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    ~~~ My Wantlist ~~~

    ~~~ Pending IOUs others owe to me ~~~

    ~~~ Completed IOUs that others owed to me ~~~
    4 Random Hatchlings of Blue/Purple/Green Nebula from Dark_Angel12345
    5 CB Green Coppers from Sinion Kabe

    ~~~ Pending IOUs that I owe to others ~~~

    ~~~ Completed IOUs that I owed to others ~~~
    CB Xenowyrm Chrono to angelicdragonpuppy
    2G Moonstone from Sweetling to Singalana
    2G Silver from Sweetling to Xenolion
    Dino Set to Xtals
    2G Silver Lunar from '09 to Xtals
    2G Gaia from '09 to Xtals
    2G Gaia from Sweetling to Xtals x2
    2G Magi from '09 to harlequinraven
    CB Will-Gender ND to GoldGryphon x2
    CB Will-Gender ND to fan138 x2
    2G Holiday-kins to olympe x8