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  1. Well... there was the year my Mom decided it would be funny to give my Dad a decorated ( new and clean, obviously...) toilet plunger for Christmas ( As a joke of course, he got other stuff as well...) AND we wrote up a little poem about it for my sister and me to recite. XD  

  2. 3 hours ago, Ruby Eyes said:

    As far as I can tell, TJ seems to not put any emphasis on a dragon's origin. So it shouldn't matter if you breed them or grab them from the cave.

    This. As far as I know it is only US AS USERS ( Caps for Emphasis) that value a dragon more or less highly depending on its origin.


    That is, the cave and its ratios make no distinction between a messy inbred and a CB.... a gold is a gold is a gold, as far as it is concerned.

    Therefor, since it doesn't SAY I am assuming bred wyrms or CB will do...and I suspect that IF TJ decided to require them to BE CB, then he would explicitly say so.


    ALSO! * Grabs a no-win-this-month cookie for self* Time to prepare to try again... ;) AND Conga-rats to all the lucky winners!

  3. On 8/20/2018 at 3:33 AM, Fuzzbucket said:

    The action log would be OK if it weren't clogged up with name, hide, unhide... I just had to go back three or four pages to see if I did or didn't incubate the siyat I wanted to hatch purple.

    This. this right here. That is why I would definitely support a more accurate cool down timer for literally ALL the stuff that has cool downs.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    They get more flak than the mods on ANY other forum I have ever been on. I'm not too sure what that says about us, the general users. I think they do amazingly well - especially considering how they are so often treated. (And before anyone asks; I've been warned LOTS of times myself; it's no that I have never copped a warn or anything. And one I did think was unjust - but it could have been argued either way - and in those cases, the mod wins. They have to.)


    Yeah, overall they do a good job, as I said, the best they can.


    It isn't as if they aren't asked to make some hard calls, sometimes.

    While I can disagree with them, sometimes, bottom line I respect and appreciate them for the job they do.

  5. 33 minutes ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    Well, as you know, many of us thought they were clear enough. I was blasted for saying exactly that ! :lol:


    And they did say at times "this is what I would mod till I am told differently... " That isn't the same as being dismissive and ignoring people. Man, I would HATE to be a mod here.

    XD I can totally agree with you on the point of not being sure I could do our mods' job. They do their best, I am sure.

  6. 11 minutes ago, DarkDagger said:

    awesome, new eggs! i'm really liking those spiky hatchlings so far - not surprising after i saw it was a birdz release though, haha. excited to see what they grow into!


    also - what's all this about viewbombers? it seems odd that someone would be doing that long-term (and not have been banned yet).

    I admit I am curious about them as well.


    At said,I am ALWAYS curious to see what new hatchies will grow into. :D

  7. 35 minutes ago, animatedrose said:

    Got three of each egg, woo! And in a few hours, I can hopefully grab one more of each, if the flood hasn't ended by then. It probably will but eh, I can dream.


    Maybe the artist credits are being hidden now to avoid a panic over the spriter, like what happened to the Siyats last release? Though I don't see the point of hiding credit on ALL the dergs. It's probably a glitch and should be fixed soon, unless the credits are being moved elsewhere. Let things settle a bit and we'll see, if TJ addresses it before anyone figures out what happened.

    Yeah.. my BET is that is a bug and will be squished soon.

  8. 30 minutes ago, Fuzzbucket said:


    My stuff is a traded-for SILVER and some I carelessly bred for lineages - which I am NOT about to dump. Oh well. I can try and trade later.I do have two of each.

    OUCH! XD Yeah, I don't blame you for not wanting to dump that.


    Well, hopefully your pretties hatch soon, tho hunting is none to good just yet, anyway. I got my ashies but not the Alpine ones yet...

  9. 16 minutes ago, Fiona said:

    Is it possible to make the Have/Want box a bit bigger? It's hard to fit a specific "Have" in the box such as a 2nd gen from Spriter's Alt and still have room for what I want, most especially when that want needs to be fairly specific. I was looking for any one of 4 specific breeds last week and had to get very creative with my wants to make it begin to fit. I was actually hoping that the update would give a separate "have" box with as many characters available as the original "want" box.

    True... especially SINCE it would be NICE if I have precogged an egg or hatchie, to be able to let others KNOW.

  10. 7 hours ago, HeatherMarie said:

    @skauble Oohhh thanks for the clarification! Personally I would love to see that 4-limit lifted, I think a lot of people have wanted that even before the hub. And in those cases it definitely would be nice to be able to somehow indicate that you have more you are willing to trade/offer.



    IF I have more than four I can offer, either I need a way to offer the lot at once if I am offering on the hub, or ELSE an acceptable way to contact the owner of the trade to let them know I have more I can send.


    All things considered, lifting the limit might be better if TJ isn't ALLOWED to allow for contact on-site?

  11. 1 hour ago, pinkgothic said:

    Sorry for singling you out (you're not the only one insisting on this point of view), but this wording really, really hit a nerve with me because it came across as belittling and derisive. (I'm very sure you didn't mean it that way, but the emotional impact was had, all the same.)


