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  1. 4 hours ago, Lantean_Pegasus said:

    I just caught my second batch of Infinities ! :wub: 

    Well, I unhid the first 8, one by one, to influence and incubate. Let them hatch. Caught the new ones. And then I hid the 8 hatchies and the 8 eggs, one by one.


    If the infinity set summons another dragon, and if that dragons has a BSA, I have a great idea for it:


    "SNAP! They are gone..." - Hides all your visible eggs and growing creatures at once.

    "SNAP! You brought them back !" - Unhides all your hidden eggs and growing creatures at once.


    It might not be 50% of them, but I'd say it's close enough, and boy, would it be convenient during releases. ;)

    Ooooh! Yes PLEASE that'd be SO useful at times!

  2. Ugggg....

    I am SOooo frustrated with myself right now.


    Make a long story short, I sort of screwed up. No, make that I DID screw up.


    I needen't get into the how and why but.... suffice it to say that I said I'd do something I then forgot to do. 

    I didn't INTEND to forget. AND I apologized for my failure. I just... still feel rotten about it.


  3. On 5/17/2019 at 12:12 PM, spatio said:

    Thing is, I'm not entirely sure how Georgia plans on enforcing that?  People travel between states all the time, and it's not like every time someone gets pregnant they report it to their local law enforcement.  They'd have to require the doctors in other states to report back to GA authorities that a woman from GA had an abortion, and I'm not an expert on politics, but I'm pretty sure one state can't make a law applicable only to people who don't even live in that state.  The only way they would know would be if GA ob/gyns had to report that their patient appears to have miscarried/aborted a pregnancy the Dr. was previously were unaware of, and that sounds like a major patient privacy violation. 


    So... I guess it's just for people who feel like turning themselves in, or people maliciously reporting other people?  Even then I'm not sure how they could prove one person's claim that another person had had an abortion without, again, some major patient privacy law violations.


    And literally wtf on making miscarriage illegal? So, even if you really wanted a baby, and had planned on a pregnancy, but got in a car accident/etc and were severely injured and ended up miscarrying, you'd be punished on top of your health care bills?  I need to read this for myself.  Because, if that's the case, that's not anti-abortion, that's just plain oppression against women (and their partners, who also wanted a kid... literally just what??)

    This is my thought on "Georgia going after women that have abortions in other states."


    IF it isn't against the law where the abortion happened... I don't see what they can really do?

    That would be like the police in Wisconsin, for example, arresting you because you smoked pot in Colorado ( where, as I understand it, it is NOT against the law).

    Assuming you aren't under the influence or have any with you in Wisconsin, of course.


    I don't think it can be done AND.... abortion issue aside, I think a LOT of people would object to the states being able to interfere with each other like that. 

    It wouldn't END well, I feel pretty sure.


    State Laws are NOT FEDERAL Laws. AFAIK ONLY apply in the state that has them ( Others may correct me if I am wrong, of course?)

  4. 2 hours ago, ValidEmotions said:

    We can't forget that this bill and police are going to specifically target WOC and women of poverty. 

    Has anyone seen the sections that criminalizes miscarriages? And criminalizes women who go out of state to get a legal abortion (although, I think the language specifies criminalizing the doctors--who live in another state--for providing legal abortions)?


    EDIT to add: For the conservative men and women who are excited to have this bill because "life starts at conception and abortion is murder" -- how do you feel about going to jail for second degree murder because you (or your wife) had a miscarriage?

    Thing is...miscarriages can happen and it isn't USUALLY anybody's fault. 

    So absolutely NO to women being punished for having miscarriages.

    I would add that I believe even the scripture, if you believe in such, may imply there IS a difference. In the Old Testament Law, there is Exodus 21:22-23. Admittedly, there are differences on the translation and interpretation, here, but one commonly accepted interpretation is that if a man caused a woman to have a miscarriage, he was to receive a punishment ( often a fine payed to the husband of the woman) but that if the woman herself survived he wasn't punished as a murderer. if the woman , herself died as a result, on the other hand, then he received the penalty of a murderer. As I said, there are disagreements on this and there are those that say no it refers to premature birth. At said, interesting and worth considering. The research i did indicated that Jewish tradition has been arguing over that particular passage for a while... well before we Christians had to deal with it. So NO you absolutely cannot say that scripture teaches a woman ought to be punished for miscarrying. NO.

