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  1. On 11/4/2019 at 10:00 PM, HeatherMarie said:

    Fogging does not guarantee survival at all, sorry. The only thing fogging actually does is stop the egg from getting more views, which may help it to get better after awhile. If the egg already has a huge amount of views it may be too far gone to save, no matter what you do.

    This, sadly. This was MY understanding that... unfortunately... fogging wouldn't save the egg if it was already too far gone. :(

  2. On 10/1/2019 at 12:21 AM, pretty_thumb said:

    Hello, all, I hope that this message finds you well. 


    I know both Mink and I disappeared around the same time last year, and I do apologize for that on my end. I was dealing with some whopping health issues, but I'm feeling better now and I'm ready to make my way back to the forums, particularly Courts' Intrigue and Imperial Harem. I see things have been inactive, obviously with Mink gone, but I have reached out to both her and to @Rekha and hopefully will hear back from them. If nothing else, I feel like hearing from them is a higher possibility since Holiday events are coming up and that tends to bring long-term players back to DragonCave. We'll give it all some time and see where things go (of course that is if you all are still interested!) :) 


    I've missed this little community so much! Good vibes going out that @Rekha and @Minkerbell will feel the call :wub: and be back with us soon!


    Glads to hear youa re feeling better... and good to see you back! My Imperial pretties are still alive and well on the scroll of the Java Tiger. :)

  3. 23 hours ago, Shokomon said:

    The Halloween Wall persists!


    The last Halloween dragon was born on Oct 31, 2019 at 11:59 pm/23:59.


    It's Nov 5, 2019 at 10:53 now. 


    So the last eggs should have about 2 days 13-14 hours left. 


    The wall is in the final stages!


    Edit: 7 or so hours of eggs left!

    Still Halloweens! XD I for one am grabbing myself a few pretties while the getting is good! :) Particularly hunting for Arcanae ( They are some of my favorite Halloweens! )

  4. 22 minutes ago, Spiteful_Crow said:

    This is going to seem like overkill, but once I got the idea in my head, I couldn't stop. Response under spoiler, because I went nuts with it.


      Hide contents

    (Note: I can't remember if "Halloween" or "Trick or Treating" specifically exist in Valkemare, but I'm going to use those terms anyway. This is just for fun.)


    You get ready to go Trick or Treating one year, wearing a nice costume you picked out a few weeks back.  But since you live a ways away from the nearest village, it'll be a long walk. First, you stop by the cave where you regularly see dragon eggs and hatchlings, and find that the lone egg sitting in a nest has been bitten and turned into a Vampire. You feel a bit sorry for the poor thing, but it's been known to happen, so you just walk off and leave the egg alone.


    Your nearest neighbor grows pumpkins, so there are always Pumpkin dragons around this time of year, and you go to visit them and share some treats you've brought. They're friendly and cheer you up a bit, especially when one offers you its old pumpkin home (which it has since outgrown) to use as a lantern, knowing you'll be traveling alone through the dark forest. You thank it and place a candle you brought inside the pumpkin, planning to light it once the sun sets, and head for the forest path. On your way there, you spot a Grave dragon staring at you near the entrance to the woods. Since it's just a tiny hatchling that appears to have just barely grown its wings, you aren't very intimidated, but it does seem a little creepy the way it keeps staring until you disappear from its sight.


    As you walk through the forest and pass a nearby cave, something lunges out at you! You stumble back, just out of reach of the Cavern Lurker that tried to ambush you. It makes a sort of grumbling noise as it retreats back to its den, not wanting to come out and try a second time when there's still too much light in the sky. Heart thudding, you quickly brush yourself off and hurry a little quicker down the path. In your haste, you accidentally bump into what seems to be thin air, but turns out to be a Shadow Walker that was materializing on the path. It apologizes and starts to fade from view again, but still leaves you feeling rattled nonetheless.


    Up ahead, you see an Arcana who seems to be almost expecting you, saying that he knows about the human holiday you're celebrating this time of year and wants to give you some candy. You thank the friendly dragon and explain how you've already been spooked a little by your previous encounters. He explains that not everything is out to get you with a wink, and you laugh and agree as he drops a clawful of candy into the bucket you've brought. A short while later, when you go to pop a piece into your mouth and find that the "candy" was actually just pebbles and rocks disguised with magic, you realize that just because something isn't trying trying to kill you doesn't mean it won't have fun at your expense.


