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  1. How disappointing - I had been looking forward to that one as well. Ok, back to collecting old treats, then - some very few missing from 2012, and then on to 2010!
  2. If you messed up that badly, only TJ can help. Unless coins are regenerated overnight.
  3. That's fine, thank you. I guess I need more patience, lol. No badge yet, maybe after the first successful harvest Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the treats.
  4. Thanks, they are fully watered all the time. Do you know how long a crop takes?
  5. Still waiting for my parsnips to grow up. How many hours does that take? Do all plants need the same time to grow? I really like the spooky farm, but I wish there was more "action"...
  6. ^^Loved that map! Uh, how long do these parsnips take to grow up?
  7. What a gorgeous divider we got this year - fantastic job, spriter! Looking forward to new treats and new dragons!
  8. Thank you, Kelkelen, that's really helpful! Like some others, I'm getting a lot of error messages from the cave - abandoned page, biomes, individual dragon pages. Hope this will be fixed soon.
  9. Exactly my thoughts... Happy birthday, DC.
  10. Spike at the tip of its tail?
  11. Got my eggs - full-hour drops were much more efficient than 5-minute drops. Good luck to everyone still hunting! Hatchies look super cute - good thing we were warned about those teeth. ;) Looking forward to the adults, many thanks to everyone involved!
  12. ^^ Ha, that's a reference I actually got! But who knows what inspired the Ark creators, maybe it was indeed the Dark Crystal.
  13. Caught 40 eggs so far, which is more than I expected on the first day. So some time tomorrow, I'll start collecting old eggs. I'm so happy we get the opportunity to do so! For me, the best thing is getting a new banner - they look so cool!
  14. ^^Yes, some eggs look more like Halloween treats.
  15. The parrot is a new egg that happened to sit at the top of your basket. 😉
  16. Oh wow, thanks for the list, Sheriziya! I started in 2014, not sure if I will be able to get all previous eggs this time...
  17. Woohoo, great news, thank you! Happy Easter, everyone!
  18. As usual, I don't see the need for updating sprites, unless they are really wonky or broken. Especially the he Lacula looked great before the update, and I don't like the new version. At all. Like Sakuhanas, they are comparatively recent dragons, so I don't understand why an update should have been necessary so soon after their release. I do understand the wish for updating Thunders and Magis, though, and I think the new versions look good (didn't mind the old ones, though). The new Snows look pretty as well. What I like about DC is that there are so many different styles of dragons. I do not like all of them, but I appreciate the different artistic approaches and efforts. Trying to streamline the sprites is no improvement IMO. But we've had this discussion before, so I won't elaborate.
  19. Right now, the AP is full of boring eggs of just two species. So how exactly did the changes improve the situation?
  20. I like the AP around Valentine's Day.
  21. Thanks for the colour info! Well, let's wait for the adults. Maybe they have another BSA to counteract everything else. <g>
  22. I didn't follow the colour discussion - is it true that BSAs change the eggs or is it speculation?
  23. I like the 2 non-existing eggs.
  24. Hm... I was ready for a new release, but the new breeds don't wow me - so far. But I'll reserve judgment until I've seen the adults. Anyway, many thanks to everyone involved!