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  1. ONLY IF I can have your Precognicators ( Aeon Wyverns!)* Lures them away while you are busy trying to steal my golds...*
  2. Imma add your Arcanae to my scroll! * Lures them away with magic books!*
  3. Since I can't find the link to your scroll, I'll just nab a random dragon from you to get this game STARTED again! * Giggles evilly*
  4. Actually.... This sounds like a rather nice way of handling it. Of course, as you say, TJ gets the last word on it, BUT.... I like it.
  5. Question for the artist. Are Skysilks inspired by kites? Cus they kind of remind me of them!
  6. The SKysilks are magnificent, glad I was able to catch a bunch of them! WISH I could find a mate for my lone Mariner pygmy, tho...
  7. Yes. I support this suggestion ( I beleive I have missed a few eggs and treats over the years. AT said, I DO think IF an opportunity to collect the extra eggs/treats were implemented SOMETHIGN would need to be changed to allow people enough time to collect both the NEW eggs and any that were missed from previous years ( WHICH might be full sets as some have pointed out). I liek GhostMouse's idea of decreasing the time between drops ( Which was an annoyance for me, collecting, anyway)... AND extending the time allotted for the hunt THOUGH as Ghost Mouse also said... either ONE by it
  8. Oh! OK! I had WONDERED about those . Thanks for the info, herk.
  9. I am kind of excited about some of the descrips I have waiting approval! At said, I DO have a question. I sometimes type out a description for a dragon and then post it to the que.... but then... well see the following example. Underlined the bit in question as I didn't write that in there. WHY is that the site adds that and IS it something I need to go in and remove and repost before my descrip will be sent through?
  10. Yes, I can absolutely agree with that. For my OWN scroll, I absolutely support more and better sorting options. I was referring to using it on other scrolls. THOUGH to be fair I didn't say I was ABSOLUTELY opposed to that either... merely that I was unsure.
  11. Yes, please! I didn't realize that this was a universal thing! I always assumed those first years didn't HAVE banners. Support from me!
  12. My take, too. I can see pros and cons to this. It WOULD come in handy for Encylopedia fulfillers, for sure, and it might come in handy for trading situations. BUT I can also understand the point of view of those that put a lot of effort into their personalized scroll sorting. I myself also have and sort of consider it one of the things that makes my own scroll unique... even IF others don't get the personalized logic behind it. I LIKE for others to be able to see my scroll as I put it together. So...I am iffy on this one TBH.
  13. I would say this. I would HOPE that IF there are any claims of bannable behavior, the mods would look into said claims before taking any decisive action to ensure that the claims are in fact TRUE. After all, just because a claim is made doesn't make it so as you validly point out... AND, after all, that is their responsibility. I get the SENSE that our mods take their jobs pretty seriously, and I don't THINK that they would scapegoat someone. I understand your concern of course, BUT we don't KNOW what happened in the case of Hopsketch, exactly. I don't know that the mods would ADVE
  14. I can link you to my vampires, too! I still love my Montagues, even if this project has sort of died.
  15. Genuinely asking as I haven't ever hidden my scroll.... does hiding one's scroll name on one's dragons hide it on trades, too?
  16. I gotta say this would be MY preferred method of dealing with the issue. I can see there being.... problems with putting prizes in the biomes. I can't catch golds in the biomes so no way in the WORLD would that help me. THAT said, I DO like the idea of being able to work for one via the market ( I would be more likely to save for one of these beauties than golds or silvers, actually!) AND I'd LOVE to see more winners per month in the raffles. As for limits.... Mehbe. Not sure on that. AS I said before... too strict of limits would prevent someone from possibly getting the prize t
  17. I see @Fuzzbucket's point here. I DO think a note when a descrip is definitely finally given a verdict by the mods would be nice, tho...
  18. Oh! OK! Thanks for the info, @Dalek Raptor. I wasn't aware that that gave a different message. Good to know!
  19. I would say PM TJ or perhaps the mods. ALL it says when I look is that I can't find your scroll. I am unsure what issue there might have been AND,whatever the case, I don't think your average user is privy to whatever reasons there might have been for any decision of that sort. I will add here that I THINK there isn't ALWAYS a warning before a scroll is burned, unfortunately. I may be wrong about that and If I am I hope someone will correct me.
  20. I had noticed that wording but I wasn't ON HUNDRED percent certain that it had changed.... interesting. It makes ME wonder now, too, if the mechanism has changed...
  21. Hmmmmmm... I fully support the dot idea as I THOUGHT I posted somewhere already. ESPECIALLY if it shows up in breeding lists. I am not so sure of the idea of gen numbers. HOWEVER! I wonder if that is something that could be made an option in one's account settings? So that those that want them can have them and those that find them intrusive could turn them off?
  22. Yes. I agree. I wouldn't be OPPOSED to having the information, necessarily. I would be interested in knowing how many of a given breed I currently have, as well. NT necessary as was said, but it would be interesting to know, for example, how many reds, waters or golds exist in DC.
  23. This this THIS! I would be very dissapointed, actually, IF I won and ( As would probably be my luck even if I were lucky enough to actually WIN a prize!) got one that wasn't a favorite and THEN wasn't able to try again. IS it frustrating to see some people win multiple CB prizes while others ( like.... myself for example) have none at all? ABSOLUTELY. However, I don't believe that those insanely lucky individuals deserve to be PUNISHED necessarily for other people's lack of win, and I don't think this is the solution to the problem... it doesn't REALLY address the fact
  24. AFAIK.... there isn't a LIMIT per se.... other than what people are willing to pay for it. As in... they CAN ask that for it.... doesn't mean they will GET it.
  25. Oh, YES! I actually think this is a good idea. I have had to take to making a group for my CBs just so that they are easy to find.... though this is even BETTER if this indicator shows up on the dragons' breeding page... Plus as others have said, it would give me an easy way of double checking my own grouping for mistakes , ensuring that no CBS are missed, for example.