    As you continue toward the forest, you notice a lot of the plant life seems to be withered and shriveled up. You know things tend to get like this during Autumn, but certain other plants and trees not far off seem to be doing fine, so you realize this might be the work of a Caligene. You decide to hurry faster on your way, but just then, you hear a skittering sound and find a Caligene already charging at you, ready to pounce! You scream and chuck the bucket at its head instinctively and it stumbles backward, dazed long enough for you to escape. Clearly this is not your day, but the only thing in that bucket were those useless rocks anyway, so you're grateful to have escaped with your life once again, figuring you can get something else to put your candy in at the village.


    As the sun begins to set, you light the candle in your pumpkin lantern, trudging warily down the path. Every little sound now makes you jump. Spotting a large, leafless tree up ahead, you decide to sit down and rest a moment before pressing on. But before you have time to think, you hear the terrifying sound that makes you realize you've picked the wrong "tree" to rest under. You find yourself running for your life yet again as the Omen Wyrm barrels after you. There's only one hope. You dash to where a somewhat shallow but noisy brook cuts through the woods and dive in, swimming frantically to the other shore. The Omen Wyrm skids to a halt as it reaches the bank, angrily sounding its disapproval as you crash through the branches and underbrush in your haste to put as much distance between yourself and it as possible.


    Once you're satisfied that it isn't following you, you collapse on the forest floor, a complete mess, dejected, cold, and scared. Your nice costume is now dirty, wet, and ripped, perhaps beyond repair. Swimming across the brook also extinguished the candle in your lantern and soaked your spare matches. It's dark and even though you've been to the village a million times before, it's going to be a challenge getting there now, especially when everything seems to be trying to attack you tonight. (And little did you realize that a Black Marrow had been eyeing you ever since you crawled out of the water, but seeing as you aren't dead yet, it's lost interest for now.)


    Something moves to your left and you huddle fearfully in place, dreading what else might be waiting to grab you in the darkness. But then, you see the light of another lantern. It's being carried by a friend of yours from the village who had come to find you since you were taking longer than usual to show up. Distraught, you explain the horrible day you've been having to her, describing your one unbelievable misfortune after another while she pats your shoulder and tries to reassure you. She helps you up and guides you back to the main path, handing you her lantern and saying you should just keep walking. You're about to ask why she isn't coming, then you realize that her eyes, which should be brown, are actually a very unusual shade of green.


    You take a few cautious steps forward, hoping she didn't notice that you caught on, but you hear the crunch of leaves as something walks away from you, a distant voice telling you to take care out there. A glance over your shoulder reveals those familiar spooky green lights fading into the night as the Witchlight leaves you. Another close call. You start to think that maybe this whole thing was a bad idea and you should just go home. You don't even care about candy anymore and your costume is ruined anyway. Using the new lantern, you circle around and try to take a shortcut back to your house, not wanting to risk encountering any of the other dragons that might still be waiting for you.


    At long last, you estimate that you'll probably be out of the forest in about another fifteen minutes or so when you hear a loud SNAP behind you. It sounded almost like teeth gnashing together. Fearfully, you swing around with your lantern held high and spot an unfamiliar dragon. Its head starts to rise as it opens its jaws WIDE to try to swallow you up again, lunging! You run, it chases. You dodge, it swoops into the air and tries to dive-bomb you. Adrenaline pushing you on, despite your exhaustion, you dodge again and hurry faster, until you run right smack into something hard and heavy. Have you collided with a tree? No, worse, it's a Desipis, glaring down at you.


    The Desipis thinks you might make a tasty snack, but the other dragon hasn't given up and roars its displeasure, ready for battle. The Desipis looks at it in annoyance, and rather than attempt to fight the conventional way, it immediately obliterates the sanity of the insolent peon who dares try to take its meal, sending the new dragon reeling into the woods, confused and delirious. The Desipis turns back to you, jaws opening wide, and you discover with horror that you're walking right toward its gaping mouth with those huge, horrible teeth. The dragon is controlling you and there's no way to escape. You're doomed.


