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  1. Very sad. It is a shame that the child was blamed. I mean... that seems wrong to me. It is hardly a little boy's fault that his father is a manipulative jerk. Yet HE ends up being the one to pay the price, along with his mom. Like I said, very sad.
  2. I caught a pretty Stairstep Silver with Cavern Lurkers on the AP. I was actually surprised I was able to get it and someone else didn't grab the pretty shiny egg first.
  3. Very sad. I currently have a dead egg on my scroll thanks to one of my Non-Montague vampires. Bad vampie.
  4. That is the trouble a lot of people would have with raising their own meat, I think; to say nothing of the fact that there are, I am sure, plenty of people who wouldn't have any idea how to begin. Don't get me wrong, it sounds like a wonderful thing; but it is a lot more difficult in practice.
  5. I'd like to take this. I do intend to name all of my dragons, and many of mine are named already, though I don't always come up with a good name immediately. I do make it a goal of mine and USUALLY they get a name once they are gendered; just...on some of them I am SLOW. I, Silverswift, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  6. And I have a male and female of each. :3 I Can't wait for them to grow up.
  7. All very excellent points. The thing with an animal Carnivore... they do what they must to survive and , honestly, their bodies are geared to utilize meat. This is what bothers me about people that try to put their pet cat, for example, on a vegetarian diet. It just doesn't work and it is... sort of unfair to the animal.
  8. Althopugh ROBINS to chirp. AND this is a spring release. A robin drake, perhaps?
  9. My eggs all have great big holes in them. ^.^ Can't wait til they hatch!
  10. I have also heard that the Kobe cattle are given alcohol as well. Is that true?
  11. Me neither! The coastal ones are very pretty so far, though.
  12. YES! Caught two of each kind... thanks TJ. I am excited to see what these hatch into!
  13. Doesn't that depend on how rare the dragons are supposed to be?
  14. I have an update! Update: Gifted to peterpan3112 Dragon: Countess Mina of Montague's First Offspring
  15. Bumping this question since it seems it got missed. ALSO, very interesting ideas, Bacon and Pie. * Been stalking this*
  16. Something more on-topic to the thread is something I have wondered about. I have heard some people argue that in some of the passages in the new testament, where it appears in the English to condemn homosexuality and is interpreted that way by some, that that is a misinterpretation do to a lack of equivalent words in languages. What I have heard goes that BASICALLY in Roman times ( when the NT of the Bible was primarily written) it was fairly common for masters to expect sex from their slaves...regardless of the slave's orientation or preference on the matter, and that this was at least partly a 'dominance' thing... for lack of a better way to describe it. As a slave, you had no real right to consent or refuse and basically it would amount to rape since the slave didn't have any choice. The theory I have heard is that it was this, a sort of sexual abuse of slaves, rather than an actual consensual relationship, that is being condemned in those passages. Hope this attempt at explanation doesn't fail horribly. I was wondering what everyone's take on that interpretation is.
  17. This... is actually a good question. I have HEARD of Kobe beef, but I am honestly not sure what is true and what is rumor.
  18. *Phew* That should give me a few days to raise the eggs and hatchies I have. PROVIDED I can keep from grabbing more in the mean time.
  19. Anyone know when the new release is supposed to be?
  20. I honestly wish there was more awareness of Asexuality. People in general are very ignorant about the idea, or that has been my experience. Seems like most people are very quick to assume that such a thing isn't even possible, or that you have a sad and depressing life if you don't ever have sex. Or worse, that there must be something WRONG with you somehow because you don't want it or don't care about it. Even though I believe I may be one myself I didn't even know it was a thing until after I had graduated from COLLEGE. It was incredibly awkward at times as a teenager realizing I was different somehow from my classmates and NOT having the slightest idea why. I happened to stumble across the concept of Asexuality on the internet and was like... "Wow, that sounds like it could be me. I am not alone." I had heard of the possibility of being gay or lesbian or bi but NEVER of the fact that there are others out there not interested in sex at all, or interested in it with only a person they have a a relationship with already. Seriously though, it seems like there is something wrong that I never even heard of it. Sorry, rant over. Those are just some peeves of mine.
  21. I guess as i see it, if an egg I breed autoabandons, talking of rarer stuff here, well, it sort of gives the newbies a chance at something they might have a hard time getting otherwise.
  22. TJ is no doubt laughing at all of the April Fools chaos he has created.
  23. Yes, being aware of where your food comes from is a healthy thing; something that I feel may be more rare than it used to be. Seems like there is more ignorance about exactly that sort of thing with fewer people being directly involved in raising the plants and animals intended for food. My mom grew up on a farm and her family were by no means rich so... we tended to waste very little food, and even now I try to avoid wasting it whenever possible. In that respect I understand what you are saying.