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  1. AND I would add that people have trained DOGS to do some pretty remarkable things, too... I don't see why a drake couldn't be trained with the proper reinforcement.
  2. True, scary, but... if I may, the descrip strongly SUGGESTS that that is EXACTLY what we have going on there. A drake with some pretty remarkable powers.
  3. I didn't mean specifically someone from the US..... just in general. Like... how would they give the information tot hose that seemed to need it without revealing it to those whose attention would be... undesirable to the clinic. I think that question was more or less addressed acceptably. AND as someone who mostly considers them self to be an opponent of abortion tho... I can fully agree that the antics you hear about from some of these protesters are.... out of line and distasteful. Like... shouting and harassing women outside of a clinic , for instance, is just making what I think is already an unfortunate situation all the worse. I guess I am not a 'zealot' as you put it. AS I see it, an abortion is an invasive procedure with the potential for complications and side effects... I presume that people wouldn't have them just for 'kicks and lulz' after all. IF a woman decides to have one , she generally has reasons; I am aware of that. I think avoiding the situations that force women to have to make that choice is the better way to go. After all, we don't AGREE on precisely when a human life begins... that is a perfectly fair and valid point. Since we don't KNOW, I'd prefer to see better prevention of unwanted pregnancies in the first place than trying to enforce laws banning abortions that, ultimately CANNOT be enforced. Better education and birth control, and YES, more freedom to opt for permanent sterilization for those that want it and know they will NEVER want to have a child ... or any MORE children(when any pregnancy will only EVER mean an abortion...)...I am absolutely all in favor of. And YES, I do understand that that won't prevent ALL situations, but again, neither will an outright BAN. AND I would LIKE to comment that I think some of those aforementioned antics gives those of us who are more rational in our objections to abortion a bad name. *Sigh* I just think it is a shame that people are so inclined to let their emotions get in the way on this issue ( And yes, I am looking at both sides of this debate when I say that. ) The Just my two cents, for whatever they are worth?
  4. How does a person who.... feels they are in need of the services of such a clinic find them, then? * Is genuinely curious*
  5. Could be, i am not sure PRECISELY on all of that. However, I would say That in my experience... I work in a Walgreen's Pharmacy.NOT in the actual pharmacy part of it,mind you, but I am still required to make sure that any pharmacy related patient information, for example, is properly disposed of if I find it left laying, for instance. I would have to think SOMETHING could be brought against someone trying to maliciously use another person's medical history against them. THAT might even be a Federal issue, actually. Which is to say it might well be able to be taken over the heads of BOTH states. Again, speculation on my part. As I said... In the end it might end up being a question of what state gets the final say. WAR has been fought over where a State's rights extended in times past, after all. While I hope it wouldn't escalate that far, I COULD see it turning into an ugly legal battle, for sure.
  6. Meh, maybe I am lazy.... but frankly, that seems like WAY to much effort to go through. Still, you have a point to some extent, however. Couldn't charges be brought against someone doing such a thing, tho, on the grounds that it violated patient's privacy. Such things are taken pretty seriously, AFAIK.
  7. Even THEN, said protesters would need to KNOW that said individual lived in such a state.
  8. AND I doubt that a doc who DOES abortions is going to have enough of a problem with them to risk violating laws themselves to report on their patient in another state? AND as of others maliciously informing on you... Yes, some people might. Frankly tho... Georgia's law is over the top ( AND I am not necessarily a friend of abortion and I am saying that. :P)
  9. MMMM... but murder is still a CRIME, most likely, where the murder took place. Interesting info and I could see the situation creating some sort of legal battle? The thing to remember is that US states are still quite...jealous ...of what they consider to be their powers. I don't claim to be an expert on law or anything like that of course. After having READ some of the articles, it sounds like the situation with N. Ireland, bad as it is, is sort of... an unusual one and is being massively criticized and pressured to change. I presume that it either has or will. I ought also add that as the case of the French citizens death... interesting case BUT extradition is always a battle. It sounds to ME like France is maybe sort of desperate to close the case... which, IMO, can be a PROBLEM if they aren't careful to make SURE they have the right person? In any case, interesting points. As you say... possible I am wrong, BUT I would also say I still forsee a fight if Georgia pushes it.
  10. Interesting theory and... if I may... totally like TJ to set up something like that. So no, I don't think CRAZY at all. Well, We will find out. I have a pair of each, SO I can investigate once mine all grow up!
  11. Yes, I can agree... people's dragons getting bombed while in trade is a far more troublesome problem than possible hoarding of eggs and stashing them with the timer off.
  12. BUT! Wouldn't said egg still occupy a slot on their scroll? I have a hard time believing anyone would WANT to keep an egg around a whole month after a holiday, to use the example given, and occupying valuable space on their scroll. AND if they are willing to pay that price, maybe that is the trade-off? I don't see it as a problem, even. *Shrugs* maybe just me, tho. If someone WANTS to hang onto an egg for an unreasonable amount of time to attempt the perfect trade? I don't see the issue with it. As I said, PROVIDED that eggie in a trade still occupies a slot. They might not EVEN get what hey are hoping for it. Personally, I wouldn't PAY the price someone in August would be asking for a CB Holiday. Especially not knowing that there is a very good chance that they will drop again when the holidays role around again.
  13. may I submit my thanks tot he artists that made these lovelies? They are all magnificent.... so much detail! I had high hopes for them after last years Hogwarts four, and I wasn't disappointed at all! Thank you artists! Now... off to catch my second Gloris!