  5. 6 hours ago, Cecona said:


    Just want to address the birth control part of this post, nothing else. As wonderful as it would be if everyone could have birth control to prevent abortions, it doesn't always work and actually a lot of abortions are preformed on women who's birth control failed. Unless we were to live in a completely perfect world there is no way we would be able to avoid all abortions being preformed. The best we can do is educate everyone and provide access to proper care. Which is not making abortions illegal.

    *Nods* I know that what we have isn't perfect. BUT that isn't any reason NOT to use it. More importantly not to know HOW to use it.


    It also isn't any reason they ought not to look for new and better methods that fail less often. 


    Are we going to be able to prevent ANY abortions from being performed... sadly, NO. Not even making it illegal can accomplish that, from what I have been given to understand.  IF desperate women feel the need for them badly enough, they WILL happen, regardless of the risk... and regardless of what anyone else thinks. I understand, that much. But if better knowledge an more education can reduce the need for them... then absolutely that is what we need to do. What bugs me are the cases where ignorance is the issue and an abortion could have been made far less likely if people had had better information. So yes, I can totally agree with you in that we DO need to be educating people, and doing more research into the subject. You hear about some of the ignorant ideas some people have about how the human body works sexually and it is like... they have no idea and of COURSE they are going to run into trouble. IF we are giving people a choice, that only works if they also have information to make an informed one. NO excuse for the kind of ignorance you sometimes hear about.


    Is that naive and idealistic? Perhaps, but that is what I think.

  6. 4 minutes ago, ValidEmotions said:

    Well, see... rape isn't extramarital sex and.... well the girl is 11 years old. I don't think "did you remember to take Birth Control?" applies to this kind of situation.

    I was primarily addressing Cecona's post, however, i have went back and edited to include some your specific example as well. 

    Agreed that rape isn't the same as consensual sex at ALL. 



  7. 1 hour ago, Cecona said:

    That is the most disgusting part of this, it doesn't care what the reason is. I think the ONLY exception is if the mother is in immediate danger from the pregnancy, I'm not even sure if they will do it if it's dangerous for the woman later on in the pregnancy. It's horrible, it's backwards, it doesn't take into account ANYTHING about women's health. The only thing it does is cause more harm, more deaths, more unwanted children, more people that will end up abused and unloved, and wishing they HAD been aborted. It's the sad, sad truth.


    9 hours ago, Cecona said:

    The law passed in Georgia and like 13-15 other states are in the process of trying to get it passed as well. I understand that where you live it might be rare for people to be against abortion and birth control, but in my experience and the experiences of the women around me, the people that want to ban abortion also want to ban birth control. They don't understand or care that it is used for reasons other than preventing pregnancy. They see it as a way for women to sleep around, be loose, and basically disobey god. That's what most of it boils down to, bible says it's bad so there for it must be. It's the same reason they want to refuse rights to the LGBTQ+, and some even want them to be killed. It's this backwards kind of thinking that refuses progress and puts people in danger, and worst of all the people with this kind of mindset are the ones in power. As much as you might not like it, Abortion is something that must be accessible in order to provide the best care for women. Making it harder to get only puts those women at risk. It might seem evil to you but it is a necessary evil. The life of the already established mother takes higher priority than a 6-8 week clump of cells that have just as much a chance of ending up non-viable as they do ending up as a living baby. A heart beat alone does not equal life.

    I don't mean there AREN'T people opposed to both. just one doesn't automatically mean the other.


    AFTER ALL... extramarital sex aside. BC can be a useful thing for MARRIED women as well. So...


    As for me personally, while I don't believe in having extramarital sex ( And therefor don't have it myself) I understand that not everyone believes as I do and... anyway, sometimes people make regrettable choices. I would much RATHER they used birth control and DIDN'T need to have an abortion than otherwise. Again. I realize that not everyone thinks as I do, as you pointed out... just clarifying my views on it.


