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  1. Thanks, guys! The kind words are certainly appreciated. And this is the last original piece for this year (I think): "Mercy", featuring Lobo from DC Comics. I have a lingering soft spot for the Justice League-era version of Lobo, who was notorious for despising every other form of life in the universe -- except his "fishies", who he loved and tended with endless devotion. (One sure way to sign your own death warrant was to harm or kill a space dolphin under this assassin's protection: Lobo was relentless, impervious to any form of attack, and unerringly lethal.)
  2. Well, it's almost time for the local yearly sci-fi convention once again... and therefore, time for new art! A Torchwood piece: "Angel of Death" An Iron Man piece: "Lingua Technica" And a general science fiction piece: "A Wing and A Prayer"
  3. And there are a lot of abusers out there who have a lot invested in gaslighting their victims. Telling someone that being offended when they've been attacked/oppressed is THEIR fault is typical behaviour from people who want to get away with the attacking and oppressing. It's a blatant silencing technique, which completely invalidates the pain or upset of the person who's been hurt.
  4. So, you're suggesting that living women should have less rights than corpses? In our culture we're not allowed to take organs from a corpse to save the life of someone else, if that corpse, as a living person, did not indicate that they were willing to have their body used in that fashion. To say that a living woman should be forced to carry a child to term -- with all the numerous physical risks, including fatal ones, that go along with it -- is to accord that woman less rights than a dead body.
  5. Fertility doctor's son who poisoned pregnant girlfriend with pill 'because he was in love with another woman' is jailed for 14 years - John Welden of Tampa, Florida gave his ex-girlfriend Remee Jo Lee pills and told her they were antibiotics - but they induced an abortion - He gave her the pills 'because he was worried about his other girlfriend finding out about the pregnancy' - Welden's father is prominent Tampa fertility doc Dr. Stephen Welden, whose signature Welden forged to get the drugs Any thoughts?
  6. That you're even willing to joke about the real oppression and misery of countless women speaks volumes. Thanks for trolling, though! I'm done talking to you.
  7. The irony of someone who (by virtue of their biological sex) benefits from institutionalized sexism presuming to tell us "silly wimminz" that sexism doesn't exist, or that rape culture isn't in play... *coughs* I'm gonna go make popcorn. Anybody want some?
  8. Also, re: the Pill, gotta point out that certain prescription meds, over-the-counter meds, and herbal remedies interfere with how well it works, AND that the Pill can affect how other meds work. I can't take the Pill because when I do, it knocks out the effects of my antidepressant meds. (Good thing I got my tubes tied, eh? )
  9. "Standard female"? Wow, it's like a hat trick of suck: sexist, stereotyping AND erasing entire huge areas of women's collective experiences. ~Removed as the quote is from a user here~
  10. Considering you put the warning at the VERY END OF YOUR POST, it's a little bit late...
  11. Personally I think that if you don't possess a uterus, you have no business sticking your nose into female reproductive policy, because you have no stake in the laws involved.
  12. A POV supported by the observation that many so-called "pro-lifers" (at least in my experience) completely lose interest in the fetus after it's born, and in fact support politicians who want to cut social services programs that make life better for children. IMO if you call yourself "pro-life" and you don't support measures to help mothers and babies who have been successfully born, you're a big fat hypocrite.
  13. Whoa, I missed this on the first go-round. That's about as far from a helpful attitude as I can conceive. The decision to have an abortion is (in my experience) never easy or casual. The last thing people with uteruses need is some "friend" making a difficult process even worse by cheerfully saying "Yeah, you messed up, and it's a GOOD thing that you're suffering! Now let's go get waffles!"
  14. What's with the quotation marks, now? That's rather insulting.
  15. Pregnancy isn't just something you go through for nine months and "get on with your life". Pregnancy can be three-quarters of a year of emotional and physical Hell. It can wreck your health, it can upset your mental and emotional processes to a dramatic degree... and there's the matter of A BABY AT THE END OF IT. In our society, nobody can be compelled to donate an organ to help out someone else who's organs are failing. Even corpses are protected in this regard. Anyone who claims that a person with a uterus MUST carry a child if they become pregnant is, in my opinion, asserting that people with uteruses, by virtue of having uteruses, automatically possess less rights than a corpse.
