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  1. 10 hours ago, HeatherMarie said:

    Personally I think the groups would satisfy pretty much all my organizational needs if they were just a little more fleshed-out. There have been *many* suggestions/posts since Groups were introduced asking for filters, and honestly that's something that many people were surprised *wasn't* a function when Groups were introduced. The entire point of Groups, imo, is to have better/easier access to your dragons. Right? But when you can't use Groups at *all* on the 'breeding' page, which is arguably the most data-intensive page people will use on any sort of regular basis, it can get very frustrating. Having the exact same filter that Fertility uses would be awesome on the breeding page, while being able to actually filter by *group* would be even better. 


    I really don't need nested groups or tons of tags or any of that stuff, I'd just like the already-implemented *groups* to function better. There are so many things that Groups *could* be used for, but right now can't. So much potential there, and yet right now they really don't do anything at all beyond showing us our dragons in a certain way. It would be so wonderful to use Groups to filter breeding, but it would also be great to have other expanded group functions... Like maybe automatically adding all 'such-and-such' dragons in the future (ie, right now when we make a group we can 'add same breed' to add all our current dragons of that same breed, but it would be great to check something so that every dragon you get *after* making the group, that is the same breed or same lineage or whatever, will just be automatically added to the group).

    I do agree that I wish we could do more stuff with groups( which we already have!) 

    For instance I really LIKE your suggestion of making the breeding page filterable BY GROUP ( or perhaps tags could do that?).( I'd have instant access to all my CBs when breeding, then!) AND,personally,I'd LOVE the option to highlight more groups than four!


    I don't think I am opposed to the idea of tags on top of that, though. They would fill a slightly different function, I think, like @angelicdragonpuppy said.

    BOTH could be useful tools ( And I believe groups could be made MORE useful?)



  2. 35 minutes ago, Ruby Eyes said:

    I don't see the need for this.

    Is is my take on it. HOWEVER... I am not necessarily opposed to having the option.


    I think I support this. As long as the end result isn't members telling others to ignore other players just because THEY do.

    HONESTLY, @Fuzzbucket, anyone trying to pressure ME into putting an ignore on someone I didn't feeling like would PROBABLY get a big "Yeah, RIGHT" and an ignore themselves from me. I wouldn't LET myself be pressured into it. IF I used it, it would be because I personally Wanted to do so, for whatever the reason, NOT because someone else told me I ought to. Ats my choice and NOONE else's, thanks very much.


    ALL of that said, I think IF would work best IF, as someone commented, anyone n ignore got mutual invisiblity to eachother. They can't see your trades and you can't see theirs.


  3. 10 hours ago, Aalbiel said:

    Has anybody actually kept track of how often this happens? Because it's still pretty rare....


    And HM, it would affect the use of Precog because very many people use Precog after Influence to check that Influence has worked, which would be pointless if there was no fail. Not saying this in a positive or negative way but it does very much affect Precog.

    This is... a good point actually. AND ats coming from someone who KNOWS that they have had Influence fail from time to time.

    I have been known o use Precog EXACTLY as described here... for important stuff,anyway.


    As for the fails themselves... Annoying? Absolutely. Game breaking? Nah.


    I can totally understand the place this idea comes from.

    There have been a few of mine that have been quite frustrating.




     I'm guessing it's for lore reasons. Since Influence is based on the IRL reptile trick of changing the egg temperature to raise the chances of certain gender offspring, a failure rate is to be expected.


    While it is annoying, a guaranteed Influence would essentially render Precognition a useless BSA. Aeons would lose a lot of their value as a result and Pinks would suddenly be more sought after...making them harder to actually get, I would think. And THAT would be even more annoying. I'd rather have loads of Pinks and risk a failure...than only have one way to control my eggs' gender, yet have to pay an arm and a leg to acquire the derg that lets me do that.


    I can see this concern as well. Still, as others have said, pinks ARE more common than Aeons ( At least it appears so to me), so I dunno how HUGE of an issue this is.

  4. OK, I realize my 'problem' seems smaller than some of the stuff other folks have posted here... that said,it definitely bothers me.


