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  1. On 11/12/2018 at 7:33 PM, angelicdragonpuppy said:

    @sorenna personally I found multiple newer Halloweens (Omens, witchs, caligenes) CB in the AP. People also are more likely to have them by simple fact that they’re newer and thus the pool that missed out is a lot smaller than, say, the pool that missed Marrows. I think waiting three years to raise limits is excessive, with that in mind.


    The idea of limits-then-not is actually really appealing. I’d suggest a few minor tweaks, though:

    - Raise the INITIAL limit to 4;

    - Unlimited the next year;

    - Make them available in the market during breeding week. I’d suggest a low price, but anything is fine so long as it gives people a backup option if they can’t catch them in cave. Personally I don’t think this is really NECESSARY, but it would fix a lot of the main concerns people have about raising limits.

    Actually, ADP, the solution you suggest sounds just about ideal to me. 

    I really think holidays ought to be available in the market during their 'breeding season'. IF eggs are going to be dropping in biomes, then it sort of makes sense 

    ( AND as you say, gives people a backup method for getting what they want... if they are willing to spend the shards!)

  2. 3 minutes ago, olympe said:

    I must admit, I never even tried for more omens, as I was looking for more marrows and pumpkins. And let's not talk about the 6+ CB cavern lurkers I found in the AP and decided to keep anyway. XD

    However, getting a holly last year was tedious, although I did manage during low-traffic times. Still, I think that a full no-limits policy might be detrimental to the limited holiday dragons, as catching up on older breeds will be incredibly hard.


    How about a different approach: You can only catch two CBs of these breeds, ever - but you can buy more of them in the market?

    I... sort of LIKE this solution to the problem.

    PERSONALLY I would LOVE the opportunity to have TWO of both the enraged and pacified Aegis, just saying.

    HOWEVER, I DO get the concern about making it harder for newer players to get older holidays.


    ACTUALLY I was a wee bit dissappointed that our Halloweens weren't added to the market for the period of the event!

    MIND you I get that TJ is busy and maybe he just didn't get to it, but every other dragon that drops in the biomes appears there... and this seems a good solution.

  3. On 11/2/2018 at 8:58 AM, Ruby Eyes said:

    It succeeds often enough that it would help tremendously if that information could simply be tacked onto each hatchling trade.

    On 11/2/2018 at 10:37 AM, HeatherMarie said:


    But then we'd get people complaining that the site gave misleading information, or that the trader was being misleading, or simply 'why did it say that and then gender like this??'... The 'note' or whatever would have to make it clear that Influence *can* fail, that an Influenced gender is not 100%. 


    Quoting both of these for truth.


    I Can SEE the value of being able to tag it onto a trade ( And DOUBLE for precog which CANNOT fail AFAIK?).

    BUT I DO think a disclaimer that influences can fail might b helpful for those that don't already know. ;)



  4. 13 minutes ago, animatedrose said:

    @JavaTigress There was a big Market glitch where rares were priced low, so any purchases made during the glitch period were taken away and refunded. Check News. You should be okay now, I'd think.

    Oh! OK.... somehow I missed that notice.


    UNFORTUNATELY, I now no longer have QUITE enough to get the egg I bought as the price was raised.


    Ah, well. At Least my shards were refunded. Could be worse!

  5. ODD. I purchased a Blue Biakala in the market before and NOW it appears to have ...not happened at all?


    Like I was refunded my shards and everything? Very strange. Imma hold off on any purchases just in case some work is being done...

  6. 35 minutes ago, GhostMouse said:

    Support! I haven't purchased anything from the Market yet and didn't know it didn't do that. This seems like something that should definitely be in the Action Log, just like getting a receipt from a store.

    I HAVE bought a few things in the Market and hadn't realized it didn't, BUT I agree that it SHOULD because, as you say, there should be 'reciept' or 'bill of sale' of some sort recording the purchase.

  7. On 11/4/2018 at 10:00 AM, HeatherMarie said:

    I wouldn't mind the ability to buy 'perks' that are already available, like BSA-type stuff. Maybe you could buy something that would temporarily extend Ward past 6 hours or something. Stuff like that isn't disadvantaging other users and isn't actually a huge deal in general. But yeah, stuff like auto-refreshing and extra slots, no thanks.

    This'd be my take on it. I can sort of see the REASONING behind 'hiring' a BSA, even!

  8. Honestly.... hard to choose. IF any of them were missing , I think I wouldmiss it.


    I LOVE it in spring when everything comes alive again after winter.

    AND in summer I enjoy the gardenign and swimming and other summery things ( THOUGH it sometimes gets too HOT for my taste... I prefer it on the cooler side)

    In fall I adore the colors of the leaves and lastly....

    winter has the holiday season, which I greatly enjoy!


