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  1. Entered to win me some cute little BROCCOLI! Hey, IF my name isn't in the hat, I certainly can't expect to win, so... in my name goes! I particularly like my broccoli on a salad along side of its fellow vegetables, carrots, radishes and tomatoes! Good luck to all and thanks, Feesh!
  2. Actually, ADP, the solution you suggest sounds just about ideal to me. I really think holidays ought to be available in the market during their 'breeding season'. IF eggs are going to be dropping in biomes, then it sort of makes sense ( AND as you say, gives people a backup method for getting what they want... if they are willing to spend the shards!)
  3. Yes, we have snow... not MUCH yet, mind you but it isn't EVEN Thanksgiving yet..... there is almost certainly more where what there is came from! A Snowy Christmas is the RULE rather than exception where I live.
  4. I... sort of LIKE this solution to the problem. PERSONALLY I would LOVE the opportunity to have TWO of both the enraged and pacified Aegis, just saying. HOWEVER, I DO get the concern about making it harder for newer players to get older holidays. ACTUALLY I was a wee bit dissappointed that our Halloweens weren't added to the market for the period of the event! MIND you I get that TJ is busy and maybe he just didn't get to it, but every other dragon that drops in the biomes appears there... and this seems a good solution.
  5. Yum! Although they are best as an ingredient in things! Honeycrisp Apples!
  6. Quoting both of these for truth. I Can SEE the value of being able to tag it onto a trade ( And DOUBLE for precog which CANNOT fail AFAIK?). BUT I DO think a disclaimer that influences can fail might b helpful for those that don't already know.
  7. ya know! Other people commenting with THEIR 'tally' for their 'take of Halloweens' this year has me WONDERING just how many I ended up raising!
  8. JavaTigress

    Shard Glitch?

    Oh! OK.... somehow I missed that notice. UNFORTUNATELY, I now no longer have QUITE enough to get the egg I bought as the price was raised. Ah, well. At Least my shards were refunded. Could be worse!
  9. JavaTigress

    Shard Glitch?

    ODD. I purchased a Blue Biakala in the market before and NOW it appears to have ...not happened at all? Like I was refunded my shards and everything? Very strange. Imma hold off on any purchases just in case some work is being done...
  10. I HAVE bought a few things in the Market and hadn't realized it didn't, BUT I agree that it SHOULD because, as you say, there should be 'reciept' or 'bill of sale' of some sort recording the purchase.
  11. This'd be my take on it. I can sort of see the REASONING behind 'hiring' a BSA, even!
  12. Hmmmmm.. I need to come UP with names for my pretties, yet!
  13. Honestly.... hard to choose. IF any of them were missing , I think I wouldmiss it. I LOVE it in spring when everything comes alive again after winter. AND in summer I enjoy the gardenign and swimming and other summery things ( THOUGH it sometimes gets too HOT for my taste... I prefer it on the cooler side) In fall I adore the colors of the leaves and lastly.... winter has the holiday season, which I greatly enjoy! SO I would miss each and everyone if they were missing entirely and all have their place!
  14. Yes. I support this also.... if ONLY because influence sometimes fails, and sometimes mistakes are made. AND I also agree that one can NEVER have enough Influence pairs ( I am currently STILL in need of more Pinks) .
  15. OooH! Yes, of course,t he spriter alts. I was wondering if they meant that there were alts of the lovelies that were available to US. Mind you they are gorgeous and I am glad I managed to get FIVE of them!
  16. I'll be helping myself to that CB Caligene hatchie at the top of your scroll!
  17. Actually You sum it up pretty well, too. NOT sure how precisely I missed this post before when addressing HeatherMarie's, but... I really like the image you used of it as a journey.... and I would add that it isn't always an EASY journey.
  18. I thought it was green flame, but YES, creepily cool, either way! ETA... maybe we can pitch the question of WHICH it is at the spriter after the big reveal of the adults!
  19. I respectfully disagree with you here. TJ has implement any NUMBER of things int he last few years ( allowing old Hallows to be caught in their own biome to name just one... OR the marketplace!) That are DEFINITELY above and beyond the 'bare minimum' of keeping the code updated.
  20. IF I may humbly submit... some of the BIG C church things you talk about ( in the past particularly...) NOT even all Christians like/agree with . Again that is one of the OTHER reasons there are denominations.... and protestants as opposed to Catholics. As for what @HeatherMarie... I can feel the struggle you are having with it reading your post. IF It helps, even those who consider them selves to be believers struggle with the subject of faith some times ( IE, for example ... I consider myself a Christian in that I BELIEVE in the things you mention ( Jesus' death for sin and resur
  21. I admit, I am finding that so far I am rather partial to these new pretties. I wonder who made them! Can't WAIT to see the adults * Tries to hurry TJs hatchies to grow up*
  22. Ooooh! INTERESTING theory there! In any case I have caught myself six of these lovelies ( Hoping for three male and female pairs!) so I am well satisfied with the results of my hunting. Looking forward to seeing what these beauties grow up to be! BTW! Has anyone tried sorting them?
  23. Right. Believing it on a religious level? That is a matter of faith.
  24. As a Christian myself I would say that this a fair assessment. We DO believe that the Bible not only contains but IS the Word of God. Therefor, by definition it is NOT false. If that helps? As @HeatherMarie pointed as for interpretation for a Christian's life today.... well that can vary. At's why we have many, MANY denominations!