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  1. Lately I have been hoarding black teas and horses.
  2. I know what you mean. I hoard bred shimmers, so... I would LOVE to have a CB one. As for the holiday dragons I intend to try to grab some of the ones I misedd.... like Wrapping Wings and Winter Magi and Solstices.
  3. Truthfully, I agree with Solar Cat here. If dead dragons get to keep their names, why shouldn't they be dealt with the same as live dragons as far as names? The owner should be able to rename them, if they want, AND I think applying name-stealing to dead dragons on inactive scrolls would be a possible solution. I do realize that some people with dead lines wouldn't liek the names stolen... BUT I wonder, how often would the names of those be in ny real danger of being stolen? Certainly it would be better than having names auto-wiped.
  4. No problem. I guess I sort of did help you find us, cus... you asked me about my 'flappy vampies'. ALSO @ Qor- I sent you a PM regarding that egg I just bit.
  5. Will do. Let me see if I an find an egg worthy of becoming Montague! Ha! I did it! I have an update! Update: Countess Mina bit an egg and it remained pure. Dragon: Clicky!
  6. O.O A sibling of Mina's was lost? Let us hope those cursed Capulets don't find it and try to raise it Capulet. LOL! Also! Welcome to House Montague, Missy! Just so as anyone knows, both my Montagues are available to bite, if anyone wants me to try... though the way my vampies have been lately I suspect they would kill the egg.
  7. Wooo! Christmas dragons. I wanna get some Winter Magi, this year, those are GORGEOUS.
  8. Something tells me that TJ is probably stalking and laughing at us all and we may ALL be wrong. I certainly am not sure myself why TJ thought it was stale, other than that as Fiona and prpldrgnfr pointed out, he maybe felt that we were coming to take it for granted. BTW! Can I join in the smores party, if there is one?
  9. ACTUALLY... IF they weren't PERMENANT, I would totally agree that they DO sort of give our dragons personality. As it is, they can go from a charming bit of character to absolutely rage inducing if the right dragons refuse, all because you have no recourse. Do... BSA or basic option, I'd be glad to see an option for refusals.
  10. The truth of the matter is, I think, that what animals are considered 'food' is strongly influenced by your culture. Simple as that, really.
  11. AND this I could totally be in favor of. As you point out, it isn't fair that those without forum accounts can't really get the news as easily.
  12. ACTUALLY, I would be TOTALLY in favor of some kind of BC pill for the dudes, too.
  13. This. Or, as someone else said if it could be turned OFF entirely if you are on the forum and don't need it? Perhaps via a thing in your account settings?
  14. Yeah, though with me it always me wonder what it says about the rest of their vocabulary if they have to resort to those words SO often to express themselves.
  15. OK. I'll give you that I wasn't thinking of that. Haven't really read the help page in a LONG while. That being said, the help page could easily enough be changed to reflect the new situation IF released dragons were made fair game. ALTHOUGH, given that that was never done before, those who have released dragons that, for whatever reason, they NEVER want to have another owner would be understandably upset IF they took that to mean that it would always be that way. The risk of alienating those people is a certainly a valid concern with this. However, as I said, I also see plenty of other reasons why TJ probably wouldn't allow this.
  16. 6/10.... giggles at the ridiculous numbers.
  17. The problem with this argument is that we are NEVER actually promised that no one else can own that dragon... just that OUR releasing it is irreversible, like abandoning. Other people and what they might do is never addressed in the message you get when you release a dragon. I released one of my 2G sun stones today, so I know that for a fact. It was never guaranteed to be a way to keep them away from anyone else.... to MY knowledge... just a way to get them off of your scroll ( I am also wondering WHY, i you no longer want a dragon, it should be SO important that no one else can have/breed it, EVER). As far as I know, the only guaranteed way to do that, honestly, is to kill a dragon, pure and simple. I sort of agree with Annageckos on this point... once you release it, it is no longer yours. NOT saying I am for or against this suggestion... just saying I am not sure I entirely agree with that argument against it. My thoughts on this are that it isn't a thing I personally feel terribly strongly about, one way or the other... BUT that it seems to me to be something that TJ09 would be extremely unlikely to allow on the same grounds that trading adults isn't a thing... the game is about raising and collecting dragons and grabbing adults isn't in that spirit. I ALSO agree with those that say it would cause undue drama from those that failed to get any rare pretties, and then there were none, if this were allowed. Sad though it is that there are rare pretties in the Wilderness, I do NOT see him allowing those to be fair game. Just my two cents, for whatever they are worth.
  18. It makes me happy to see my dragons in pretty lineages too. ALSO, I applaud when someone names one of my babies' babies.
  19. Uggh! Why do some people reject a description and then NOT give their reasons for rejection ? If it were an abstain i could understand... but if you reject a descrip, you must have had a reason.
  20. 6/10 Hey! I know I have seen you over in trades!
  21. THIS actually strikes me as a VERY good possibility, given that TJ does like to keep us all on our toes. It wouldn't surprise me if he was planning something like that. As for vampires....>.> I tried an egg with one of mine... dead. SO... yeah, not good.
  22. I feel guilty when others have to wait for me to pay my IOUs. Silly, i know, as I cannot make my dragons produce an egg... but I still feel bad, as I like to pay up as quickly as I can.
  23. 7/10. I see you in forum games fairly often.