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  1. 1 hour ago, Fuzzbucket said:


    Breeding thoughtfully is in the eye of the beholder. Things die just as often when picked up as they do when they stay in the AP (and someone said almost nothing actually dies in the AP, even over holidays.) All my holiday eggs were picked up. About half of them died.  i shall carry on breeding them. Just saying.

    This. Even IF an egg is picked up, there is no guarantee it will survive. 


    It might be used as a neglected experiment, for example, or given to a vampire to bite. ( I admit... that is quite OFTEN how I find fodder for my vampires when they are in a Bitey mood.) Let alone the person who picked it up might be view bombed, or they might be a newbie and have not quite figured out how to raise their eggies yet.  OR They might have picked it up with the idea of making a zombie of it, one day. There are any NUMBER of things that can happen to an egg. AND I would add that EVEN keeping the eggie on your scroll is NO ABSOLUTE guarantee it will be safe from view bombers, for instance. Do eggs of mine sometimes die? Yes, and it is sort of sad when they do ( I even know of one dragon of mine who has an offspring that was turned into a Neglected Dragon XD) , BUT... somewhat beyond my control. You really CAN'T absolutely ensure that your dragons' progeny will be safe and flourish. As Fuzz said, I carry on breeding what I feel like WHEN I feel like, anyway.... and I prefer to give others that same freedom. I get your point, however, that there probably ARE people who hunt the AP looking for something VERY specific... sometimes I do as well... and that an egg being tossed back doesn't NECESSARILY mean it was a thoughtless breeding. BUT I also agree with Fuzz in that what constitutes 'thoughtless breeding' or an 'undesirable lineage' is in the eye of the beholder. There are people on here that specifically hunt for the messiest lineages they can find, after all and just because I don't want a particular egg doesn't MEAN that some other user wouldn't LOVE to have that same egg on their scroll. AND just because their preferences on their scroll differ from mine doesn't make them any less valid.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Shokomon said:

     I have the same difficulty with Alt vines. I just struggle with the subtle shift color.


    Then, someone in this thread actually suggested sorting by breed or color actually tells you as well. So try that if you are confused by an alt.

    Thanks for the tip! :3

  3. 9 minutes ago, Fuzzbucket said:


    TJ said it is never going to happen that any of us will see a different version of the AP.





    Someone posted - ages ago - that we should see the AP as what it is - a massive garbage dump for the stuff players don't want to keep - for whatever reason, in which we might find the occasional treasure. That's the size of it. Garbage pickers IRL go through garbage to find things worth keeping - so do we who haunt the AP. The AP was never set up as someone's second best jewellery box. It's SUPPOSED to be primarily full of junk. And it is. Deal with that. I just had a quick trawl. It's very varied - and there is not one single egg in there I would have kept. Just because they are all different breeds today doesn't make them ever so lovely :lol: I did actually spot some beautiful nocturnes in that wall.

    This... I always sort of viewed stalking the AP as shopping a rummage sale.

    The stuff that is there is THERE because its owner doesn't want it. You look because you never know what you might find, but it isn't guaranteed to be full of treasures.


    For THAT matter , we aren't guaranteed to find what we want when we go tot he biomes for hunting, either. At is all part of the game. I appreciate being able to play how i like with my dragons, and, though I understand WHY others might find walls annoying, I would say NO to anything that would impact another person's ability to breed what they like WHEN they like. Just because I don't want the dragons in the wall, doesn't mean there aren't other people who are gleefully grabbing all they can while the getting is good. 

  4. 27 minutes ago, Mewtie said:

    Yes, it is an alt. :3

    Awesome! Thank you, thank you @Mewtie! :)


    I THOUGHT it looked like it might be, but with vines it is hard to tell!

  5. 19 minutes ago, Fuzzbucket said:


    Right on. And the more people who can enjoy doing that, the better, in my book.

    Absolutely agreed. Though I would also state that IF I were a winner, I wouldn't be above making a few beneficial trades with my prize babs to get me closer to my goals for my scroll.


