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  1. 12 minutes ago, Shirubia said:

    Thinking about what people said in later posts... It could be done with something like this (just imo, TJ is the one with the last word after all), compromising with what we already have:  


    - Eggs/treats have a respawn timer of 5-10 minutes, down from 5-15 minutes. If we average at 53 eggs/treats per year, you would be needing 4.4-8.8 hours in total for all the eggs/treats of a given year. 5 minutes per egg/treat would be the best, but it would get rid of the “hunting factor” and we would just be logging every 5 mins like a machine.

    - Easter its extended two extra days for a total of five days to help with the previous years. Halloween unchanged. 

    - Once you have collected all the eggs/treats for the current year, you obtain eggs/treats from previous years in order (2019, 2018, etc). If you have all the eggs/treats of X year you skip to the next possible year you are missing from.



    Im missing something?

    Actually.... This sounds like a rather nice way of handling it. Of course, as you say, TJ gets the last word on it, BUT.... I like it.

  2. 1 hour ago, GhostMouse said:

    I'm definitely in favor of shorter time between drops (5 minutes sounds perfect) and extending the length of the event. If it has to be one or the other (why?) I'm fine with either. But I think Easter Sunday through the following Saturday or Sunday seems reasonable, and the same length of time for the Halloween drop. We get a week for holiday breeding and most of the other holiday events, so why not a week for egg/treat collecting?

    Yes. I support this suggestion ( I beleive I have missed a few eggs and treats over the years.


    AT said, I DO think IF an opportunity to collect the extra eggs/treats were implemented SOMETHIGN would need to be changed to allow people enough time to collect both the NEW eggs and any that were missed from previous years ( WHICH might be full sets as some have pointed out). I liek GhostMouse's idea of decreasing the time between drops ( Which was an annoyance for me, collecting, anyway)... AND extending the time allotted for the hunt THOUGH as Ghost Mouse also said... either ONE by itself would be beneficial IF we can ONLY have one or the other.

  3. I am kind of excited about some of the descrips I have waiting approval! 


    At said, I DO have a question. 


    I sometimes type out a description for a dragon and then post it to the que.... but then... well see the following example.


    Tekhya and Tyarrla are a Gilded Bloodscale with an obsession with human beings. She loves human books and games such as chess. Bloodscales are known for their curiosity, and she is absolutely know exception. She delights in chatting with any humans, be they ordinary people, leader of some kind or wandering wizard. She also collects tools and books of all kinds, whenever she can get them, and she even has her own chess set, built to size for a dragon to be able to use.  Humans, she believes are worthy of study... their achievements and their failures, she thinks, can serve as lessons for dragon kind as well. The fact remains that she is known for coming up with a great many ideas... some of them actually quite good ones... that appear to have their roots in her studies of humanity; and in cases of conflict with the local humans, who else is sent as their embassy to try and keep peace but this bloodscale who, all can agree, understands humans better than any other dragon in the clan.

    Underlined the bit in question as I didn't write that in there. WHY is that the  site adds that and IS it something I need to go in and remove and repost before my descrip will be sent through?

  4. 3 minutes ago, osmarks said:

    This would still be useful limited to your own scroll.

    Yes, I can absolutely agree with that. For my OWN scroll, I absolutely support more and better sorting options.


    I was referring to using it on other scrolls. 

    THOUGH to be fair I didn't say I was ABSOLUTELY opposed to that either... merely that I was unsure.

  5. On 11/17/2018 at 12:03 PM, Soulsborne said:

    As much as it would help to find a certain breed on other people's scrolls, it would also mess up what I've seen many of them do: naming dragons a certain way to communicate their forum name / another way to contact them or something else they want visitors to know about them / their scroll...


    I can understand both in a way :o

    My take, too. I can see pros and cons to this.


    It WOULD come in handy for Encylopedia fulfillers, for sure, and it might come in handy for trading situations.


    BUT I can also understand the point of view of those that put a lot of effort into their personalized scroll sorting.

    I myself also have and sort of consider it one of the things that makes my own scroll unique... even IF others don't get the personalized logic behind it.

    I LIKE for others to be able to see my scroll as I put it together.


    So...I am iffy on this one TBH.

  6. 2 hours ago, Montre said:

    Before I ask anything, let me just clarify my state of mind: I have a history being a non-voluntary scapegoat in the past, to put it gently. I cannot not say I ever became used to being punished for what someone else did or said I did, whether that punishment was physical or otherwise (and there were plenty of both occurrences and results), but the semi-conscious expectation of it happening is still there. That I am extremely apologetic and don’t (or might be afraid to) complain when I do deserve something like a punishment also stem from this, but those are irrelevant here.