    SO I would miss each and everyone if they were missing entirely and all have their place! 

  9. On 9/19/2018 at 5:05 PM, animatedrose said:

    Same, totally in support of re-influencing. Though having more Pinks in general would probably benefit me a ton too, lol.

    Yes. I support this also.... if ONLY because influence sometimes fails, and sometimes mistakes are made.

    AND I also agree that one can NEVER have enough Influence pairs ( I am currently STILL in need of more Pinks) XD.

  10. 4 minutes ago, blah said:

    The sprinters of holiday dragons usually get an alt as a special gift. ☺️


    Really, really gorgeous colours! They are a tad busy for me but everyone likes different things. 😄 I'm also now yearning for a slick, green slime dragon...

    OooH! Yes, of course,t he spriter alts. I was wondering if they meant that there were alts of the lovelies that were available to US.


    Mind you they are gorgeous and I am glad I managed to get FIVE of them!

  11. 19 hours ago, Awdz Bodkins said:


    I think there is a big difference between being unsure/questioning how things could be and denying that any of it is true. I really like expressing it as a faith journey for Christians working through their uncertainty - and we are all on a faith journey as life brings change and we try to make sense of it. I think it is a far healthier position to be contemplating and trying to understand, than to just accept things without thinking about them at all.


    I've known people who say they are not sure if God exists, yet attend church because "it's a family thing"; because they attend church, they are called Christian. What bothers me much more are the people who insist they are Christians and that hatred and/or violence is an appropriate response to the teachings of God, because that hatred/violence against others is completely against what Jesus taught. At His greatest display of anger, Jesus only turned over tables - He did not assault any individuals.


    With the basis that God (or Goddess, as gender is not applicable to the one who created it) exists and cares about each one of us, I have to believe God came to earth in human form to show us how to live as intended - clueless otherwise, we can be restored to a right relationship with God because of it. How can I say the One who created =everything= could not have performed miracles? And even if there is a scientific explanation for it, so what? Each miracle was the right thing at just the right time.


    tl;dr: Hang in there HeatherMarie, you are on the right path with trying to work it out.

    Actually You sum it up pretty well, too. 


    NOT sure how precisely I missed this post before when addressing HeatherMarie's, but... I really like the image you used of it as a journey.... and I would add that it isn't always an EASY journey.

  12. 11 minutes ago, Syiren said:

    I didn't realize how these new eggs hatch before. It's like they ooze green slime! That is so flipping awesome! And it shows really well against the purple shell of the egg! Kudos to the clever mind that came up with that! :wub:


    I thought it was green flame, but YES, creepily cool, either way!


    ETA... maybe we can pitch the question of WHICH it is at the spriter after the big reveal of the adults!

  13. 10 minutes ago, Dragon_Arbock said:


    DC has existed for 10 years. This has been an issue every single year. I think it's pretty obvious TJ does the bare minimum to update this site's coding. I keep saying if he's so 'busy' and he doesn't actually want to take care of the game, give or sell it to someone who does.

    I respectfully disagree with you here.


    TJ has implement any NUMBER of things int he last few years ( allowing old Hallows to be caught in their own biome to name just one... OR the marketplace!) That are DEFINITELY above and beyond the 'bare minimum' of keeping the code updated.

  14. 6 hours ago, relaks said:

    I have... conflicting thoughts, regarding religion. 


    I personally am what could be called agnostic atheist, as in I don't actually know if there's a higher power or not (and therefore won't confirm it or deny it) but it is my personal believe that there's not. And I think if there was proof that God existed, I could believe in his existence, but not in him.  I'm not comfortable with the possibility of destiny, of our paths being chosen for us, of a higher power able to mess with our life. When I was younger (like 8-9 yo) I attended catechesis. I think I never really believed, even if I asked to be baptized. I thought everyone was like me: that we chose to tell the stories so we'd have something to guide us but that we all knew they were not true. Turns out nop. Some people really believe it happened. I'm okay with that, obviously, but I just... don't believe it happened.

    I'm sure many things have an historical basis, but the major things like Moises receiving the word of God, Jesus, etc? That sounds like fantasy to me. I'm just not able to believe these things.

    And to be totally honest, I can feel uncomfortable when people speak about it with certainty, because they truly believe it happened. I'm torn between the part of me that says "Everyone believes what they want and you cannot prove anything" and the part that doesn't understand how you can possibly believe these things... Because I don't believe the more "fantasy" bits, I'm unable to see how some people can. I don't know if I explain myself...


    That's just me. 

