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qmG1yed.pngSrmW8ld.png (For Breed Request sheet, click the pink egg) Both eggs in my signature were designed by myself ~ Proud owner of King Of The Pumpkinpatch (CB 2017)


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    (Important Note! I have REALLY severe social anxiety so the best way to reach me is via PM, thank-you for your understanding ^.^')

    I will breed any dragons on my scroll for free, but mutually agreed upon trades are always appreciated, just click the form link in my signature. ^-^

    Other Interests; Animals, Genetics, Drawing, Cooking, Anime/Manga, Walking...basic stuff really.

    I.O.U Terms
    Any egg bred or caught by myself can/will be held up to 4 days. No later. After the expiry of this time frame; the contract of I.O.U between myself and the client will be null and void if unclaimed.

    In special cases (i.e Holidays, Unbreedables, etc); I am willing to surrender an egg on the basis that the I.O.U is fulfilled within the agreed time or interest will be added for every week that the return remains incomplete. (Similar conditions will be met accordingly should I find myself incapable of keeping my end of the trade). In the event an I.O.U remains unfulfilled; said user will be publicly blacklisted.

    Before entering into a contract of I.O.U; please take into account your ability to catch the species asked of you.

    Ongoing I.O.Us

    Breeding Terms
    I will breed anything on my scroll for free, but waiting list rules do apply.

    *If you would like to offer something in exchange for your egg; I am more than happy to send a list of the dragons I'm currently looking for.*

    Please refrain from asking any questions in regards to what dragons I am able to breed; such information can be found by clicking on my stats bar, or the appropriate link located in my forum signature.

    ~~~~~Other Stuff~~~~~
    •I will never freeze or kill any gifts I receive from others unless I have express permission to do so. Equally, will never make a gift part of a Neglected Project. I will however, regift anything I don't presently have any use for.

    •All my dragons are entered onto a database (my checklist) so I can keep track of them. I will not register their offspring onto this list unless I intend to keep them. (Note that this data will eventually be made public once it is somewhere in its final stages of development).

    •Please feel free to make use of my Breed Request list (you can find this by clicking on the relevant link in my signature). This list has all the pairs which are currently available for breeding but you will have to tell me, in some cases, what kind of egg you'd like (mostly only applies to non Purebred pairs). If a dragon is marked 'Unavailable' with 'NEM' in its notes; feel free to suggest a mate for it and I will get right on it.