    Anyway, I am currently feeling a bit paranoid with what happened to Hopsketch(?), and the likeliness of it happening again to other people?

    I know it’s not my place to ask about, but is how it sounds like a unsupported claim for a bannable offense enough to have a scroll burned accurate? Or am I just being paranoid?

    I would say this.


    I would HOPE that IF there are any claims of bannable behavior, the mods would look into said claims before taking any decisive action to ensure that the claims are in fact TRUE. After all, just because a claim is made doesn't make it so as you validly point out... AND, after all, that is their responsibility. I get the SENSE that our mods take their jobs pretty seriously, and I don't THINK that they would scapegoat someone. I understand your concern of course, BUT we don't KNOW what happened in the case of Hopsketch, exactly. I don't know that the mods would ADVERTISE their reasons for their decision publicly. Given how much we DON'T know, I am not particularly worried. 


    Of course, I am not a mod and I can't really speak definitely. Just my thoughts on it.

  7. 26 minutes ago, Verandi said:

    I was interested in the Montagues when I first looked over the project and would be delighted to take in an "offspring" of Countess Fuchsia should she be willing to comply. I love her! 

    I can link you to my vampires, too! I still love my Montagues, even if this project has sort of died. 

  8. 7 hours ago, Keileon said:

    Yes to Prizes in the market, no to them in the biomes, yes to more prizes distributed, iffy on the CB limit. The lowest limit I'd accept is 2 per color and breed. Also, no to getting rid of the raffle entirely. I do kind of like the "extra winner gets same color/breed as a repeat winner" idea though! Probably one of the more fair compromises.


    Yes, I posted my opinions here already, but I thought I'd address what came up since.

    I gotta say this would be MY preferred method of dealing with the issue.


    I can see there being.... problems with putting prizes in the biomes. I can't catch golds in the biomes so no way in the WORLD would that help me. XD THAT said, I DO like the idea of being able to work for one via the market ( I would be more likely to save for one of these beauties than golds or silvers, actually!)  AND I'd LOVE to see more winners per month in the raffles. As for limits.... Mehbe. Not sure on that. AS I said before... too strict of limits would prevent someone from possibly getting the prize they REALLY wanted ( AS they might possibly have won a Tin, for instance when they wanted a Shimmer) and I don't want that, really. Keileon's idea of limiting us to two of each color and breed seems fair, however. AND, of course, the limits would ONLY apply to CBs... a person can have as many bred Christmas dragons, for instance, as they can reasonably collect and the same would apply here.

  9. 13 minutes ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    I would only support notifying us of a final decision.


    The other two would be FAR to heavy on resources, I think, and would also be a real pain. I have had up to 50 comments/votes on a single description in my time. I absolutely would not want to be told about each one.

    I see @Fuzzbucket's point here.


    I DO think a note when a descrip is definitely finally given a verdict by the mods would be nice, tho...

  10. 5 minutes ago, Dalek Raptor said:

    You're scroll wasn't burned, I get the "You can't seem to find the scroll you're looking for" on Hopsketch456 so it's not burned otherwise you'd get the "this scroll is charred and impossible to read". Did you perhaps put in the wrong password or something?


    @LadyLyzar or @purpledragonclaw can you see what's going on? 

    Oh! OK! :) Thanks for the info, @Dalek Raptor. I wasn't aware that that gave a different message. Good to know!

  11. I would say PM TJ or perhaps the mods.


    ALL it says when I look is that I can't find your scroll.


    I am unsure what issue there might have been AND,whatever the case, I don't think your average user is privy to whatever reasons there might have been for any decision of that sort.

    I will add here that I THINK there isn't ALWAYS a warning before a scroll is burned, unfortunately. I may be wrong about that and If I am I hope someone will correct me.

  12. 11 minutes ago, Fly-by-Night said:

    I may, once again, be late at noticing, but since when has there been a new message (and, hopefully, a new mechanism) for Pinks??


    I had noticed that wording but I wasn't ON HUNDRED percent certain that it had changed.... interesting. It makes ME wonder now, too, if the mechanism has changed...

  13. Hmmmmmm... I fully support the dot idea as I THOUGHT I posted somewhere already.


    ESPECIALLY if it shows up in breeding lists.


    I am not so sure of the idea of gen numbers.

     HOWEVER! I wonder if that is something that could be made an option in one's account settings? So that those that want them can have them and those that find them intrusive could turn them off?

  14. On 3/6/2019 at 2:43 AM, RealWilliamShakespeare said:

    I think this’d be really interesting too! It’s not necessary but still it’d be nice to have :) 

    Yes. I agree. I wouldn't be OPPOSED to having the information, necessarily. 


