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  1. That is good advice. Thanks for the input. The thing that disturbs me about it is that I was NEVER taught to think that way and that I certainly don't WANT to be a racist. It isn't like I think that I am BETTER than someone else. I sort of wonder if feeling more comfortable with people who are 'like us' is, perhaps, a part of human nature. Whether it is right or wrong and whether we want it to be or not? *shrugs* I do get your point about it being an attitude thing that can be worked on, however. My point was that it would take a bit of getting used to. As to the topic at hand, I agree with those that say racism/racial prejudice ( whichever term you prefer to use) needs to be addressed whoever it is that is doing it. If the person in question is from a group that was historically victims of prejudice, that makes it understandable though NOT acceptable, I think, for them to return prejudice. Two wrongs don't make a right and I think that it seems like prejudice and racism have a way of breeding further prejudice and racism. It sort of creates a vicious cycle where NO ONE benefits.
  2. I have a question. This feels kind of awkward to ask so... here goes. I am honestly confused about something. Although I was brought up in a fairly 'homogeneous' region of the country, populated PRIMARILY by folks of European ancestry like myself, I was also raised to believe that all of us are human beings, regardless of our ethnic origin, and basically equals. The idea of treating someone rudely or with disrespect because their background is different is abhorrent to me and I believe that everyone should have opportunities in life. Therefore, I never thought of myself as a racist and would have become QUITE defensive if someone had called me one. That said, I came to the conclusion recently that it would feel... odd... if my sister married someone of a different 'race' than ourselves. I don't believe I would try to FORBID her from doing it, if she truly loved the person in question, it would just be harder to view them as 'family' because they look so different and odd to know that any nieces and nephews I might have would NEVER look anything like the rest of the family. I would adjust, which I realize I would have to do, anyhow, whoever she married, but maybe a tad bit more so. Truthfully, I find the revelation more than a little disturbing because otherwise I have no problem with other people groups nor with 'interracial' marriage as a rule. I am just plain confused about the thing, now... please help! * Fails awkwardly at trying to explain* The question is... does this make me a racist? The idea would horrify me, to be honest, because I believe that racism is WRONG.
  3. Currently I have a nice little army of regular black dragons ( non-alt). I dunno why but when i see those adorable little hatchies I can't HELP but want to adopt every one I see. I want to hoard more white dragons,too, bbut that is on hold until I collect some more breeds that I don't have pairs of yet.
  4. I have an update! Update:I am pleased to announce the naming of a new Montague! Dragon:Count Diaemus of Montague Welcome him to your number, fellow Montagues!
  5. I have an update! Update: Recieved a Third Gen Montague Egg from Kurei Chitsu Dragon: ub9qh AND.... I have an update! Update: Countess Mina bit an egg and it remained pure! Dragon: DAeUr Send me a PM if you would like to claim this one for your own.
  6. * Dragonnaps Brightwrapping to my scroll*
  7. This right here might well be a good argument for making the system, assuming it were implemented , entirely private. ( Here meaning- Visible only to you, and perhaps to mods and TJ. Some people are idiots and do stupid, cruel and hurtful things for petty reasons. ALTHOUGH I would certainly hope MOST of the users on here are more mature of people and secure in themselves than to go threatening people over something so trivial. I would think if it were a private thing, it would negate any possibility of 'like jealousy'. Besides, I think the mods on here wouldn't TOLERATE anything remotely threatening.
  8. I actually do use Facebook and I am inclined to agree with Odeen on this one. It would just seem rather silly, in my opinion. Do I enjoy getting likes? Yes. Do I find that it is a big deal one way or the other? No. IF it really is that big of a concern, then I agree with those who suggest that it work like warns... in that it would private and only YOU know how many you have. Overall, I don't really care that much one way or the other. Are some people immature enough to try to flaunt their likes anyway? Maybe... but the mods can deal with that problem if it arises. It could even be a warnable offense to be flashing screenshots of your likes around, but that is just one idea. I can see the possibility for both good and, yes, problems, too, here. Do I see it as the best thing that could ever happen to the DC forums, No. But, by the same token, nor do I see it as the insidious creeping cancer some people are presenting it as. It just isn't that big of a deal to me, really; although granted that others may see it differently. If it were implemented, i might use, I might not... it would just be there, if that makes sense. If I were TJ there are other things I'd want to spend my time on first.
  9. As a Christian myself, this was very well said. I believe God is the judge, not me. I am sort of ... uncertain how I think about sexuality at present if I am honest, anyway.
  10. As far as I am aware the only limit on most dragons is how many you are able to catch There are exceptions like GoNs and CB holiday breeds but... those are exceptions.
  11. Interesting... so some Vegans will even go after other vegans that they don't feel measure up?
  12. Oooh! If you are still on can I call dibs on her first egg when she bites... assuming she bites pure? Please? If it is already spoken for that is perfectly fine of course. I simply meant if you DON'T already have a home in mind for the little Montague.
  13. Oh that is lovely. I wouldn't have abandoned that pretty. You are probably right, of course, i am sure they wanted the new eggs. Well, their loss, your gain, i suppose.
  14. This! i am currently locked, well, one eggslot shy of being actually, with stuff I really REALLY don't want to dump. That means... no new release eggs for me until the prettys I have now hatch.
  15. Do the Frosty ones make anyone else think of the Jotunn of of the Avengers. Jotunn dragons, maybe? XDDDDD
  16. I hope that these are still dropping regularly tommorrow. I am close to being locked so I can't collect two of each and... I dun want to drop what I have to grab new eggies.
  17. Thank you, Thank you. Too bad it didn't become a pure Montague. *Sighs*
  18. Which is why I , honestly, always pictured the mints and the sweetlings as being a bit bigger than the pygmies... and closer in size to eachother than what the chart suggests. OTHERWISE they ought to breed with the pygmies and NOT with the regular sized dragons. This goes for the waterwalkers too. They do have to be fairly small in order to walk on lilypads the way their description says ( THOUGH I think there are some pretty huge species of lilypads in the tropics.) compared with the other dragons but I dunno that that is a problem. I am not quite sure if I agree with the chart on the rest of it or not.
  19. ACTUALLY, pg... I think there is a dragon missing. Countess Sif's first egg repulsed and I don't see that recorded on here at all. It got named something rather funny, though, i must admit. XDDDDD Edited to Ask: OR do dragons that are frozen not count?
  20. Yeah, like Flamingo says, there are disrespectful people in every group I am thinking. It is probably best not to judge ALL of a group by the idiots.
  21. Managed to snag two golds and two silvers from departure threads on forum. Is there a release coming soon? I am pretty sure there is. Will I be able to catch the new dragons later? Maybe and maybe not. I regret NOTHING.
  22. Count obviously has faith in your abilities to raise upstanding Montagues so... I wouldn't worry.
  23. Dwaaaa... Did you get the ickle baby that you saved yesterday, pg?
  24. I know exactly what you mean. Mine are forbidden to go near anything shiny as well.