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  1. Thanks for the reminder - still at it. Time to reappreciate those pretty new dragons. ETA: Done! Several refusals and no interest, but I sent about 40 eggs to the AP. And now I'm going to breed some Valentinekin.
  2. Great idea, count me in! A reminder would be appreciated.
  3. Lovely new dragon, and I really enjoy the Advent Calendar - many thanks to everyone involved!
  4. Great, this looks like fun, thank you! Merry Christmas, everyone!
  5. Sheesh, I accidentally caught another jungle egg, but actually wanted a desert egg. The good thing is they are still there.
  6. That was one of my favourites, thank you! 💜
  7. Happy Halloween and thank you for the new drags. Haven't caught any yet, but there's still plenty of time. ETA: Uh, what happened to my sig? All the images are gone. 😞
  8. Same here. Just disgusting. Bye.
  9. Impossible to catch with 150+ people in the biome.
  10. Very pretty eggs and hatchlings, thank you!
  11. How do you know they are randomly selected? Has this been officially confirmed?
  12. How are the winners selected? Does it matter whether you enter the raffle early or late or how many required dragons you raise above the minimum?
  13. Jungle and desert ones were easy to catch. Now for some pygmies...
  14. You're entitled to your opinion, just as I am to mine. I rarely criticise anything here, but I don't think destroying other people's creations is fun. And I also disagree with what you say about DC in general. But my opinion is not welcome, so I'll shut up. Merry Christmas.
  15. I didn't say war on Christmas, please don't misquote me. I know it's not an actual war, but it's definitely not a friendly snowball fight - we actually have to destroy other people's creations in this game, and I don't like that.
  16. Sigh. This game is not my cup of tea. There aren't enough resources to build anything substantial and the little I've built is destroyed more often than I can repair it. Plus I think we shouldn't get something called "war" for Christmas, it's just not appropriate. I'd really have preferred another chapter of Valkemarian tales. Or anything else that is more creative than destructive. Better luck next year, I hope.
  17. Er, I'm afraid I don't understand the game. There were 10 snow elements so I built a wall. Looks tiny and insignificant. Now what?
  18. Happy Holidays, everyone! And thank you, TJ and spriters, for the pretty eggs and the event!
  19. Fantastic! Love the colours and the poses and all the little details. Very refreshing design, we could use more dragons like that. Some interesting breeding options as well... Again, many thanks to all involved!
  20. So beautiful and colourful, like a promise of Christmas! Can't wait to see the adults, and I agree, we should be able to freeze those pretty eggs. Great job, TCA, thank you!
  21. How cute! These guys look really interesting, love the hatching sequence! Now to get some of my own... Happy Halloween, everyone!
  22. Is anything wrong with the Halloween biome? No new eggs. 😞
  23. Apart from the scarcity of the Omen wyrms, I'm really enjoying this Halloween Event. Bred the first batch of my Halloweens and caught some pretties in the AP. The story is wonderful - played it twice so far, tried out different things and had a lot of fun! Haven't collected all the treats yet, but I will, there's plenty of time left. As usual, I don't get all the references, but never mind, they all look great! My favourites so far are the pumpkins, the crows and the little green dragons. And of course the cats. 😺 😸 😻 So as always, many thanks to everyone involved - great job, you outdid yourselves! Now where are those elusive Omen wyrms...??
  24. Same here, friend, I've been trying to catch one for days, but nothing doing. I rarely see them, and no matter how quickly I click them, I'm always too late. I second that!