    There's no proof there's nothing out there neither, and I understand why people find comfort in believing and being part of a community (though you can be part of a community without it having to be religious, tbh). But I have to admit that, as much as I respect personal belief, I have a problem with institutionalized religion. I have no problem with Catholicism, for example, but I don't like the Church (capital C) at all. And I don't mean individual churches with the priests and everything, I mean the Big Church, the Vatican, the whole head of the organization. For me, religion is an personal and deeply intimate thing. You can share it with others if that brings you joy, obviously, and I won't deny convents, monasteries (etc) have done good deeds, but the Institution... yeah, no, I won't say what I think exactly because I fear I might offend some people. But that? I have a big problem with, yes.

    Idk. I feel like on an individual level, monotheists religions can be a guide for morality and how to act towards others, to find solace and joy for some, to be a part of something greater than us. I respect that. But on an institutional level, it feels to me it's another tool to control the people and decide for them what's right and what's wrong. That's... not for me, at all. 


    I cannot speak about other religions/practices though (buddhism, wicca, any and all form of paganism...) because I don't know enough about them. I've always been more inclined towards polytheists religions because they feel more organic to me. I don't know if there's a god for the forests and another for the rivers, and another for the crops, but I do believe in some kind of... balance, on Earth. Mother Nature might not be a conscious being or a goddess, but it is a powerful force we should respect because it's the basis for our survival. I'm really interested in learning about those believes, the ones that bring us closer to the earth and to nature, from where we come from. 


    (Sorry for my ramble, and sorry if I offended anyone. It's really not my intention. )

    IF I may humbly submit... some of the BIG C church things you talk about ( in the past particularly...) NOT even all Christians like/agree with . Again that is one of the OTHER reasons there are denominations.... and protestants as opposed to Catholics.


    As for what @HeatherMarie... I can feel the struggle you are having with it reading your post. IF It helps, even those who consider them selves to be believers struggle with the subject of faith some times ( IE, for example ... I consider myself a Christian in that I BELIEVE in the things you mention ( Jesus' death for sin and resurection and all of that...) as my way to heaven. THAT said... I don't always feel like I have the faith in God that I SHOULD have... and of course I KNOW that the Bible teaches that without faith it isn't possible to please God...) Faith, I think , is a daily CHOICE as much as anything.  SO what you are feeling isn't UNUSUAL at all I would say. 

  15. 28 minutes ago, angelicdragonpuppy said:

    Whoops, totally thought the S1s were S2s! The S2s are a little busy looking for my tastes, but I imagine all that will look nicer when it has an adult sized sprite to be realized on.

    I admit, I am finding that so far I am rather partial to these new pretties. I wonder who made them!


    Can't WAIT to see the adults * Tries to hurry TJs hatchies to grow up*

  16. 15 minutes ago, scalesofgrey said:

    The hatchling's pose and stripes felt feline-ish to me. Cheshire Cat?

    Ooooh! INTERESTING theory there! XD


    In any case I have caught myself six of these lovelies ( Hoping for three male and female pairs!) so I am well satisfied with the results of my hunting. 


    Looking forward to seeing what these beauties grow up to be!


    BTW! Has anyone tried sorting them?

  17. 9 minutes ago, KrazyKarp said:

    I dunno... as an atheist, I obviously don't believe the Bible is, for lack of a better word, true. I do like the stories in it, they're fun to read! So I suppose I appreciate the Bible on a literature level rather than a religious level.

    Right. Believing it on a religious level? That is a matter of faith. 

  18. 5 hours ago, HeatherMarie said:

    I don't know any Christian who would say that the stuff in the Bible is false. That's kind of the opposite of what a Christian is. They believe the Bible contains the Word of God, contains the miracles He has performed and the accounts of Jesus's sacrifice, etc etc. Most Christians I know would get very very defensive if someone said the Bible is false. Now, not everything in the Bible is *current* in terms of what God wants for us and such, that's why there is a difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament. But saying it's false? Never known a Christian who would say that. 

    As a Christian myself I would say that this a fair assessment. We DO believe that the Bible not only contains but IS the Word of God.

    Therefor, by definition it is NOT false.


    If that helps?

    As @HeatherMarie pointed as for interpretation for a Christian's life today.... well that can vary. At's why we have many, MANY denominations! XD

  19. 39 minutes ago, relaks said:

    Oooh love the colors on that hatch! 

    They seem like a pretty calm breed, love the chill pose! Makes me think about cats 😛

    I'm really curious to see the adults!

    Me too. I agree that they put me in mind of cats!


    These guys are LOVELY. May have to catch more of these pretties...especially if these keep their promise as adults.