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  1. Mmmmm.


    That is a problem i hadn't considered. maybe Zalmoxis is right and it is best not to trade them. OR maybe only trade them for other runes, depending on if there were different kinds.

  2. Either that or finding them in the cave/AP


    I like finding stuff.

    I still agree that this idea sounds WAY more fun than a cool down.


    AND maybe it would even be possible, somehow, to trade them with others? I dunno how that would work, though.


    Perhaps TJ could make it so that they could be teleported by magi or something like that, like eggs and hatchlings... so that you could trade them for other runes, or for eggs or hatchies, or gift them? I don't even know at the moment. This was just the first possibility that came into my head mind you.

  3. Yes please



    I still vote for manual ascension, age and possibly some other task being the requirement. I like the use of an item, maybe BSA, idk. It shouldn't be based on chance or require a GoN or breeding with a specific dragon...


    Maybe there's a light/dark (possibly neutral as well, but that might be too much) item thing? Like for dark it's a "Seed of Chaos" and light is something holy or whatever.


    Otherwise just a magical rune thing that you could rarely find or something like that would be nice.

    You mean like... have the runes appeare on the pages, like the eggs do for the festival of eggs?


    So that you have to hunt for them?


    I would be way more in favor of this idea than a MASSIVE cooldown, to be honest; which would be just frustrating. I am not a very patient person so... waiting on cooldowns isn't my favorite aspect of this game by any means. That is just my two cents, mind you.

  4. "Is the dark side stronger?"

    "No, no, no. Quicker, easier, more seductive."


    That said, I'm more inclined toward having age as the only requirement.


    Also, "ascending" with the power of evil should really be descension and have a seperate, evil-aligned sprite anyway, should the good/evil seperation become a real thing.

    NOW that is an interesting idea.


    AND while I am totally not for making breeding a requirement, all I meant was that I don't think having offspring should EXCLUDE a dragon from being able to ascend, either.

  5. a 'virgin' requirment locks out older dragons.


    I agree and , it seems to ME that it would be sort of contrary to the whole idea of the thing with the dragon being old and experienced and wise.


    Maybe that is just me.

  6. Motoki and I would both like to announce a successful turning this month, from each of our Montague Countesses. My Countess Seraphina bit and kept this lovely Z code checker, which is only available to members with no Montigues yet. Motoki's Countess Lucretia bit and kept this CB egg, which will be available to anyone (except Capulets, of course), after it has hatched, so she can influence it female (to follow the bite line). PM me if you are interested in either of them.

    Alright! Congrats!

  7. Wouldn't it be cute if the dragons got special sprites for the BDay event? :3


    I mean, i am sure that would also be a lot of work and I can totally understand why it probably wouldn't happen BUT... cute all the same.

  8. As nosy as we DCers can be, myself included; I have to admit that this is probably the best policy.


    I mean, it really isn't our business as curious as some of us might be... and it is probably for the best that any drama isn't aired abroad for all and sundry. As others have pointed out, that is how warns work, to my knowledge. WE know we have been warned but not the entire DC community. Probably this should be the same.

  9. Was flipping through and reading some other stories about abuse and tampering birth control..


    I feel sorry for the children from the outcomes of those types of relationships. I know several old friends who were born from bad marriages. One of my guy friend's was a result of his father forcing his wife throw away her pills. She was going to abort but he being manipulative convinced her to keep her pregnancy and she was at first happy because she thought one of the worst things in a relationship where thinking a child will fix a marriage or change your partner for the better.


    When he was 7 he remembered his mother becoming mental and blaming him, saying he was the reason why she no longer had a chance to leave her husband and start a new life.


    It's scary to think how some women can be brainwashed in such ways. I cut a friend off from my life because I lost faith in her after finding out that she not only forgave her rapist(which isn't exactly wrong, I know), but she became best friends with him.

    Very sad.


    It is a shame that the child was blamed. I mean... that seems wrong to me. It is hardly a little boy's fault that his father is a manipulative jerk. Yet HE ends up being the one to pay the price, along with his mom.


    Like I said, very sad.

  10. I should start using the update form. >___> Without further ado!


    I have an update!

    Update: Count Daedalus bit an egg. Sadly, it was lost sad.gif

    Dragon: Bitten egg; Count Daedalus.


    The egg was bred (yes, bred, not bitten~) at :53, so if someone wants to keep an eye on it in the AP, by all means... smile.gif

    Very sad. I currently have a dead egg on my scroll thanks to one of my Non-Montague vampires. Bad vampie.