    My jaw hit the floor. My instinctive reaction was: How is "anything from my wishlist: <link>" not a want?! How is "I want more than four things, so please contact me using X to make it possible" not a want?! How is "Want: the thing I just accidentally declined" not a want?! How can you, with a straight face, if you work on answering those questions with your own sure stride, claim that this is no possible point of confusion, whatsoever, and asking questions like that is completely redundant and unnecessary? How can you honestly say "if you follow the letter of it, you won't be banned", knowing what you do about other people's understanding of this word from this very thread?


    So I would like to ask the people doing so please stop treating people who find "want" nebulous as though they're idiots who can't read, or who want to wiggle past some kind of sacred law. Language is difficult - this should be obvious the moment you try to use a translation software to chain a sentence from English through three other languages and back to English (spoilers: in absence of clever contextual caching, the output will not equal the input).


    The reason this entire thing is incredibly frustrating is because e.g. to me the word obviously includes things that have been explicitly excluded from its definition by the mods, in a way that to me feels terrifyingly arbitrary in parts. I am not denying them the right to define it however they want, this is their territory and their rules, but responding to the repeatedly stated confusions in this thread by saying "no, it's obvious, stop being obtuse" is not actually going to change that the word is nebulous and following it "to the letter" is not at all straight-forward.


    (Even pointing to the ToS is bizarre, given it is obviously out of date, as has been pointed out in light of the Market. The rules of engagement on the site have changed beyond the ToS' ability to passively keep up with. People are largely making good-faith attempts at understanding how they have changed, in light of that the ToS is obviously out of date and guesses must be made!)


    The reason "99%" of trades are adhering to the rules is because most of the points of confusion are all edge cases that don't get traded for as often as others. (Yes! Even linking to wishlists is an edge case! Only "power users" have wishlists.) It's not at all necessarily because a minority of players have some kind of special problem with language. It's because it is actually unclear. If you find it perfectly clear, I am happy for you - seriously! You've been blessed with an inner dictionary that coincides with the one of the moderators of this site. Others have not. Do not belittle those people, please.

    I have not been banned from using the Hub - but I probably would have sometime down the line, if I hadn't found this thread. Do I deserve to be banned from the Hub? Probably not, though YMMV, maybe I'm some kind of intolerable pest the moment I misinterpret the word "want" in what to me seems good faith, I genuinely don't know and I am not even trying to be flippant with that (though, yes, I am hurt by the insinuation that I'm somehow missing the obvious, and thus using exaggerated language).


    I am glad a clarification will be forthcoming. I am, however, very unhappy with that some people - even some moderators - are setting the people with concerns up as somehow slow-witted or intentionally trying to cause trouble. Please stop.

    Honestly this sums up my feelings pretty well, here.

    I HOPE I wouldn't have done anything that would have got me banned. That said... I can TOTALLY see how people can misread it.


    AND I don't think people who are HONESTLY and RESPECTFULLY asking for clarification of the rules DESERVE to be belittled.

    ALSO! Seeing as I have seen a LOT of requests for clarification... I SINCERELY doubt that it is just a question of a FEW people and their willful ignorance.

    I think there is GENUINELY a problem with the clarity.

  12. 6 minutes ago, osmarks said:

    Technically, under some interpretations it does say something about the hub - specifically, it bans it, possibly, though that's about as tenuous as most of the arguments for the rules being "obvious" extrapolated from the data we have.

    Bottom Line... the rules need updating.


    I mean... AM I technically guilty of violating ToS, then, by purchasing dragons from the Market ( because I certainly HAVE done)?

    The way it reads currently, I think you could argue so.


    It needs to be made clear.


    AND since some things have been added that didn't used to exist, the rules need updating to account for them ( Most especially the market and trade hub!)

  13. On 8/19/2018 at 12:47 PM, purplehaze said:

    Y'know, it has always been against forum policy (if not explicitly written rules) to post codes of growing dragons that don't belong to you and mods have always edited those out when they are found or reported -- so why expect the hub to be different?

    Quoted for truth!


    HOWEVER! I would add that it seems to be MORE the problem that while the above is true, GROWN dragons were always another matter.  IE, AFAIK, and correct me if I am wrong, if I were looking for a mate for a particular dragon, I could post the lonely one's code link in a trade thread with what I was offering as a want indicate that it needed a mate... THAT seems to be what is tripping people up? CERTAINLY I can understand why there might be issues with posting links, BUT... I can see how mistakes are made IF people are assuming the rules are the same as those for the forum.


    There are no official means through which eggs, hatchlings, or dragons can be bought, whether from the site or from other users. Exchanging any sort of currency, real or virtual, for eggs, hatchlings, or dragons is expressly forbidden.

    The second sentence is very explicit. Oh, and I guess the hub might be banned too.


    Hmmmmmm....IF @osmarks is right, then perhaps the ToS ITSELF could use a revamp, to account for the fact that there now IS an official 'way to purchase dragons'

  14. 6 hours ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    I would indeed be annoyed if I saved for a gold and then prizes showed up after I'd bought it. But I'd still save like mad at once !

