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  1. I still agree that this idea sounds WAY more fun than a cool down. AND maybe it would even be possible, somehow, to trade them with others? I dunno how that would work, though. Perhaps TJ could make it so that they could be teleported by magi or something like that, like eggs and hatchlings... so that you could trade them for other runes, or for eggs or hatchies, or gift them? I don't even know at the moment. This was just the first possibility that came into my head mind you.
  2. You mean like... have the runes appeare on the pages, like the eggs do for the festival of eggs? So that you have to hunt for them? I would be way more in favor of this idea than a MASSIVE cooldown, to be honest; which would be just frustrating. I am not a very patient person so... waiting on cooldowns isn't my favorite aspect of this game by any means. That is just my two cents, mind you.
  3. NOW that is an interesting idea. AND while I am totally not for making breeding a requirement, all I meant was that I don't think having offspring should EXCLUDE a dragon from being able to ascend, either.
  4. I agree and , it seems to ME that it would be sort of contrary to the whole idea of the thing with the dragon being old and experienced and wise. Maybe that is just me.
  5. We have tomorrow yet to hunt eggs, right? I believe that is what TJ said?
  6. I wish that I could influence with my pinks without a cooldown... and incubate with my reds.
  7. Squeeeeee!!!!! Countess Mina's description got approved!
  8. My Black Marrow Dragon, Jack Skellington, got his description approved! Jack Skellington
  9. I found that one. it has his crown thingie on it. :3
  10. I think it is funny how in those old monster movies about giant spiders it is nearly ALWAYS a tarantula who is the spider 'star'. Are they just that easy to handle, besides being non-venomous to humans for the most part?
  11. Congrats to all. My Ridgewing and my Rosebud cooperated for me by giving me JUST the right egg I needed for a trade.
  12. Wouldn't it be cute if the dragons got special sprites for the BDay event? :3 I mean, i am sure that would also be a lot of work and I can totally understand why it probably wouldn't happen BUT... cute all the same.
  13. That... would be up to the discretion of TJ and the other staffers, I am thinking. Them and POSSIBLY the person who was wronged, though that might depend on the situation.
  14. As nosy as we DCers can be, myself included; I have to admit that this is probably the best policy. I mean, it really isn't our business as curious as some of us might be... and it is probably for the best that any drama isn't aired abroad for all and sundry. As others have pointed out, that is how warns work, to my knowledge. WE know we have been warned but not the entire DC community. Probably this should be the same.
  15. I found This Pretty on the AP. I could hardly believe that I spotted and caught her egg in time.
  16. Very sad. It is a shame that the child was blamed. I mean... that seems wrong to me. It is hardly a little boy's fault that his father is a manipulative jerk. Yet HE ends up being the one to pay the price, along with his mom. Like I said, very sad.
  17. I caught a pretty Stairstep Silver with Cavern Lurkers on the AP. I was actually surprised I was able to get it and someone else didn't grab the pretty shiny egg first.
  18. Very sad. I currently have a dead egg on my scroll thanks to one of my Non-Montague vampires. Bad vampie.
  19. That is the trouble a lot of people would have with raising their own meat, I think; to say nothing of the fact that there are, I am sure, plenty of people who wouldn't have any idea how to begin. Don't get me wrong, it sounds like a wonderful thing; but it is a lot more difficult in practice.
  20. I'd like to take this. I do intend to name all of my dragons, and many of mine are named already, though I don't always come up with a good name immediately. I do make it a goal of mine and USUALLY they get a name once they are gendered; just...on some of them I am SLOW. I, Silverswift, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  21. And I have a male and female of each. :3 I Can't wait for them to grow up.
  22. All very excellent points. The thing with an animal Carnivore... they do what they must to survive and , honestly, their bodies are geared to utilize meat. This is what bothers me about people that try to put their pet cat, for example, on a vegetarian diet. It just doesn't work and it is... sort of unfair to the animal.