    I would be interested in knowing how many of a given breed I currently have, as well. 


    NT necessary as was said, but it would be interesting to know, for example, how many reds, waters or golds exist in DC.

  15. On 2/22/2019 at 4:29 PM, Fuzzbucket said:

    This, too. I MUCH prefer one to the other, and would be sad if I were limited after winning the "wrong one" - not that I will EVER win !

    This this THIS!


    I would be very dissapointed, actually, IF I won and ( As would probably be my luck even if I were lucky enough to actually WIN a prize!) got one that wasn't a favorite and THEN wasn't able to try again.


    IS it frustrating to see some people win multiple CB prizes while others ( like.... myself for example) have none at all? ABSOLUTELY. However, I don't believe that those insanely lucky individuals deserve to be PUNISHED necessarily for other people's lack of win, and I don't think this is the solution to the problem... it doesn't REALLY address the fact that we still don't have any OTHER way to work towards prizes but trying to enter the raffle every month. I'd be more in favor of alloting more winners per raffle, perhaps.... or , my fave.... adding the pretty prizes to the Market so that those of us with questionable luck can save up for them!

  16. 2 hours ago, orphaned said:

    is there a rule ( or limit ) in what can be asked for a 2G prize ??


    21 rare hatchies seems REALLY high .. or is it trader beware ???

    AFAIK.... there isn't a LIMIT per se.... other than what people are willing to pay for it.


    As in... they CAN ask that for it.... doesn't mean they will GET it.

  17. On 3/23/2019 at 11:02 AM, High Lord November said:

    I've made a small mockup - one on your main scroll, one on the breeding page. I imagine it like a small dot before the beginning of the name. Solid is for CB, open is for bred. Not 100% sure on how it would change with the really long names but I think it's doable!




    Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 11.54.01 AM.png

    Oh, YES! I actually think this is a good idea.


    I have had to take to making a group for my CBs just so that they are easy to find.... though this is even BETTER if this indicator shows up on the dragons' breeding page...

    Plus as others have said, it would give me an easy way of double checking my own grouping for mistakes , ensuring that no CBS are missed, for example.

  18. On 3/7/2019 at 9:00 AM, BrazenChase said:

    Yikes... The hostility isn't necessary. 


    Some eggs like Witchlights have really fascinating cracking stages, so I can see why people might be interested in that. 


    Would complicate my text idea, though. Only really checks out for a whole shell. 

    OR the Arcanas. AND some of the whole and intact eggs we have are GORGEOUS ( Thank you, spriters!) so I can totally imagine why people would want to permanently collect them!


    THOUGH that being said, I don't freeze many hatchies, even, personally... though I am ALL for people having the option.


    IMHO the same applies to this suggestion.

    LIKE, probably not a thing I would use often if at all. AT said, again, that doesn't mean I am opposed to the option. After all as  @PhoenixEterna  and others have said.... we allow people to give their eggs to a vampire to bite ( QUITE possibly killing the egg rather than turning it) OR neglecting it ( AGAIN, quite possibly killing the egg rather than succoring in the experiment to make a neglected.) EVEN if none of those options existed there is still the possibility of the egg being raised improperly and dieing do to not hatching in time, for instance. Being a dragon egg isn't and never WILL be fully safe. Bottom line... any number of unpleasant things can happen to a pixel egg already. AND , really, freezing the egg so that it can't hatch is probably one of the tamer ones.


    Just because the option exists doesn't mean that I personally am required to use it.


    My opinion... give us the option and let us decide whether or not we want to freeze eggies, just like we decide whether or not to freeze hatchies.


    AS for limits... I would prefer a separate Freezing limit for eggies. Hatchies have a limit, and eggies would , too... but eggies wouldn't count towards the hatchling freezing limit and nor would hatchies count towards the eggs. SO... if someone had frozen their limit of hatchies for whatever the cooldown is, they could still freeze EGGS provided that they had NOT also met their limit for them.


    SO overall... I vote "Yay," to this idea, even IF I am unsure if I would use it.

  19. 31 minutes ago, tiny_gremlin said:

    OMG.  The Aqualis dragons are gorgeous.  


    And the Blancblack is so sleek - yin-yang like.  :D

    i KNOW.... glad I caught myself a good batch of Aqualis Eggs, but... wishing I could get a pair of Blancblacks to go with them.

  20. 3 hours ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    Anyone who is going to be like that about it can "do the other thing"....


    I agree - work the same way as freezing, if this were to happen.

    This is sort of how I see it, too.


    AS it stands right now, a person can freeze whatever hatchies they like and the person who bred them has no say.

    I see no good reason for this to be different.