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  1. Hmmmmm.. I need to come UP with names for my pretties, yet!
  2. Honestly.... hard to choose. IF any of them were missing , I think I wouldmiss it. I LOVE it in spring when everything comes alive again after winter. AND in summer I enjoy the gardenign and swimming and other summery things ( THOUGH it sometimes gets too HOT for my taste... I prefer it on the cooler side) In fall I adore the colors of the leaves and lastly.... winter has the holiday season, which I greatly enjoy! SO I would miss each and everyone if they were missing entirely and all have their place!
  3. Yes. I support this also.... if ONLY because influence sometimes fails, and sometimes mistakes are made. AND I also agree that one can NEVER have enough Influence pairs ( I am currently STILL in need of more Pinks) .
  4. OooH! Yes, of course,t he spriter alts. I was wondering if they meant that there were alts of the lovelies that were available to US. Mind you they are gorgeous and I am glad I managed to get FIVE of them!
  5. I'll be helping myself to that CB Caligene hatchie at the top of your scroll!
  6. Actually You sum it up pretty well, too. NOT sure how precisely I missed this post before when addressing HeatherMarie's, but... I really like the image you used of it as a journey.... and I would add that it isn't always an EASY journey.
  7. I thought it was green flame, but YES, creepily cool, either way! ETA... maybe we can pitch the question of WHICH it is at the spriter after the big reveal of the adults!
  8. I respectfully disagree with you here. TJ has implement any NUMBER of things int he last few years ( allowing old Hallows to be caught in their own biome to name just one... OR the marketplace!) That are DEFINITELY above and beyond the 'bare minimum' of keeping the code updated.
  9. IF I may humbly submit... some of the BIG C church things you talk about ( in the past particularly...) NOT even all Christians like/agree with . Again that is one of the OTHER reasons there are denominations.... and protestants as opposed to Catholics. As for what @HeatherMarie... I can feel the struggle you are having with it reading your post. IF It helps, even those who consider them selves to be believers struggle with the subject of faith some times ( IE, for example ... I consider myself a Christian in that I BELIEVE in the things you mention ( Jesus' death for sin and resurection and all of that...) as my way to heaven. THAT said... I don't always feel like I have the faith in God that I SHOULD have... and of course I KNOW that the Bible teaches that without faith it isn't possible to please God...) Faith, I think , is a daily CHOICE as much as anything. SO what you are feeling isn't UNUSUAL at all I would say.
  10. I admit, I am finding that so far I am rather partial to these new pretties. I wonder who made them! Can't WAIT to see the adults * Tries to hurry TJs hatchies to grow up*
  11. Ooooh! INTERESTING theory there! In any case I have caught myself six of these lovelies ( Hoping for three male and female pairs!) so I am well satisfied with the results of my hunting. Looking forward to seeing what these beauties grow up to be! BTW! Has anyone tried sorting them?
  12. Right. Believing it on a religious level? That is a matter of faith.
  13. As a Christian myself I would say that this a fair assessment. We DO believe that the Bible not only contains but IS the Word of God. Therefor, by definition it is NOT false. If that helps? As @HeatherMarie pointed as for interpretation for a Christian's life today.... well that can vary. At's why we have many, MANY denominations!
  14. Me too. I agree that they put me in mind of cats! These guys are LOVELY. May have to catch more of these pretties...especially if these keep their promise as adults.
  15. This is a point AS... I am not SURE what their baseline rarity is supposed to be. ( AND I do know that MINE can be a lot of FAIL dragons, sometimes, when it comes to biting. ) So clearly some ratio applies to them, also!
  16. Agreed, I would LOVE this way of handlign it.AFTER all, we are more likely to get zombies that day... and zombies appear on our scrolls, too. Vamps in the cave would give it a spooky flavor!
  17. They originally WERE a halloween release. Trouble is that a vampire can bite an egg at ANY time of year( unlike the rest of the holiday breeds which have a limited breeding season to 'reproduce after their kind'). Hence, as I understand,t hey are DIFFERENT from the Halloweens and NOT considered one of them anymore. 'Bitten' vampires', then, can be found at any time of year as when a vampire bites there is a chance that even IF the egg turns it will be kicked to the AP. The closest you can GET is a CB egg of some other breed turned vampire. Difficult yes, but there IS another thread discussing ways of allowing proper cave dropped vampies to be had!
  18. Some of that ought to change, IMO. Like... IF a woman can get an abortion on the grounds that it is her body and she should be able to do what she wants to with it, WHY shouldn't the same logic apply here. Inconsistent IF you ask me. As I said, I personally think that the situations that lead to abortions are tragic at best and would prefer to see ways of reducing the perceived need for them.
  19. I have been having DECENT luck with my catching now that the initial craze has died down. I managed to catch another pair of CB graves, another pair of CB Caligenes, two more female CB Witchlights, a pair of CB pumkins ( which I missed out on last year!) AND... the Male CB Cavern Lurker I have been hoping for since one of my CBs LAST halloween season misgendered on me! No Omen Wyrms, bred or CB, this year though... but I wasn't as focused on getting those.
  20. Frankly @HeatherMarie , what I would PREFER, in a case like yours, is for someone who knows that they never, EVER want a pregnancy and that one will only EVER result in an abortion, to be able to decide to have a procedure that would permanently prevent that.( AND yes, I realize that there are potential issues of people changing their mind AND that often docs are too afraid of a law suite to allow it... at needs to change , IMHO) I suspect that knowing it CAN'T happen, or at least that it is extremely unlikely would add greatly to such a woman's peace of mind and mental health. I don't really LIKE the concept of abortions, ethically, since there is NO agreement as to precisely when life begins, though I can understand that there ARE situations like what you describe AND cases where it makes the woman desperate for WHATEVER reason ( You aren't really any further ahead if the woman commits suicide!) and so would much prefer it if people that knew they were never going to want a child to be able to take steps to prevent that... and that there were just far fewer situations where women felt that they NEEDED an abortion. If any of that makes sense? Better birth control and knowledge of how to properly use and just more options in general BEFORE it ever got that far? I , personally have FAR less issues with PREVENTING a pregnancy before it happens ( via either abstinence OR wisely used birth control) than I do with abortion. To give a ' for instance' my own Mom, after my sister was born, decided that she didn't want ANY further pregnancies ( too hard on her back) AND had her tubes tied at that time... no more baby siblings for me! Something like that should DEFINITELY be an option for a woman in the case you described!
  21. Well, and I DID say the situation needs to be handled carefully. I am not sure that FORCING someone to listen to the heartbeat is the answer. Giving them the option to, yes, I'd be all in favor of that. Forcing it? No. I am willing to admit that IF someone has already made the decision that probably isn't going to change it.
  22. Happy Halloween to me! I managed to catch a couple more CBs! AND I managed to snag a few pretty bred eggs so! Locked now so time to hatch some before I head back out for more. ALSO the weeping angel treat is cute!
  23. Support! I wouldn't mind being able to explore further and see if I can find the stuff I missed.
  24. This. I would have LURVED a chance at a CB vampire or two of my very own! Any one esle having absolutely ZEROluck at all catching CB s in the Biome, right now. I keep trying but FAILING epically to get anything I go for.