    A little hard to blame others if they do the same.


    At said, i would like to think i would gift some also.

  6. +1 to 'adding more winners per raffle' from me!


    Admittedly that is MAINLY from the purely selfish motivation of 'more winners being picked means more chances for yours truly to be selected as one'.


    On the other HAND I can see the benefits of having more prizes around over all, too. AND as for 'value' I think  prizes BEING so overvalued was, for a while, a HUGE problem, actually.

    The situation has improved, slowly but surely and this would move it further in the right direction. 





  7. 18 hours ago, TCA said:

    Honestly Aeria Gloris, while adept at teleportation, would be better suited for using their antigravity magic to make an egg unable to be abandoned or traded, but immune to Earthquake. They tend to use their teleportation magic more for their own mobility on the go than deliberate transport of objects.

    I SORT of like this idea, actually. I NEVER use earthquake primarily because I usually have eggs on my scroll I care about more than other s .... and an EQ could potentially effect them all!

  8. 4 minutes ago, Keileon said:

    My only qualm is Drake intelligence. There's a difference between training a dog to sit and training a dog to send something into a time loop lasting a specific amount of time that would work to undo the BSA.


    I'd still support it, but I really feel like we need the relevant people to confirm that a Vremya would feasibly get the specifics right.

    I see your point BUT!


    I was thinking of some of the far more complicated stuff dogs have been trained to do... well beyond a simple 'sit, stay'.

    Dogs have been trained to act as guides for the blind and helpers for the disabled... as well as assistance to law enforcement and all sorts of things.

    Admittedly not all dogs are smart enough for such, but I would picture these guys as on the level of a SMART dog?


    Also admittedly it would definitely take some training to get it right... BUT that is where the suggestion of a fail rate would come in, perhaps?

  9. 16 minutes ago, Shokomon said:

    Quoting this from the precious thread beacuse it mentions things that should be noted. {Emphasis by me}


    Though that would be hefty cost for eggs or hatchlings to lose time if the BSA fails...


    Well... You're not wrong... The encyclopedia agrees that we have a dog with time powers here: 


      Hide contents


    Hatchling Behavior

    • Young Vremya Drakes have little control over their abilities.
    • Still appear to have a linear trajectory in their own maturation, suggesting that the magic cannot affect the drake’s growth itself.
    • Small time skips occur more frequently when a drake is excited; when at rest, the hatchlings can be quite lazy, opting to soak in small pools of water or drape across low-hanging tree branches to sleep.

    Adult Behavior

    • Once a Vremya Drake has matured, its control over time increases. However, this really only means that it becomes an instinctual response rather than random occurrence.


    I feel like I read more about it somewhere, but I can't find where...


    AND I would add that people have trained DOGS to do some pretty remarkable things, too... I don't see why a drake couldn't be trained with the proper reinforcement.

  10. 29 minutes ago, Fiona said:

    They're drakes. I don't think I'd want my dog shifting time loops around me, and drakes are on an intelligence level with dogs. Not that smart.

    True, scary, but... if I may, the descrip strongly SUGGESTS that that is EXACTLY what we have going on there. A drake with some pretty remarkable powers.

  11. 5 hours ago, Fuzzbucket said:


    Members of the public are not bound by the patient privacy thing, and "Right to Lifers" are delighted to spend hours and hours on this kind of thing because they are zealots.



    It is - but I think JavaTigress may have meant how would someone from the US find them.


    I am not posting the information I have, given the  "Right to Lifers"  in this thread over the years - but if someone needs to know.... They are easy enough to find.

    I didn't mean specifically someone from the US..... just in general.


    Like... how would they give the information tot hose that seemed to need it without revealing it to those whose attention would be... undesirable to the clinic. 

    I think that question was more or less addressed acceptably.


