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  1. I need an Influence! Influencing Subject: https://dragcave.net/lineage/0WaeI What Gender the Egg Should Be: Male Payment Offered [ if any ]: Feel free to take a peek through my scroll! PM me if you're someone who's looking for lineage ideas because I have plenty of those. I also have rares/holidays/thuweds/etc. Message Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=210563 Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/Shirley393 Who's influencing for you?: water_angel Influence Report! water_angel influenced an Ice Dragon to be male for navimei!
  2. Gifting: 2g Linseyre from Linseyre X Pyro gone! 2g Tercorn from Aegis X Tercorn gone! 2g Candelabra from Candelabra X Pyro 2g Bolt from Aegis X Bolt gone! 2g Mageia from Mageia X Leodon (please offer a magi hatchling/low-time egg! I'm trying to give away a bunch of eggs but unfortunately I'm running out of magis It would be nice if you could send over multiple magis but i'm just taking the first offer!) Please reply if you take either because I'm curious as to where these babies will end up Some of the parents are not named yet because I'm incredibly behind on that but I promise they will have names! Please also name your babies if you take them!
  3. don't have too much of the new releases since i'm a returning player from a longgg hiatus but just sent 10 eggs to the AP
  4. is anyone else’s snow fort refusing to load and crashing? i’m on mobile and the page simply crashes when i try to access it. high traffic maybe?
  5. Have: 2g aegis from aegis x pillow with name code “gZiHa” Want: autos: - 2019 cb christmas dragon with nice code (name, all caps, all numbers, etc.) - 2g gaia from male gaia x female silver lunar herald - 2g yellow xyu from female bolt x male yellow xyu others: - any nice 3g+ lineages, i will be considering *will be taking down when timer reaches 2 days* *offer away or pm if you want negotiate something!*
  7. *swipes Hexakosioihexekontahexa'phobia* Honestly... That is an amazing name.
  8. The eggs are beautiful, TJ09! Thank you for the June Release!
  9. *swipes entire scroll*
  10. *is currently trying to scream with frustration at not being able to clip audio "just right"*
  11. Dragnilu mistook a stuffed mouse for a real one and ate it.
  12. I triumph for the first time.
  13. Sacramento, California, United States
  14. I want to sign up! Forum name: Skyfire Scroll name: Shirley393 Wishlist: 1. CB Gaia 2. 3G checkerTinsel (any) 3. CB Chrono 4. CB Silver 5.CB Copper 6. Clean Neglected Breeding abilities: I'm able to breed zigzag Tinsel lineage, 2g Thalassa and Pyro, many other checkers. I also have a small variety of 3G tinselfails to breed. Alt Undines can be bred, if they don't turn out to be alt, I can trade you another until you get an alt. Most common to uncommon I can breed. Catching abilities: I'm pretty good at catching Xenos and Dinos. I seem to be a bit slow on catching Nebulas, though. Trading abilities: I can breed 2g GW X Undine and many 2g dragons.
  15. Amsterdam, Holland ((Or is it the Netherlands? Are they interchangeable? Someone, please inform this ignorant soul. .<.
  16. CB Dusky's Nightmare Nyx Nyx is already a scary Greek Goddess, but a NIGHTMARE Nyx, O>O
  17. New York City, New York
  18. Keep: Hellfire Abandon: Hellhorse Kill: Falconiform Gaia Xeno, Chrono Xeno, Thalassa Xeno