    I also agree that IF the law isn't flexible enough to allow for something to be done in at least certain cases, then yes , that is absolutely a problem. (The example of the eleven year old that was raped and ended up pregnant comes to mind. An extreme example, BUT it makes the point well enough)

  8. 8 minutes ago, spatio said:

     It has already happened. My doctor wrote my insurance two letters of medical necessity and they still refused to cover it.  I ended up having to get a new insurance.


    I apologize if you feel I lumped you or others in unfairly with the extreme anti-BC crowd. It has simply been my experience with my health (and living in the conservative-leaning US South) that there is a slippery slope that can quickly lead to fewer and fewer protections for women simply seeking reasonable healthcare (not even related to availability of abortion).  When legislators and their personal beliefs instead of doctors and their patients are more and more in control of what a woman can and cannot decide about her body, there can be consequences beyond reasonable abortion restrictions.

    And I will be fair, too and state that it is possible that is more of a problem in some parts of the country than others ( The law being referenced, I believe , was in Georgia...) 


    If I may... I am a bit surprised at the insurance company, however. Seems like THEY are part of the issue as well IF you ask me. At is a bit off topic , however.


    I WILL simply say too, that I THINK maybe conservative in the South is a somewhat... different animal... than is a conservative in Yankee land. Something to keep in mind.

    I have run into that with issues as regards race, as well.

  9. 8 hours ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    Men will be forcing women to get pregnant just so they can claim tax breaks.

    But I mean... can't that sort of pressure happen anyway?


    Like... COULDN'T a man push his wife to have kids purely for the tax breaks? 


    At said, my thoughts on what @spatio said are this. FIRST... Questioning exactly when life starts is a FAR cry from taking away any and all birth control. So please, please PLEASE do NOT lump everyone that so much as dares to think that abortion is NOT an unmitigated blessing or even * gasp* questions the ethics of the thing, somehow wants to go full scale take all birth control away. Admittedly there MIGHT be those that do, but that is the extreme, I would think and not that common. Many are much more reasonable than that. Saying this as someone who also sort of depends on BC hormone pills for other reasons than BC. Furthermore... I don't see how they CAN refuse to pay ( at least in part) BC in cases like yours where that isn't even the primary reason for taking it. Especially if there were definite statements by your doctor stating it was necessary to your health/life and such.


    For myself  don't like the idea of abortions and would rather see fewer of them needed. Just saying.


    AND i cases like yours, spatio, hysterectomy should totally be an option.


    Sorry... getting off my soap box but I LOATHE being lumped with the hardcore anti-BCers

  10. 12 minutes ago, Shirubia said:

    Thinking about what people said in later posts... It could be done with something like this (just imo, TJ is the one with the last word after all), compromising with what we already have:  


    - Eggs/treats have a respawn timer of 5-10 minutes, down from 5-15 minutes. If we average at 53 eggs/treats per year, you would be needing 4.4-8.8 hours in total for all the eggs/treats of a given year. 5 minutes per egg/treat would be the best, but it would get rid of the “hunting factor” and we would just be logging every 5 mins like a machine.

    - Easter its extended two extra days for a total of five days to help with the previous years. Halloween unchanged. 

    - Once you have collected all the eggs/treats for the current year, you obtain eggs/treats from previous years in order (2019, 2018, etc). If you have all the eggs/treats of X year you skip to the next possible year you are missing from.



    Im missing something?

    Actually.... This sounds like a rather nice way of handling it. Of course, as you say, TJ gets the last word on it, BUT.... I like it.

  11. 1 hour ago, GhostMouse said:

    I'm definitely in favor of shorter time between drops (5 minutes sounds perfect) and extending the length of the event. If it has to be one or the other (why?) I'm fine with either. But I think Easter Sunday through the following Saturday or Sunday seems reasonable, and the same length of time for the Halloween drop. We get a week for holiday breeding and most of the other holiday events, so why not a week for egg/treat collecting?

    Yes. I support this suggestion ( I beleive I have missed a few eggs and treats over the years.


    AT said, I DO think IF an opportunity to collect the extra eggs/treats were implemented SOMETHIGN would need to be changed to allow people enough time to collect both the NEW eggs and any that were missed from previous years ( WHICH might be full sets as some have pointed out). I liek GhostMouse's idea of decreasing the time between drops ( Which was an annoyance for me, collecting, anyway)... AND extending the time allotted for the hunt THOUGH as Ghost Mouse also said... either ONE by itself would be beneficial IF we can ONLY have one or the other.