    AND as someone who mostly considers them self to be an opponent of abortion tho... I can fully agree that the antics you hear about from some of these protesters are.... out of line and distasteful. Like... shouting and harassing women outside of a clinic , for instance, is just making what I think is already an unfortunate situation all the worse. I guess I am not a 'zealot' as you put it. AS I see it, an abortion is an invasive procedure with the potential for complications and side effects... I presume that people wouldn't have them just for 'kicks and lulz' after all.  IF a woman decides to have one , she generally has reasons; I am aware of that. I think avoiding the situations that force women to have to make that choice is the better way to go. After all, we don't AGREE on precisely when a human life begins... that is a perfectly fair and valid point. Since we don't KNOW, I'd prefer to see better prevention of unwanted pregnancies in the first place than trying to enforce laws banning abortions that, ultimately CANNOT be enforced.  Better education and birth control, and YES, more freedom to opt for permanent sterilization for those that want it and know they will NEVER want to have a child ... or any MORE children(when any pregnancy will only EVER mean an abortion...)...I am absolutely all in favor of. And YES, I do understand that that won't prevent ALL situations, but again, neither will an outright BAN. AND I would LIKE to comment that I think some of those aforementioned antics gives those of us who are more rational in our objections to abortion a bad name. *Sigh* I just think it is a shame that people are so inclined to let their emotions get in the way on this issue ( And yes, I am looking at both sides of this debate when I say that. ) The Just my two cents, for whatever they are worth?



  12. 2 minutes ago, Starscream said:

    Canadian Clinics are very secret.

    How does a person who.... feels they are in need of the services of such a clinic find them, then? * Is genuinely curious*

  13. 13 minutes ago, hazeh said:

    Maybe it is, but so is showing up at a clinic every day to scream at people who enter it. 


    I don't know. I feel like that only extends to the medical professionals, since they are bound by doctor-patient confidentiality. But random individuals on the street aren't. 

    Could be, i am not sure PRECISELY on all of that.


    However, I would say That in my experience... I work in a Walgreen's Pharmacy.NOT in the actual pharmacy part of it,mind you, but I am still required to make sure that any pharmacy related patient information, for example, is properly disposed of if I find it left laying, for instance. I would have to think SOMETHING could be brought against someone trying to maliciously use another person's medical history against them. THAT might even be a Federal issue, actually. Which is to say it might well be able to be taken over the heads of BOTH states. Again, speculation on my part.


    As I said... In the end it might end up being a question of what state gets the final say.

    WAR has been fought over where a State's rights extended in times past, after all.


    While I hope it wouldn't escalate that far, I COULD see it turning into an ugly legal battle, for sure.


  14. 3 minutes ago, hazeh said:

    Not necessarily. It is sadly very easy to identify individuals through photos on the internet, and if there are people determined to doxx anyone seeking an abortion, I don't doubt they would be able to. These people are malicious enough to try to and expose everyone they happen to photograph, especially in surrounding states of Georgia/Alabama. I wouldn't be surprised if there are groups banding together to do just this. 

    Meh, maybe I am lazy.... but frankly, that seems like WAY to much effort to go through. :P


    Still, you have a point to some extent, however. Couldn't charges be brought against someone doing such a thing, tho, on the grounds that it violated patient's privacy.

    Such things are taken pretty seriously, AFAIK.

  15. 1 hour ago, hazeh said:

    I think the only way then would be if the person seeking an abortion told friends or family about the situation, who then proceeded to oust them to the authorities. Otherwise, there'd be no way for them to find out, as I highly doubt an abortion provider would turn over their patients to the authorities. 


    Or, what frightens me, is the possibility that anti-abortion protesters will be taking photos of people who enter clinics to try and get them legally reprimanded if they happen to live in a state where it is considered illegal. 

    Even THEN, said protesters would need to KNOW that said individual lived in such a state.

  16. 1 hour ago, spatio said:

    I'm more focused on the reporting issue. Georgia certainly CAN arrest you IF THEY KNOW you had an abortion in another state.

