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 i am currently working on a gaia x lunar checker and a bolt x yellow zyu reverse stair so offer me bloodswaps (does not have to be of the same gen) or cbs! i'm willing to breed/catch whatever in exchange. just dm me!

i also hoard tercorns (cb/clean-lineaged) only! dm for trade!  

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    ○ red dragons (lineage and gender doesn't matter!)
    ○ magi dragons (i love dropping things into the community notice board but unfortunately i don't have enough magis to make that happen all the time!)
    - thank to Classycal for the gift of magi hatchlings! it is was a really nice surprise. :)
    ○ aeon wyvern

    ○ gaia xenos

    ○ silver lunar heralds

    ○ yellow zyus

    ○ bolts

    ○ nice color-coordinated lineages of starsingers, aegis, OR solstices x any breed

    ○ red, blue, and purple dinos (lost whoever helped me out with my green and yellow :( but thank you so much kind stranger!)

    ○ gosh i would flip out if someone gifted me an nd (thank you shadowdrake for my first one!)