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  1. Thanks for the explanation... just wondered about it. Like I said. NOT trying to bash.
  2. Actually, MWs advice makes perfect sense to me... if you feel at home in your own skin, why worry about it?
  3. Excellent point by F.ury, here. Words can and DO change meanings and connotations. If I recall the word 'gay' didn't used to refer to homosexuals, either.
  4. I guess some people just naturally feel mor eor less strnagly abotu their gender than others.
  5. I have a question for the thread: That being... I have come to an interesting conclusion. I have always identified myself as female because that is what my body is and that was easiest. Truth is, though, I have nevr felt terribly STRONGLY about my femininity and I can just as easily do 'ungirly' things as traditionally 'girly'. In fact, if someone adressed me as male, I would probably be more likely to LAUGH about it than get offended or 'triggered' or whatever. Is this even a thing?
  6. One of my Gold Shims has an ancestor named Burgerpus... and another named Happy Meal Toy
  7. So... the system is already set up to compensate for this? That is... its a non-issue? The game would automatically produce more eggs if more were taken?
  8. Yes, definitely! There are any number of ways TJ could ensure that there are the same number of eggs available.
  9. This... besdes, I am sure TJ has PROBABLY already taken into account the aspect of this suggestion where folks grab more eggs.
  10. I confess, I am covetting that gold. That is beautiful!
  11. Wow! And see... your case sounds like one where I would argue that an abortion MIGHT be the only way to go to save a life. (Especially since with the IUD in there, the fetus'd be unlikely to survive anyhow.) I do NOT agree with that. IF the pregnancy is going to potentially kill the one carrying it, then, sad though it is, abortion may be the only option. I am not saying that I like it, but in some situations, it might be necessary. I would consider myself to be pro-life, but I would say that I am NOT as extreme as that. My belief is that, if it comes down to a choice like that... ultimately the woman's life comes first. ALSO ETA- Can I say that your posts here, GhostChili, were quite informative as to WHY you feel so strongly about this? Never hurts to try to understand someone else's perspective, after all...
  12. Yeah BUT... they are pretty enough that that makes up for it, IMO.
  13. AND that is probably WHY the hunting season is when it is, and why there are rules in place.
  14. I suppose that is the thing... My mum already KNEW she was preggers, so she KNEW that what she felt was my sis. IF she hadn't had any reason to suspect it, she might well have chalked it up to some other cause.
  15. Interesting. I wouldn't have THOUGHT it would be that possible to not know. Early on, perhaps but after a certain point... After a certain point wouldn't you feel the fetus moving. I know my mom did when she was pregnant with my sister. Little sis used to get quite active at times, move around and kick and things... though perhaps again, that depends.
  16. Offered on one of the shinies. Leaving: An Even Gen Silver with a zombie ancestor! Click to Claim
  17. I am taking all your Thunder dragons... maybe that will help me with summoning.
  18. Offered on this. Will leave something nice in a sec. ETA... Ugh! I appear to be locked. I shall leave something later today, if I get this. OK, I offered my gift for the thread as the dummy ( A pretty even Gen avatar of change)... if you'd drop it in the thread for me, if you accept, that would be nice.
  19. See, now THAT, I think, is wrong. If you didn't want the fish, why NOT release it? Why leave it on the grass to suffer and die?
  20. My only point was that people have strong feelings/beliefs about it... which your post aptly illustrates. I admit, I never REALLY considered it as giving the unborn MORE rights than the woman has. Regardless, I was only pointing out that people have VERY strong feelings about this one way or the other and that those feelings color their responses as you point out. That, unfortunately, is hard to avoid when people's emotions run so high about an issue. I certainly meant NO disrespect by that. ALSO, I never said it was only pro-choice folks that could be rude at times, abortion opponents can be as well. AND you are certainly right that people can argue for more than one issue at a time. I only meant that I think, on the whole, the issues with adoption are a lesser known thing than abortion, for whatever reason. MAYBE because people do not want to see those problems, or maybe because most never have a chance to see them. As you say, fixing those wouldn't necessarily prevent EVERY abortion, but it would certainly help those kids that are already in the system. I wonder... what would the legal punishment be for someone that did what you are describing... forcing another human being to give a blood transfusion to them, or bone marrow or such?
  21. This is actually an excellent point. I mean, if the adoption system is as badly flawed as that, maybe fixing it would be a better use of EVERYONE's energy than arguing about things that just get everyone's hackles up and change no ones minds? I think that is why people get so rude, honestly, is that most people have EXTREMELY strong opinions on it one way or the other. That MAY be why so much time is spent on that particular issue, also... people feel strongly about it. Just my thoughts for whatever they are worth.
  22. I have no issues with hunting, provided that the person doing it knows what they are doing and they don't wound the animal and are then too lazy to even try to go find it if it runs. ( admittedly finding it and finishing the job may NOT always be possible, but the effort should be made). I have even read about cases of people that did that with dangerous predators in times passed ( tigers, leopards and ect... ) and the animal went on to become a huge problem because it could no longer hunt its normal prey and some other hunter had to be called in to deal with it because the animal had taken to hunting humans as prey. As someone else said, that also would be a case where hunting would be justified, sadly... if the animal in question is a known human killer. I would also say that it is my PREFERENCE if the animal killed is made use of in some way. Whether that be eating the meat , wearing the hide or such. I don't really understand the concept of hunting PURELY for trophies or sport. Just my two cents.
  23. I have heard it asserted that, in some parts of the world at least, fetuses that are found to be female prior to birth are more likely to be aborted than males because of their gender and no other reason. Does anyone have any statistics on this?
  24. Speaking of which: Do we know how the Pyralspites breed? Do they work like the coppers do?
  25. IT almost seems to me that a BIG part of this issue is that there is NO real consensus as to WHEN it becomes more than 'just a clump of cells.' I mean, some want to argue that it is, in fact, more from the time of conception while others prefer to use birth as the point at which it becomes more... is the truth perhaps somewhere in between? Just an idea... That is... an eight month fetus certainly LOOKS far less like just a clump of cells than , say a newly fertilized egg. At what point does a person's life... as we think of it, the ability to think, feel pain and ect... actually begin? I am not trying to start an arguement, here, but the question does seem to have some bearing on the issue as as far as I know some people even oppose the use of birth control on the grounds that it might cause the fertilized egg to fail to implant. ( That is a view I don't agree with by the way, as plenty of fertilized eggs fail to inplant and develop into a child on their own) Is there a point at which abortion, perhaps, should ONLY be allowed in extreme circumstances ( carrying the pregnancy threatens the mother's life)? IF a woman is pregnant and didn't want to be, why wait that long? Just some thoughts on my part based on my knowledge, such as it is, of how pregnancy works.