    I enjoy chess, but at times I think I m not really good enough to warrant. Like I have a tendency to let fall by the wayside anything I don't think I am 'good at'. The issue with chess, and what makes it so emotionally distressing IS that I actually enjoy the game and don't really WANT to quit playing... but at the same time I don't feel good at it. I WANT to be good at it, but I am if I am honest with myself, , at best,a  fairly average player which... in my mind isn't good enough by even a quarter. ( As if, foolish as it sounds even to me when I put it into words, only grandmasters have the right to play, in my mind)  Thing is, I am unclear on what even IS good enough. Stupid, I know but there it is. My ratings number annoys me and WORSE, the more I feel compelled to try to bring that number up, the more stubbornly it stays put. As a matter of fact, when I am more relaxed ( and less focused on that stupid number and trying to bring it up ( Whether because I lost a game and therefor a few points and want to re-earn them or I have got it in my head the number itself is just plain not good enough for my liking)) my chess is actually BETTER than when I am so concerned about it. *Le Sigh* What do I even do about it? The bottom line is that I ONLY feel good about my chess when I am on a winning streak. and I take losses hard.


    Quitting the game isn't likely to happen, at least not permanently.

    I just wish I could reduce the ammount of emotional frustration and pain it brought along witht he pleasure it undoubtedly also brings

  5. 2 minutes ago, Suzumiya said:


    Yes. That would stop people from offering eggs on trades where we ask ONLY for hatchies. People seem to think that means "I can offer an egg anyway" no matter what you say. And you can't make too much conversation. I know you can mention only taking eggs, but saying "I am currently egg locked" seems a little risky to me. A little too much like a conversation. Just give us buttons. Eggs only. Hatchies only. Anything. Etc.

    Actually, I wouldn't be opposed tot being allowed the option when the trade was set up.... and that is true even IF the original subject of this threa weren't implemented. THOUGH I can sort of see the merit of THAT also.

  6. 9 minutes ago, Suzumiya said:


    Sadly, it does. But if the trade didn't cancel when the eggs hatched, people would be more often offering eggs because they would know they can let the trade sit until the eggs hatch without worrying about coming back and finding the trade again. I think it can suck either way, but have a few benefits if there were restrictions. Like...an option to click that will ONLY let you take hatchies? Or you could choose hatchie or egg...maybe this should go under Trading Hub Feedback, actually. XD


    LIKE... when you set up the trade you can set it up so that it won't ALLOW someone to offer an egg?


    Interesting idea.

  7. 20 hours ago, Suzumiya said:

    I sort of like it and sort of don't. It would make things a lot smoother that's for sure, but then you would have the people who ask for hatchies only getting eggs that could possibly sit there for awhile, because they're either the only offer on the trade, and the person knows the other won't cancel (because it's something rare, like an ND, 2G prize, CB Gold, etc) or because the egg only has a few hours left. 


    It would be quite annoying to get a ton of egg only offers on a trade where I ask for hatchies...just because they know they can leave the egg in the trade until it hatches.


    But it would also be nice to keep the trades that don't specify which from cancelling automatically. I really do hate having to re-do my trades every time something hatches.

    I mean, though...can't this happen, anyway? Getting egg offers when you ask for hatchies, I mean.

  8. 49 minutes ago, HeatherMarie said:

    I have to really, really agree with not taking descriptions in a literal way. It's just flavor text. Really. People have issues with this one just because of the 'rare' claim, but what about all the other descriptions that are completely not true in practice? Nebulas are 'nocturnal creatures', so they shouldn't be seen in the day right? Melismors are 'rarely seen at the surface', so why are they so abundant in the biomes? Many breed's descriptions mention something about mating seasons or specific mating times, and yet they are breedable year-round. There is no reason to take every word in the description literally. 

    O.o Valid points.

    And SOME of our dragons are described as being quite fierce and predatory ( H-Fires,for instance, or Depises) And likely wouldn't live nicely with other dragons.... yet they exist on our scrolls. I believe you are right about flavor text not being taken absolutely literally. ( THOUGH I admit when truffles first dropped I thought they might be a new rare) At said, I am waiting to see.... as long as golds have been around, truffles as a new breed would ahve to make a LOT of eggs to catch up with them. Just saying.