  14. Ooooh! Yes PLEASE that'd be SO useful at times!
  15. Ugggg.... I am SOooo frustrated with myself right now. Make a long story short, I sort of screwed up. No, make that I DID screw up. I needen't get into the how and why but.... suffice it to say that I said I'd do something I then forgot to do. I didn't INTEND to forget. AND I apologized for my failure. I just... still feel rotten about it.
  16. This is my thought on "Georgia going after women that have abortions in other states." IF it isn't against the law where the abortion happened... I don't see what they can really do? That would be like the police in Wisconsin, for example, arresting you because you smoked pot in Colorado ( where, as I understand it, it is NOT against the law). Assuming you aren't under the influence or have any with you in Wisconsin, of course. I don't think it can be done AND.... abortion issue aside, I think a LOT of people would object to the states being able to interfere with each other like that. It wouldn't END well, I feel pretty sure. State Laws are NOT FEDERAL Laws. AFAIK ONLY apply in the state that has them ( Others may correct me if I am wrong, of course?)
  17. This! I got one of each, BUT I'd at least like to have a breeding pair of each! So now I must wait for the ones I have to hatch.... Hurry up, eggies!
  18. Thing is...miscarriages can happen and it isn't USUALLY anybody's fault. So absolutely NO to women being punished for having miscarriages. I would add that I believe even the scripture, if you believe in such, may imply there IS a difference. In the Old Testament Law, there is Exodus 21:22-23. Admittedly, there are differences on the translation and interpretation, here, but one commonly accepted interpretation is that if a man caused a woman to have a miscarriage, he was to receive a punishment ( often a fine payed to the husband of the woman) but that if the woman herself survived he wasn't punished as a murderer. if the woman , herself died as a result, on the other hand, then he received the penalty of a murderer. As I said, there are disagreements on this and there are those that say no it refers to premature birth. At said, interesting and worth considering. The research i did indicated that Jewish tradition has been arguing over that particular passage for a while... well before we Christians had to deal with it. So NO you absolutely cannot say that scripture teaches a woman ought to be punished for miscarrying. NO.
  19. *Nods* I know that what we have isn't perfect. BUT that isn't any reason NOT to use it. More importantly not to know HOW to use it. It also isn't any reason they ought not to look for new and better methods that fail less often. Are we going to be able to prevent ANY abortions from being performed... sadly, NO. Not even making it illegal can accomplish that, from what I have been given to understand. IF desperate women feel the need for them badly enough, they WILL happen, regardless of the risk... and regardless of what anyone else thinks. I understand, that much. But if better knowledge an more education can reduce the need for them... then absolutely that is what we need to do. What bugs me are the cases where ignorance is the issue and an abortion could have been made far less likely if people had had better information. So yes, I can totally agree with you in that we DO need to be educating people, and doing more research into the subject. You hear about some of the ignorant ideas some people have about how the human body works sexually and it is like... they have no idea and of COURSE they are going to run into trouble. IF we are giving people a choice, that only works if they also have information to make an informed one. NO excuse for the kind of ignorance you sometimes hear about. Is that naive and idealistic? Perhaps, but that is what I think.
  20. I was primarily addressing Cecona's post, however, i have went back and edited to include some your specific example as well. Agreed that rape isn't the same as consensual sex at ALL.
  21. I don't mean there AREN'T people opposed to both. just one doesn't automatically mean the other. AFTER ALL... extramarital sex aside. BC can be a useful thing for MARRIED women as well. So... As for me personally, while I don't believe in having extramarital sex ( And therefor don't have it myself) I understand that not everyone believes as I do and... anyway, sometimes people make regrettable choices. I would much RATHER they used birth control and DIDN'T need to have an abortion than otherwise. Again. I realize that not everyone thinks as I do, as you pointed out... just clarifying my views on it. I also agree that IF the law isn't flexible enough to allow for something to be done in at least certain cases, then yes , that is absolutely a problem. (The example of the eleven year old that was raped and ended up pregnant comes to mind. An extreme example, BUT it makes the point well enough)
  22. And I will be fair, too and state that it is possible that is more of a problem in some parts of the country than others ( The law being referenced, I believe , was in Georgia...) If I may... I am a bit surprised at the insurance company, however. Seems like THEY are part of the issue as well IF you ask me. At is a bit off topic , however. I WILL simply say too, that I THINK maybe conservative in the South is a somewhat... different animal... than is a conservative in Yankee land. Something to keep in mind. I have run into that with issues as regards race, as well.
  23. But I mean... can't that sort of pressure happen anyway? Like... COULDN'T a man push his wife to have kids purely for the tax breaks? At said, my thoughts on what @spatio said are this. FIRST... Questioning exactly when life starts is a FAR cry from taking away any and all birth control. So please, please PLEASE do NOT lump everyone that so much as dares to think that abortion is NOT an unmitigated blessing or even * gasp* questions the ethics of the thing, somehow wants to go full scale take all birth control away. Admittedly there MIGHT be those that do, but that is the extreme, I would think and not that common. Many are much more reasonable than that. Saying this as someone who also sort of depends on BC hormone pills for other reasons than BC. Furthermore... I don't see how they CAN refuse to pay ( at least in part) BC in cases like yours where that isn't even the primary reason for taking it. Especially if there were definite statements by your doctor stating it was necessary to your health/life and such. For myself don't like the idea of abortions and would rather see fewer of them needed. Just saying. AND i cases like yours, spatio, hysterectomy should totally be an option. Sorry... getting off my soap box but I LOATHE being lumped with the hardcore anti-BCers
  24. ONLY IF I can have your Precognicators ( Aeon Wyverns!)* Lures them away while you are busy trying to steal my golds...*