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  1. Me too. I agree that they put me in mind of cats! These guys are LOVELY. May have to catch more of these pretties...especially if these keep their promise as adults.
  2. This is a point AS... I am not SURE what their baseline rarity is supposed to be. ( AND I do know that MINE can be a lot of FAIL dragons, sometimes, when it comes to biting. ) So clearly some ratio applies to them, also!
  3. Agreed, I would LOVE this way of handlign it.AFTER all, we are more likely to get zombies that day... and zombies appear on our scrolls, too. Vamps in the cave would give it a spooky flavor!
  4. They originally WERE a halloween release. Trouble is that a vampire can bite an egg at ANY time of year( unlike the rest of the holiday breeds which have a limited breeding season to 'reproduce after their kind'). Hence, as I understand,t hey are DIFFERENT from the Halloweens and NOT considered one of them anymore. 'Bitten' vampires', then, can be found at any time of year as when a vampire bites there is a chance that even IF the egg turns it will be kicked to the AP. The closest you can GET is a CB egg of some other breed turned vampire. Difficult yes,
  5. Some of that ought to change, IMO. Like... IF a woman can get an abortion on the grounds that it is her body and she should be able to do what she wants to with it, WHY shouldn't the same logic apply here. Inconsistent IF you ask me. As I said, I personally think that the situations that lead to abortions are tragic at best and would prefer to see ways of reducing the perceived need for them.
  6. I have been having DECENT luck with my catching now that the initial craze has died down. I managed to catch another pair of CB graves, another pair of CB Caligenes, two more female CB Witchlights, a pair of CB pumkins ( which I missed out on last year!) AND... the Male CB Cavern Lurker I have been hoping for since one of my CBs LAST halloween season misgendered on me! No Omen Wyrms, bred or CB, this year though... but I wasn't as focused on getting those.
  7. Frankly @HeatherMarie , what I would PREFER, in a case like yours, is for someone who knows that they never, EVER want a pregnancy and that one will only EVER result in an abortion, to be able to decide to have a procedure that would permanently prevent that.( AND yes, I realize that there are potential issues of people changing their mind AND that often docs are too afraid of a law suite to allow it... at needs to change , IMHO) I suspect that knowing it CAN'T happen, or at least that it is extremely unlikely would add greatly to such a woman's peace of mind and mental health. I don't really
  8. Well, and I DID say the situation needs to be handled carefully. I am not sure that FORCING someone to listen to the heartbeat is the answer. Giving them the option to, yes, I'd be all in favor of that. Forcing it? No. I am willing to admit that IF someone has already made the decision that probably isn't going to change it.
  9. Happy Halloween to me! I managed to catch a couple more CBs! AND I managed to snag a few pretty bred eggs so! Locked now so time to hatch some before I head back out for more. ALSO the weeping angel treat is cute!
  10. Support! I wouldn't mind being able to explore further and see if I can find the stuff I missed.
  11. This. I would have LURVED a chance at a CB vampire or two of my very own! Any one esle having absolutely ZEROluck at all catching CB s in the Biome, right now. I keep trying but FAILING epically to get anything I go for.
  12. I think @olympe makes a valid point here, @HeatherMarie. As even YOU point out, an abortion IS a very serious decision, WHATEVER your reasons for deciding. The very fact that the issue IS so hotly debated proves that it is COMPLICATED and fraught with emotion ( Whatever your stand on it)... should we be surprised if some women at least ( not necessarily all) have regrets or second thoughts about their choice? Isn't that part of the responsibility that comes with making choices? WHY is pointing out that those feelings MIGHT arise (And they might) necessarily 'shaming'. ( THOUGH I wi
  13. Just a few more minutes tl DC midnight! I have been really HOPING for more chances at CBs!
  14. This. I don't MIND so much placing my usual entry by doing things I would be doing anyway...BUT paying shards for extra entries, I dunno, it'd feel a BIT like buying a lottery ticket to me ( Which I don't DO because I feel pretty sure the odds are 'not in my favor')... giving up something DEFINITE for NO guarantee of winning. To add to that, also agreed with those that point out there would be likely frustration from those that DID dump a bunch of shards on the raffle and come up with nothing to show for it. I would be more in favor of INCREASING the number of winners drawn, OR per
  15. This. Very MUCH this. ( THOUGH I am HOPEFUL for a return of the Holiday Biome!) AND I would say this goes ESPECIALLY if the holiday biome is to be an established 'thing'. Because here is the thing! If holiday dragons have their OWN special biome... why NOT their own SPECIAL AP? The beauty of it? A person could then hunt holidays IF they wished.... or ordinary eggs if they had no interest in them.... or EVEN a combination! It would allow players more possibilities and options which can ONLY be a good thing. So, in short, I support a holiday AP to
  16. Cis-gender person of the Female Variety, here.
  17. Oh! O.o I had NO idea! Thank you @DragonLady86
  18. OK, I am unsure HOW big a problem this is for the majority of players BUT I thought that I would pitch this suggestion and see how it flies. What I would like is something BIGGER than that tiny little box we get for editing and writing our dragon descriptions. These are longer than our dragons' names, naturally.... so WHY do the boxes need to be so small? it makes it HARD to look for typos and grammar issues and such. I don't recall that it USED to be so tiny? AND Mind you this is on a desktop computer I am talking about ( It may NEED to be smaller on a mobile devise , for all I kn
  19. I surely WOULD have reported them... if I could have figured out how.
  20. *Sigh* Something is BOTHERING me and I need to 'get it off my chest'. Yesterday I was playing online chess, as I often enough do...so nothing unusual there. The trouble IS that the other player it pulled up as my opponent? Well, turns out they wanted to 'chat.' NOW normally i don't chat much while playing chess... I find it somewhat distracting and would prefer to focus on the game itself...anyway MOST aren't that chatty either. AT said, I am not necessarily ABSOLUTELY opposed to a quick,' Oh, Hi' , 'good move' or such as that. The trouble
  21. Valid point. The dragons I have purchased in the Market ( AND I have bought a few ) Are ALL clearly marked as such if ypouy look at their pages. I assume that a Prize purchased in market would be the same.
  22. This... is a fair point.I mean... NO dragon is gonna be EVERYONE's thing. There are always SOME who aren't as pleased with a new release as are others. Just a fact of being an artist, I think. AT said, I DO get the point about pygmies being more difficult to do WELL because of their small size.
  23. Ah! But IF they were Plover dragons...wouldn't they be found MAINLY in the Coastal biome? ( As plovers are primarily shore birds, AFAIK?)
  24. It does! I already stocked on FIVE of their adorable little eggies! Two pair plus one! AND I grabbed a pair of gusties, too, so as for me I am happily locked with brand neweggies for the moment.... or not QUITE!
  25. This... is an interesting point! I mean.... IF there are laws governing the treatment of animals raised on farms( For eggs, milk OR meat!) WHY would those same laws NOT apply to a farm that raised animals for their fur? Doesn't make sense to me, QUITE aside from the argument over the ethics of using fur. AND I agree with what @RubyEyes said about it getting people to talking and thinking about it. I want to think the discussion CAN be a healthy one.