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  1. Managed to snag two golds and two silvers from departure threads on forum. Is there a release coming soon? I am pretty sure there is. Will I be able to catch the new dragons later? Maybe and maybe not. I regret NOTHING.
  2. Count obviously has faith in your abilities to raise upstanding Montagues so... I wouldn't worry.
  3. Dwaaaa... Did you get the ickle baby that you saved yesterday, pg?
  4. I know exactly what you mean. Mine are forbidden to go near anything shiny as well.
  5. ^^^^THIS! Honestly that is the ONLY real issue I have with Vegans/Vegetarians. The whole pushing the idea onto other people/creatures thing. Granted that not all of them do this. I don't mind if you don't eat meat. You are free to make that choice and more power to you.... whether it be for health reasons, environmental reasons, the simple fact that you don't LIKE meat or what ever. Where we are going to have issues is when you try to push it on me. I am an omnivore (I eat both plants and animals) And am pretty much unrepentant about the thing. I don't mind if other people go vegetarian, but I couldn't my self and, if I am honest, I tend to get more than a little defensive if someone else tries to tell me I should. Can't we all just be RESPECTFUL of others? It would go far in helping vegetarianism be more respected, too, I would think.
  6. Steals Water Scorpion's Unnamed CB Thunder Female in retaliation for swiping all my eggs and hatchies and snatches them all back as well. Ninja'd by Anniepimm. Swipes CB Ashes and Diamonds for that.
  7. Welcome to the Project!
  8. * Lures Shimmersnow off your scroll with dragon treats* You saw NOTHING.
  9. Cool, cool. I was just curious. I do realize that you have lives besides DC. I will be stalking this thread, then.
  10. May I ask a question? When.... is the next description day gonna be, out of curiosity. OR is it planned that there will even be one?
  11. I actually think I have that particular description right, now. But thanks. If I have trouble with any of my other ones I will be sure to do just that.
  12. Hey, I dunno who H is but I am sorry I ... resubmitted that one description so many times. I... kept tinkering with it, I am afraid. and I am sorry if that annoyed you. An abstain won't keep it from getting through will it?
  13. I have to admit, that would make for some pretty epic description.
  14. I have a question. What happens if a Montague keeper is hunting in the AP and they happen to find a repulsed Capulet egg? OR vice versa?
  15. On the subject of trapping, well ... I am not sure I have an issue with it, provided it is done humanely . I am truly not sure I see any excuse for those awful jaw traps that are sometimes used for it. Those bother me because it seems like there ought to be a better way of trapping an animal , even if your intent is to kill it, than one that will cause it to sit and suffer in pain until the trapper has a chance to come and finish the job.
  16. Cus Montagues Rule! Ha!
  17. Speaking of awesome, so are you. Best divider. This. It is awsome.
  18. Very nice! Eleven days more til Countess Mina may claim another egg.
  19. My point exactly, Sci. The other thing that bothers me about this is that given the general ignorance of how food is produced and what it actually takes to raise these animals and keep them healthy, it is entirely possible for things that are routine care and, indeed, necessary to the animal's health to be ENTIRELY misrepresented. Many people wouldn't have a clue that what they were seeing was being taken out of context; they would view it as cruelty and never know the difference.
  20. All I can think of those pics is that I don't think ANYONE would buy the pelt of that animal. I know that might sound callous, and I love animals as much as the next person, but it is the truth. The animal in the one pic doesn't look like it was abused, it actually looks like it is probably sick. Also. The person that said you need to consider the source is dead on. You can't always believe everything you think you see in photographs, what with photoshop. I realize this is going to probably net me some hate BUT I must comment. First, it seems to me that if an animal is raised in captivity, be it ultimately for food, their fur, or to do some sort of work; if you abuse and mistreat the animal it sort of diminishes its value. Farms and things have a vested interest in keeping their animals healthy, for the most part. It costs them MONEY to raise an animal, and if that animal dies before the investment is returned or becomes so sick that it is unmarketable, they lose that money; simple economics, really, even if you don't care about the animal as a living thing. I would also be willing to bet that some actually DO care about keeping their animals in as humane of conditions as possible. There is a large dairy farm near where I live and I happen to know for a fact that the owner would NEVER, EVER tolerate one of the workers mistreating the cattle that he raises for milk in any way. One offense like that and your rear would be fired from your job so fast you wouldn't even know what hit you. Second, disease can happen no matter how careful the caretaker/farmer is. People's beloved pets can become ill and it doesn't have to be because they weren't properly cared for. Am I saying that abuse can't and doesn't happen? No. Am I saying that every farmer is a saint? No. Just... abuse is probably rarer then PETA would have people to believe. Just my two cents. ALSO, on another but somewhat related note, I have to wonder about those people that go 'undercover' with cameras to farms and things just LOOKING to capture something inhumane on film. Do organizations even have the RIGHT to do that on someone else's private property or is that a violation of the owner's privacy?
  21. Hey! I am looking for three paper dragon eggs/hatchies to use as section sperators on my scroll. Unfortunatley i don't have too much luck at catching them so... I am stuck trying to trade. As for payment... PM me and we can work something out.
  22. ^^^^^^ This looks awesome, pinkgothic! I found Mina :3