  12. I am kind of excited about some of the descrips I have waiting approval! 


    At said, I DO have a question. 


    I sometimes type out a description for a dragon and then post it to the que.... but then... well see the following example.


    Tekhya and Tyarrla are a Gilded Bloodscale with an obsession with human beings. She loves human books and games such as chess. Bloodscales are known for their curiosity, and she is absolutely know exception. She delights in chatting with any humans, be they ordinary people, leader of some kind or wandering wizard. She also collects tools and books of all kinds, whenever she can get them, and she even has her own chess set, built to size for a dragon to be able to use.  Humans, she believes are worthy of study... their achievements and their failures, she thinks, can serve as lessons for dragon kind as well. The fact remains that she is known for coming up with a great many ideas... some of them actually quite good ones... that appear to have their roots in her studies of humanity; and in cases of conflict with the local humans, who else is sent as their embassy to try and keep peace but this bloodscale who, all can agree, understands humans better than any other dragon in the clan.

    Underlined the bit in question as I didn't write that in there. WHY is that the  site adds that and IS it something I need to go in and remove and repost before my descrip will be sent through?

  13. 3 minutes ago, osmarks said:

    This would still be useful limited to your own scroll.

    Yes, I can absolutely agree with that. For my OWN scroll, I absolutely support more and better sorting options.


    I was referring to using it on other scrolls. 

    THOUGH to be fair I didn't say I was ABSOLUTELY opposed to that either... merely that I was unsure.

  14. On 11/17/2018 at 12:03 PM, Soulsborne said:

    As much as it would help to find a certain breed on other people's scrolls, it would also mess up what I've seen many of them do: naming dragons a certain way to communicate their forum name / another way to contact them or something else they want visitors to know about them / their scroll...


    I can understand both in a way :o

    My take, too. I can see pros and cons to this.


    It WOULD come in handy for Encylopedia fulfillers, for sure, and it might come in handy for trading situations.


    BUT I can also understand the point of view of those that put a lot of effort into their personalized scroll sorting.

    I myself also have and sort of consider it one of the things that makes my own scroll unique... even IF others don't get the personalized logic behind it.

    I LIKE for others to be able to see my scroll as I put it together.


    So...I am iffy on this one TBH.

  15. 2 hours ago, Montre said:

    Before I ask anything, let me just clarify my state of mind: I have a history being a non-voluntary scapegoat in the past, to put it gently. I cannot not say I ever became used to being punished for what someone else did or said I did, whether that punishment was physical or otherwise (and there were plenty of both occurrences and results), but the semi-conscious expectation of it happening is still there. That I am extremely apologetic and don’t (or might be afraid to) complain when I do deserve something like a punishment also stem from this, but those are irrelevant here.


    Anyway, I am currently feeling a bit paranoid with what happened to Hopsketch(?), and the likeliness of it happening again to other people?

    I know it’s not my place to ask about, but is how it sounds like a unsupported claim for a bannable offense enough to have a scroll burned accurate? Or am I just being paranoid?

    I would say this.


    I would HOPE that IF there are any claims of bannable behavior, the mods would look into said claims before taking any decisive action to ensure that the claims are in fact TRUE. After all, just because a claim is made doesn't make it so as you validly point out... AND, after all, that is their responsibility. I get the SENSE that our mods take their jobs pretty seriously, and I don't THINK that they would scapegoat someone. I understand your concern of course, BUT we don't KNOW what happened in the case of Hopsketch, exactly. I don't know that the mods would ADVERTISE their reasons for their decision publicly. Given how much we DON'T know, I am not particularly worried. 


    Of course, I am not a mod and I can't really speak definitely. Just my thoughts on it.

  16. 26 minutes ago, Verandi said:

    I was interested in the Montagues when I first looked over the project and would be delighted to take in an "offspring" of Countess Fuchsia should she be willing to comply. I love her! 

    I can link you to my vampires, too! I still love my Montagues, even if this project has sort of died.