    Just then, another loud roar sounds in the distance. The Desipis glances over and spots a second Desipis in the distance, roaring again. It quickly forgets about you for now and charges to meet this upstart challenger with a furious roar of its own. You exhale loudly, heart thudding in your chest, and cautiously start to slink away, hoping you can escape unnoticed while the two dragons fight. A rustle in the underbrush catches your attention and you notice the same Witchlight from earlier watching from the shadows, realizing she has saved you once again. You quietly whisper your thanks and leave before the Desipis figures out its been fooled.


    As you near the path to your house, you pass the Cavern Lurker's den again, but you fix it with a harsh glare and snap "Don't even THINK about it!", to which the annoyed creature gives a grumble of resignation, deciding to wait for something a little more unsuspecting to take as its prey.


    When you arrive home, you lock and barricade all the doors in the house, change clothes, and collapse into bed, exhausted. You resolve that next year, you're simply going to buy a bunch of candy a few days in advance and gorge yourself stupid as you stay indoors reading horror tomes. You've already encountered enough "tricks" out there in the real world to last a lifetime.




    Liked the short story, there, Spiteful Crow!

  5. 8 minutes ago, Malcorium said:

    Starsingers were literally based on Christmas angel tree toppers, just so you know.

    I can totally see this, actually! :)


    As for these new Hallows, WELL... I think some of the 'ambiguity' others have noticed in their lore ADDS to the spooky effect, if you ask me. The mysteries there makes them scarier, IMO.

    After all, I think it is human nature to be afraid of what we don't understand.

  6. 12 hours ago, Astreya said:

    You should offer the egg in the trade hub. I bet there are some people who would love to trade for it - and I guess you could even get a really good "price" for it.

    This! Dragons don't get killed for their CODES that I ever heard of. If you want it, by all means, then keep it! :)


    AND if it bothers you, I am SURE you can find someone that would LOVE to have such a thing on their scroll... Some people absolutely adore collecting 'naughty ' codes.

  7. 12 hours ago, Crystals said:

    Aww... It’s a cute baby dragon. It has begun to mimic your voice, and studies your habits intently.


    Uhhh that's not cute, that's terrifying. Can't wait to see what these guys grow up to be!

    XD I am with you... can't WAIT to see what these ickle creepers grow into! :)

  8. The little pumpkin they are in stays at the top of your scroll.... and yes, they DO stay on your scroll and, next year.... if the past is anything to go by, yyou will have a chance to add to your collection!

  9. Wanders in with a plate of " I didn't win this month cookies" for those that need them. No win for me this time.... ah, well. At is OK... got two shiny new zombies on my scroll, plus a pretty good haul of assorted Halloweens!Huge Congrats to the luck ones this month... wish it was me, but as they say, every dog has her day, and maybe mine will come next time! ;)

  10. 9 hours ago, Beldarius said:

    Oh... huh, couldn't fathom why. I'll make a small adjustment to the suggestion then and update the first post, hopefully this version will be more acceptable.

    My UNDERSTANDING is that it has to do with TJ's RL job... would be considered a 'conflict of interests'or some such if it were allowed. :P

  11. 2 minutes ago, GhostMouse said:

    Do the odds of success stack? I thought anytime on Halloween had the highest success rate. I was just about to try mine...

    You know! This is an excellent question because I had the idea they stacked... would be nice to know for sure!

  12. 2 minutes ago, tjekan said:



    How did the zombies improve in the final 100 rounds to make them overrun you at last? It looks like still only 4 were spawning and they still did only 2 points of damage. Did something else change, or did they just get a run of good luck eventually?

    I would assume that eventually the zombies begin to get tougher... takes more damage to destroy them, perhaps?

  13. As others have said... tis perfectly normal for your Holiday dragons to produce more than one eggie during breeding time! :)


    I think multis stopped for other dragons but holidays long ago... with the exception of Celestials of course, who can also breed more than one eggie!


    ETA... the above applies to Vals and Chrissies as well as Hallows!

  14. 4 minutes ago, DragonLady86 said:

    Zombies can be re-named.  but dead dragons can not.  Remove ALL names before you you kill because if it doesn't revive that name is lost forever.

    Thanks for the Info... though I am not sure WHY actually dead dragons occupy names?

    Would make sense if they were stripped of their names about the time their tombstone would disappear?


    Will bear in mind, tho...maybe leave zombie fodders unnamed til after the deed is done.

  15. Question Re-zombies!


    Do I need to have a dragon named as I want it's zombie name to be BEFORE I try to zombifiy it? OR can they be renamed? I honestly forget?