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  1. That is the thing... no one knows. Scept maybe TJ and he isn't telling just yet.
  2. * Nods* I have wondered that myself. WHICH is why i am a little loathe to draw conclusions until TJ says for sure.
  3. THAT... would be a lot of chickens. O.o
  4. I wonder... is there a general agreement on how old is old enough for ' the talk'? I got 'the talk' from my mom when I was seven, if I recall. Primarily because at that time she was pregnant with my baby sister and... it sort of brought up the questions you might expect from an inquisitive child-where do babies come from and all of that.
  5. That... is the question on everyone's mind, this morning, i do believe. I haven't made up my own mind, either, to be honest. Part of me is skeptical cus it is April Fools Day... but we will see what comes of it. i am trying to hold off judgement for the time being.
  6. I know what you mean. I went on her and was like... Oh, cool, nope... its April Fools. Would be awsome if it was for real, though.
  7. Well, my Montague egg has sucessfully hatched. Now for it to grow up.
  8. Thanks for clearing up my confusion on the matter, Tazzay.
  9. So... a person could be gender neutral, to a degree, even if they identified as one gender or the other if they simply didn't care? If their gender wasn't that big a deal to them?
  10. I hate to sound ignorant but... can someone please explain the difference between gender neutral and androgynous? To my mind they sound pretty similar; although I am sure there are shades of meaning there that I am missing. If someone could clear that up for me, I'd appreciate it. Again, sorry if that question comes cross as ignorant and thanks for your patience with it.
  11. Yes, of course I like cheese. The area where I am from is known for its cheese making. ANYWAY, my favorites tend to be the sharper kinds, like a good Parmesan or a aged cheddar. NEVER tried blue cheese, but... something seems wrong, to my mind, with eating moldy cheese. Just me, though... TO each their own.
  12. One Third Generation Montague Egg Received. March really must be the Montague's month cus if this egg survives, they will have captured some 'new territory' for themselves, won't they.
  13. It kidn of annoys me, too, Sci; except that many times that sort of school has dress codes. I can't say for a fact that that was the case here but... if it was shouldn't she, and her guardians, have KNOWN what was considered proper attire for class? If it wasn't well, then i am inclined to agree with you there. I am not saying the school was right just... i'd like more info before judging.
  14. Wasn't sure... I knew from the thread that you couldn't have BOTH Montagues and Capulets on your scroll. Maybe while Montagues look down on other vampires, so long as said other vampires hate Capulets as much as they do they tolerate them?
  15. Well, i signed up for an egg so... I am all good then. AND I will keep the vampie I have already. Maybe. I have the option if I wish.
  16. True... which is why I am leaning toward the option I mentioned in my last post. I dunno when an eggie would be available... Come to think of it, I could even do as PinkGothic has done and assume he is allied somehow with the Montagues.
  17. ACTUALLY. After doing some thinking on it I'd almost be inclined to release the vampire I currently have and... sign up to adopt a Montague. I want to participate! Forum Name: JavaTiger Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/JavaTiger Clan: Montague Preferred Method of Contact: PM works I will also be stalking this Thread
  18. WELL... Unfortunately neither of mine would be originals. I wasn't even ON Dragoncave at the time vampires were released if I remember right. On the other hand... I could always just adopt a Montague or Capulet or several, I suppose. Either way this looks like a lot of fun!
  19. Posting Here with a question and a request. As much as I'd love to adopt a Montague or a Capulet, my own vamps wouldn't get along with them, I think. My scroll is already home to a vampire or two, you see. I am posting in here for a very different reason. I wish to inquire about the possibility of working my vamps in as a 'house' in their own right... alongside the Capulets and Montagues. I'd love to see my vampies' descendants become something similar and wondered if your project would be able to help me with it? So, advice, assistance and whatnot would be very much appreciated.
  20. I am sort of middle of the road, I think. I know they are just pixels, but I like to let my imagination play with it. I try to avoid inbreeding because I find the idea... icky... and I will usually toss an egg back on the AP if I see it is inbred. Other than that, I breed what I please because I like to see my dragons' babies on other people's scrolls; ESPECIALLY if the new owner names them. This goes double for the nice stuff I have, like my golds and my tinsel and my shimmers. I like to name my dragons... though I don't have names for all of mine yet; and I like to describe them. I don't usually KILL dragons, though I may decide to release them. I haven't tried for a neglected, though that may be a thing I do at some point. I TRY to avoid using earthquake for the simple reason that I would feel bad if I had something good and it ran away or, heaven forbid, died. I confess that I DO let my vamps bite. THOUGH, the dead egg if it failed would bother me, and I usually take eggs from the AP... I assume no one minds what happens to those or they wouldn't be there... for the purpose, and would NEVER give them rares or anything I got on the forums where the breeder specifically said NO biting. I would like to see a lineage started from my vampies. All of that is just me, though; different strokes for different folks and all that.
  21. Someone gifted me a paper dragon this morning. I wonder what I should name the hatchie?
  22. AND I just snagged my first Thuwed! ----> THIS little hatchie right here! <3 Adorable!
  23. I don't see TJ09 approving the idea of unfreezing hatchlings. For reasons some others on here related to the complications and drama it would cause and the other excellent reasons that have been mentioned. SO I don't see it getting OKed.
  24. No kidding about it being complicated... at least from what I have read. I wonder if that is why people cling to the idea of a male-female binary the way they do... its just a lot simpler to understand, even if it doesn't always work. Like I said, I always identified as female... but internally I am pretty apathetic about it. It just... is. Its my body as simple as that.... if that makes any sense. *shrugs*
  25. In fact, my own mom had her tubes tied after she had my sister. Pretty much while she was in the hospital after giving birth she... Decided two kiddos was enough and was afraid that another pregnancy would do further harm to her back which... she was having a fair amount of back pain at that time.