    XD This.... totally this.


    For myself PERSONALLY, I'd like to see them in the market, even IF that would mean having to save a while for one.

    Don't get me wrong, if I actually won one, I'd be thrilled to death.


    That said...so far no luck at all AND I don't think the possibility of buying one would make me any less thrilled if I DID win.

    Ah well, if TJ says nope then all I can do is continue to enter in the hope that someday the RNG will decide to smile on me.


  15. 3 minutes ago, osmarks said:

    It would only fall under links under incredibly vague interpretations which barely make sense.

    I see your point. AS I said, VERY unclear. Bottom line... we REALLY need a far more clear set of rules. THAT much, I think, most of us can agree on.

  16. 5 minutes ago, osmarks said:

    @JavaTigress Depending on your view, the rules of the hub either consist of that one line about the want box being for "wants", all the stuff TJ09 has said on the forums about the hub rules, or all the stuff the moderators have said. So it may or may not be against the rules.

    Exactly the problem, THO...it may fall under links since you can very easily link to a dragon/ eggie using its code?

    Ats why I think it may NEED to be specifically addressed, just like it is on the forums.

  17. 8 hours ago, Kaini said:


    I've seen your trades (and offered on one, it wasn't perfect but I still have the 'Han' dragon lol)  and that's fine. Asking for a star wars related code or a marvel related code is totally different than asking for a specific, singular code that currently exists.


    The problem isn't that it's too specific of a want - that's fine, you can ask for whatever you want for your dragon.


    The problem is asking for a singular egg that currently exists. 


    So, asking for 'star wars codes' is fine, but if you saw 'HanXG' in the biomes, missed it, and asked for that specific egg, I would consider that... not cool. Cuz it's my egg, would draw unwanted attention to it, possibly make it sick etc...

    I agree with all of this! Asking for a code related to something is different that calling out a specific code.


    As anther user pointed out, there are REASONS mentioning codes of dragons you don't own is against the rules in the forums. AND those reasons hold true for doing the same in the TH. ( The rules for TH are unclear BUT I am assuming that when they shake down,my bet is this will PROBABLY be addressed somewhere in them.)While it may or may NOT have had any malicious intent (either bragging or bombing) and it may BE that the person asking really DOES JUST want to trade for that particular code... it DOES bring extra views and attention on the own of the code, if it exists.

  18. I Would Like to Update My List!
    Scroll name: 
    Forum name: 
    Revised List:
    1. 2g Silver or Bronze Prize
    2. CB Trio ( Preferably Thunder or Ice
    3a. 3rd Gen + Gold
    3b. 5th Gen + Shimmers( I especially LOVE silvers!)
    4a. cb Blue (Coastal) Biakala

    4b. cb Pinks ( I ALWAYS Need More Influencers! XD)

    My favorite dragon is likely to be the silver shimmerscale ( I collect them!) though I do love many of our dragons!

  19. More biomes? 

    24 minutes ago, Alrexwolf said:

    tbh if Grasslands were added that would make me so happy? Oasis Pygmy dragons were originally designed to live in the desert and border grasslands (based on the desertification of real life grasslands), but because of how the game is set up right now, they have to be desert/jungle or nothing.


    I would absolutely love if the biomes were more real life specific? Like.

    Alpine, Coastal, Marine, Arid, Moorland/Plains/Savannah, Temperate, Tropical, Polar/Tundra

    I actually very much like this idea. It would give people more options and possibilities for dragon concepts, I think?

  20. On 8/8/2018 at 5:45 AM, 49ER said:

    A couple things needed to be added to this list of mentioned wishes.  

    1-Being able to put if you do or not accept forum PM's, either on your profile to show up on your teleport link (this way, no violation of the Want box

    2--A separate Have box (so no violation of the wants box)

    3--A space for the offerer to add a note with their offer, such as "this hatchie is influenced/precog'd the gender you wanted" etc

    4.  A way for someone to link forum wishlist or direct someone to it, and/or scroll group for ideas what to offer (as of now, it is considered a violation of Wants Box)

    5--And most of all.................PAGINATION!  I am pretty sure everyone agrees with this one


    I am sure there are others I have missed, but these are ones I could think of off the top that have been talked about.


    On an aside, it seems it has been said absolutely that scroll to scroll communication cannot be implemented due to TJ's job conflict, but not clear if there would be conflict if you put forum contact information, or had in profile whether you accept Forum pm's, or provide contact information.


    I would support ALL of what @49ER said here if they are at all possible..

    I would say that the most pressing one is the need for pagination.


    THAT said, however, IF, for work related reasons, @TJ09 isn't PERMITTED to make the forum and the site more connected ( AND some of the things that have been said have hinted in that way tho I am not sure if it has been stated specifically...) A Separate 'Have' Box, and possibly a box for trade related notes, ( Such as precogged male/female, for instance )  at the very least beyond that. I feel those three things would do MUCH to help our situation and improve the trade hub greatly!