    That would require a doctor in another state to break patient confidentiality laws to tell law enforcement in Georgia about a procedure their patient had done, though.

    (or you to turn yourself in, or someone you told in confidence of an unwanted pregnancy to maliciously report you)

    AND I doubt that a doc who DOES abortions is going to have enough of a problem with them to risk violating laws themselves to report on their patient in another state?


    AND as of others maliciously informing on you... Yes, some people might. Frankly tho... Georgia's law is over the top ( AND I am not necessarily a friend of abortion and I am saying that. :P)

  17. 4 hours ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    Considering that it seems that someone from another country who (may have) killed a citizen of France but not in France can be charged and tried in France, where he does not and never has lived, and where the crime did not take place.




    I fear you may indeed be wrong,. Same in N Ireland, where until recently, and I'm not sure of the current position, you can be charged and convicted for getting a legal abortion in mainland Britain...








    I'm not sure if you can still be charged when you return after having an abortion in mainland Britain, but you certainly used to be able to.

    MMMM... but murder is still a CRIME, most likely, where the murder took place.


    Interesting info and I could see the situation creating some sort of legal battle?

    The thing to remember is that US states are still quite...jealous ...of what they consider to be their powers. 


    I don't claim to be an expert on law or anything like that of course.


    After having READ some of the articles, it sounds like the situation with N. Ireland, bad as it is, is sort of... an unusual one and is being massively criticized and pressured to change. I presume that it either has or will.  I ought also add that as the case of the French citizens death... interesting case BUT extradition is always a battle. It sounds to ME like France is maybe sort of desperate to close the case... which, IMO, can be a PROBLEM if they aren't careful to make SURE they have the right person?


    In any case, interesting points.


    As you say... possible I am wrong, BUT I would also say I still forsee a fight if Georgia pushes it.




  18. 35 minutes ago, bloodyneptune said:

    Theres are 12 candles on the cake, two of each color, and then a 13th non-colored one....nobody tell me this is crazy! They're dragons based on things specifically collected to make another thing. And they had to be collected twice.


    .....nobody take this hope from me

    Interesting theory and... if I may... totally like TJ to set up something like that. :P 


    So no, I don't think CRAZY at all.

    Well, We will find out. I have a pair of each, SO I can investigate once mine all grow up!

  19. 4 minutes ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    Yes it WOULD still take a slot on their scroll. But honest people who are looking to trade without their trades being bombed wouldn't mind that.


    You're right though - it can't be that huge a problem. So as I said in the first place, before I tried to work this out ! - just stop the timer AND the views on things in trade.

    Yes, I can agree... people's dragons getting bombed while in trade is a far more troublesome problem than possible hoarding of eggs and stashing them with the timer off.

  20. 3 hours ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    But that would also allow the possibility for hoarding. OK how about the time stops long with view - but if the thing gets down to its usual ToD, it dies anyway. So if you had that holiday egg in a teleport and it was there for 7 days - it wouldn't survive the trade, even though the timer had stopped ?.





    Wouldn't said egg still occupy a slot on their scroll? I have a hard time believing anyone would WANT to keep an egg around a whole month after a holiday, to use the example given, and occupying valuable space on their scroll. AND if they are willing to pay that price, maybe that is the trade-off? I don't see it as a problem, even. *Shrugs* maybe just me, tho. If someone WANTS to hang onto an egg for an unreasonable amount of time to attempt the perfect trade? I don't see the issue with it. As I said, PROVIDED that eggie in a  trade still occupies a slot. They might not EVEN get what hey are hoping for it. Personally, I wouldn't PAY the price someone in August would be asking for a CB Holiday. Especially not knowing that there is a very good chance that they will drop again when the holidays role around again.

  21. may I submit my thanks tot he artists that made these lovelies?


    They are all magnificent.... so much detail!

    I had high hopes for them after last years Hogwarts four, and I wasn't disappointed at all! :)


    Thank you artists! Now... off to catch my second Gloris! XD