  9. 23 hours ago, Herk said:

    If you NEED an explanation - Golds are like Pandas, Truffles are like Rhinos. Rhinos WOULD be fine on their own but we (humans hunt them for silly reasons), Pandas would have trouble anyway because lbh their breeding behaviour is FAR too picky ;)

    This is my take on it... though as they Truffles are a new breed, PERHAPS the ratios haven't really caught up yet?


    They have only existed with us a month or two or so.

  10. 11 hours ago, Guillotine said:

    I kind of like that they sort as their original breed, although I acknowledge that they'd be easier to find if they sorted as Undead.

    What would be grand is IF there were a way to have the option either way. ( I confess I am not SURE how that could work).

    As some have pointed out, it really makes more sense to sort them as Undeads, as they can't go back to what they were before, and from what I was reading in the posts, here, some people don't want even the REMINDER of what they were. Giving us the option ( perhaps in our account settings?) would clear up the confusion for those that want it without unduly hindering anybody's play style.

  11. 4 minutes ago, VixenDra said:

    I believe that if one dragon breed is coded for this, it would take just slight adjustments if any for all the rest of the type, spritewise there are only 2 variants: shared sprite or 2 different sprites, the first is easy, the second would just need to include the sprite swap(which I consider the better idea if lack of progeny is a requirement for the swap to be appliable).

    Also, I remember that TJ mentioned something that we shouldn't consider the coding difficulty part when making suggestions, that's his thing to judge. And what I suggest doesn't involve additional spritework, just coding alone.

    Fair Enough.

    And I would say that it is probably better if the dragon NOT having progeny already is a requirement for this to work for sake of existing lineages.

  12. I would like to report an issue I have been having on occasion.


    Every NOW and then I have it where I am attempting to post, BUT when I click the button to post what I want to say it doesn't APPEAR that it did anything and bumps me back to the posting screen.The result being that I duplicate posted in a thread. on an occasion or two before realizing what he problem was. It doesn't appear to have a set pattern as for when this happens. I am unclear if it is an issue with my browser OR with the forum itself. ( I use Google Chrome for DC...) Any thoughts, Ideas, or is this just a bug TJ should be made aware of so he can squish it? has anyone else had this happen to them?


    Also, to our mods,I am SORRY for the extra posts...

  13. 1 hour ago, VixenDra said:


    I'll add my bearded dragon, she's a female sexwise but displays behaviours typical for males, when I described her behaviour and shown her colour change(beardies can change between bright and dark, whole body or just parts) in a reptile advice forum, people claimed I have a male until they saw her undertail and then the few who had the knowledge on that very aspect told me this is rare but confirmed possible... So I actually have a transsexual male. Happens to non-humans... the only difference is that they don't care how you call them and just do their thing as they feel like.


    I see absolutly no harm in giving our adult dragons a magical transition surgery, at least before they have progeny(or if it's all wiped by killing). And just make them get the opposite gender's sign. In case of domorphic, change the sprite (like olympe's budgie changed appearance), in all other cases, just use the regular. I'd go with Shards as payment, probably 500 (more or less the price of uncommons). Also why not, keep a sign they used to be of another sex. Applicable once per dragon. Could even consume the breeding cooldown and require not being on breeding cooldown to apply (to give the body time to adjust lorewise, and to prevent abuse gameplaywise).

    But only if that applies to ALL dragons on site. No exceptions. The game should be uniform on something so big... and no breed should be discrimined from joining LGBT and  from being allowed to use the potion, or that would be racist:v


    adoptive lineages would also be good. But I'd place them on top, with the actual biological lineage needing a click/hover to reveal, the adoptive lineage should simply use a different font colour. That would keep things tidy and also correspond to how irl we say 'it doesnt' matter who bore you, it matters who raised you and whom you were calling your mom/dad", the pedigree is often lost for the adptive children, they often have no idea who 'made' them and there are cases when they can't even discover that, or need a lot of effort to finally find out who 'made' them... so the adoptive lineage taking priority and the biological lineage to take that addicional effort of a click both make sense. 
    If that's too much tho, adoptive lineages could be potentially reserved to same sex pairs, but still, if the font colour is different, the lineage wouldn't be misleading anyways. It would be pretty analogical to deadlines not showing the generations before the tombstone until clicked, while being more prominent still. If everyone's afraid of abuse, why not limit this to CB pairs being only able to adopt CBs and 2gens, and 10th gen pairs to unly adopt from CBs to 11th gen (so highest gen parent generation +1) - to avoid lineage pseudo-shortening of the adoptant - though since deadlines are a thing, Idon't see it being any more of a problem.

