: Captcha Flashily Necessary Captcha Wildcat Explanations And this egg.
  12. Dear diary: Yes! After having four Neotropical eggs, I have finally produced a Hellfire! And it's about time too. Was beginning to think that I'd never have one. Beyond This Illusion
  13. Journal: At last! I have found a female who will look at me. We abandoned the egg, but I'm hopeful that we'll mate again. I spoke with the Clan's first Gold today. Mor Ambar is still a hatchling, but she seems to be wise beyond her years. She'll soon grow up. Most of the males are already fighting over who'll be the first to mate with her.
  14. Introducing Captcha Bearable Things Dorkface and Captcha Revoke And.
  15. Journal: Just caught Beyond This Illusion and Aquila Solaris having a row. Beyond was shrieking something about how Aquila must have put a curse on her. Once I managed to calm them down, and that took a good half an hour, I found out what was wrong. Turns out that Beyond's second egg is another Neotropical. Huh. Beyond should be happy that she has two children, even if they aren't like her. I have yet to find a mate who'll even go near me! Dear diary: ...I don't care what the others are saying. That Nebula cursed me somehow. If she even looks at me in the wrong way again, I'll kill her. Beyond This Illusion.
  16. Dear diary: My Neotropical son has finally grown up. I was starting to get tired of his questions. Aquila Solaris is, once again, ladying it over me because she's had another egg. A Nebula, this time. She was crowing something about me not being able to produce my own breed. What cheek! I'm fairly certain that my next egg will be a Hellfire! Beyond This Illusion Journal: I felt sure there was going to be a murder today. Aquila Solaris and Beyond This Illusion really do not get on. If they keep sniping at each other, I might be forced to banish one of them. And that's something I don't want to do. I'm not the leader, nor do I want to be, but I do keep an eye on the daily goings on in the cave. The behavior of the others interests, and amuses, me at times.
  17. Dear diary: It seems that my egg is soon to hatch. Maybe in a few more hours. Then there'll be one more noisy hatchling demanding to be fed. Oh, joy. Yes, I know it'll be my first hatchling, but that doesn't mean I have to go all soppy and soft over it. It'll be a fruit eater as well, just like the father. Urg, fruit! Give me meat anytime. I'm going off to hunt. Thinking of meat has made me hungry. Beyond This Illusion Journal: ...Uh oh. This isn't good. Beyond This Illusion just took herself off hunting, so I thought I'd check on the egg. I've been doing that, ever since she told the others that she wasn't putting it in the communal nest. Well, somebody has to. Anyway, I just went to check, and...well, the egg had clearly been moved. Instead of being in the nest, it was lying on the ground next to it. Almost as if someone had started to carry it off, but were disturbed by my approach. I made sure that the egg was okay, then put it back in the nest. Just hope that she doesn't notice anything amiss...
  18. Dear diary: Humph. My first egg is a Neotropical. Of course, my mate is extremely proud. From all the noise he was making, you'd have thought that he'd laid it himself! ...I wanted it to be a Hellfire, like me. I've been told that I may produce them in the future, but that doesn't really help. Even so, I refuse to put it in the communal nest. You never know what kind of bugs those hatchlings might have. No, I shall hatch this, and any subsequent eggs, by myself. I don't need any help. The one good thing about this is that Aquila Solaris just about exploded with jealously when she heard. Heh. At least my first egg is still alive, instead of being killed by a failed Vampire bite. She'd been lording (ladying?) it over me anyway, just because she'd bred her first egg before me. Beyond This Illusion
  19. I name all of my dragons. Lately though, I've been having trouble thinking up names, but I usually come up with something, even if it isn't very good.
  20. Daer Diary: Purples can be males now? Weren't there male purples before? I'm only a hatchling--Idon't understand things like this! This new clan seems nice anyway. Noisy, but nice. Glitched Double Dorkface
  21. Mystic-Soliloquy That's mine.
  22. I've named a few more CAPTCHA dragons. Captcha Foolish Friend Dorkface Captcha The Evener Captcha Zoning Loopier
  23. Introducing Captcha Frosty Tary Dorkface
  24. Dear diary, Having to look after five eggs and three hatchlings is tiring. Even more so, considering that the hatchlings are active during the day, while I'm not. It's easier at night, but I do have to watch out for Kaempferia, one of my kin. Dancing Arya, the Pink who used to be the Clan's scribe has vanished. It seems that none of the others know why. From what I've heard, they woke up one morning, and she'd gone. To this day, we don't know why. I believe that a few of the younger ones still hope that she'll come back. I, on the other hand, don't think she will. Ridiculous Mort Dorkface
  25. I've named three more Captcha dragons. Captcha Cruise Howell Captcha The Stoney Captcha Cavet About