  16. Do you honestly believe that ANYBODY in the modern world (with access to the Internet) has NOT heard about Christianity and the Christian God? In which case, it's not like these sigs are mentioning something that any reader hasn't been aware of for quite some time. So, what's to be curious about? If Christianity were a minority religion or its members suffered systemic persecution in most parts of the world, I could see where a sig would be a way for Christians to reach out to each other and encourage each other, or to work at banishing misconceptions about their faith. As it stands... they're in a position of dominance and power, and posts like "Stand up for God, fellow Christians!" can come across as a tad overbearing to those of other faiths (or to atheists and agnostics), especially when some of us have seen Christian pride take the form of spreading lies about other faiths, or even resorting to physical violence.
  17. What really gets my goat is that to the anti-choicers, fetuses aren't people either -- not after they're born. After they're born, children become objects of absolutely zero interest to the extremists who did everything in their power to make sure that those children were brought into the world, even against the wishes of the mother. In the womb? OMG THE POOR BABIEZ! Out of the womb? TOO BAD YOU'RE POOR AND UNWANTED, NO SOCIAL SERVICES OR SUPPORT PROGRAMS FOR YOU!!!
  18. *raises hand* Agreed. Saying "Gay people are sooooo cool, they're [insert quality here] WHICH IS BECAUSE THEY'RE GAY!" is, IMO, ignoring the individuality of specific people who happen to be gay and might be very much NOT like the quality which was just mentioned. I'm sure Sea_Kitty meant no harm or disrespect, but perhaps she should be aware that some LGBTA people (including myself) are sensitive to being treated as stereotypes rather than as individuals.
  19. Around here, write-outs are writing get-togethers organized by non-MLs, usually at libraries and coffee shops. We're having two of them a week in my home city, in addition to the official weekly write-ins. In other news... SCRIVENER!!! I officially LOVE YOU and WANT TO HAVE YOUR DATA-BABIES, because even though I was an idiot and saved over the current version of my NaNo novel with an older version, thus losing 2000+ words, YOU BACK YOURSELF UP REGULARLY and it only took me five minutes to figure out how to restore from a backup, thus regaining all my hard work! BLESS YOUUUUUUUU, YOU GORGEOUS HUNK OF PROGRAMMING! *passionate kisses of gratitude*
  20. Well, I've won a sticker on my membership badge (our MLs put them together every year and hand them out to participants) both for attending a write-out and hosting one. Yay! And, up until yesterday (when a burst of exhaustion laid me flat) I was a bit ahead of the writing curve. If I can write 2000 words today (both this morning and at this evening's write-out) and another 1500 words tomorrow, I'll be all caught up again and even have a few words extra. To others on the thread: do you take part in write-ins and write-outs in your local community, or do you wish you could?
  21. My first 1677 words are in the can. It's the first chapter, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out -- writing it brought a lot of things into focus for me in terms of how my utopia-that's-actually-a-dystopia universe is going to work. So yay! http://nanowrimo.org/participants/prairiec...novels/hateseed
  22. I am a Type II diabetic, and I approve this message.
  23. Actually, people believe a lot of stupid things about getting pregnant -- you can't get pregnant if it's your first time, you can't get pregnant in the "doggy style" position, or if you use Coca Cola afterwards, etc. Blame poor sex education for that one, and parents who either don't care or are too ashamed to talk about the subject. And there are plenty of developmentally challenged people who would indeed have a hard time understanding the matter, thank you.
  24. The government trampled all over the civil rights of the woman in question, in order to keep her pregnant. In other words, the "right" of her fetus, which is only a potential life at best, trumped her actual life, and her rights as a free citizen of her country. If you don't see the problem with that, I honestly don't know what else to say.