    May I comment, however, that my concern over something like this would BE the very hugeness of it?

    I don't KNOW how difficult this would be to even do if ALL dragons were included?

  14. 16 minutes ago, Suzumiya said:


    Yes. I would LOVE that. I've used about 500 shards on Balloons alone. They seem to be much harder to get than usual. I'll get lucky and get one sometimes, but usually...no luck. I don't want to save for a Prize or CB metal, but I'd love extra shards to help with lineage projects.



    Not balloons for me, but at times it does seem like the exact dragon I am looking for seems to hide from me, I swear. ( That is EVEN if they are ordinarily UBER common.)

    So a consolation bonus of shards would NOT be unappreciated.

  15. On 8/28/2018 at 1:55 PM, Stromboli said:

    Would be interesting if we had Prizes in the market, pretty exorbitantly priced (like, still far and away the hardest dragons to get ahold of kind of price), but introduce some consolation prize to the raffle of bonus shards. Number of Prize dragons distributed is fixed, but maybe something like 5% of entrants get a purse of 500 shards, 15% get 250 shards, 30% get 100 shards. Every month half the people who enter win something. If they wanna use that bonus as savings for a super-expensive Prize, they can do that.

    I ...actually woudln't be opposed to this idea at all.


    As you say, if a person wanted to bank their shards for something shiny , later on.... up to them!

    OR if there is something else they want currently...

  16. 25 minutes ago, olympe said:

    The only way to do that is wait for 2 weeks (to the second), then they'll disappear of their own.


    Of course, if the aesthetics bother you, you could always sort the broken shells on the bottom of your scroll - or, if you have several pages, bury them on a page you rarely view.

    This... I get dead eggs from time to time when I give eggs to my vampires to bite.

    I typically stick them at the bottom of my last page and wait for them to go away on their own.

  17. Well... there was the year my Mom decided it would be funny to give my Dad a decorated ( new and clean, obviously...) toilet plunger for Christmas ( As a joke of course, he got other stuff as well...) AND we wrote up a little poem about it for my sister and me to recite. XD  

  18. 3 hours ago, Ruby Eyes said:

    As far as I can tell, TJ seems to not put any emphasis on a dragon's origin. So it shouldn't matter if you breed them or grab them from the cave.

    This. As far as I know it is only US AS USERS ( Caps for Emphasis) that value a dragon more or less highly depending on its origin.


    That is, the cave and its ratios make no distinction between a messy inbred and a CB.... a gold is a gold is a gold, as far as it is concerned.

    Therefor, since it doesn't SAY I am assuming bred wyrms or CB will do...and I suspect that IF TJ decided to require them to BE CB, then he would explicitly say so.


    ALSO! * Grabs a no-win-this-month cookie for self* Time to prepare to try again... ;) AND Conga-rats to all the lucky winners!

  19. On 8/20/2018 at 3:33 AM, Fuzzbucket said:

    The action log would be OK if it weren't clogged up with name, hide, unhide... I just had to go back three or four pages to see if I did or didn't incubate the siyat I wanted to hatch purple.

    This. this right here. That is why I would definitely support a more accurate cool down timer for literally ALL the stuff that has cool downs.

  20. 3 minutes ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    They get more flak than the mods on ANY other forum I have ever been on. I'm not too sure what that says about us, the general users. I think they do amazingly well - especially considering how they are so often treated. (And before anyone asks; I've been warned LOTS of times myself; it's no that I have never copped a warn or anything. And one I did think was unjust - but it could have been argued either way - and in those cases, the mod wins. They have to.)


    Yeah, overall they do a good job, as I said, the best they can.


    It isn't as if they aren't asked to make some hard calls, sometimes.

    While I can disagree with them, sometimes, bottom line I respect and appreciate them for the job they do.